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Parise Gets "Real"


GENERAL HOSPITAL fans remember Jeffrey Vincent Parise (ex-Carlos) as a deadly mobster; however, the man behind the mischief is much more light-hearted. In TV One's new original movie, Welcome To The Family, he'll get to show that side of himself while playing an outrageous Internet reality series producer.

"When the host of my best show goes out on early maternity leave, I'm convinced to give one of my producers, played by Kali Hawk, a chance to [replace her] and we have to find a story," he reveals. "Knowing that she's heading home soon [to announce her engagement] to her very lively and colorful family, she thinks it's a good idea to make the show about them."

But when the cameras get switched on, unexpected secrets get broadcast, leaving Hawk's character in quite the pickle. "As most reality TV producers probably do, my character sort of fudges [the truth] and tries to set the sails in the direction that he wants them set," Parise teases of the hilarity that ensues. "We get into a lot of slapstick, and Kali Hawk — whom most of my scenes are with — is incredible at improvisation. It's really funny."

Welcome To The Family, which also stars Valarie Pettiford (Sheila, ONE LIFE TO LIVE), premieres Saturday, September 26, at 8:00 p.m. ET. For more details about Parise's post-GH career, check out his Keeping Track feature in an upcoming issue of Soaps In Depth.

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Cheetwood Is Moving!


Magic Milo is about to add "disappearing act" to his repertoire. Drew Cheetwood, who plays Sonny's bodyguard/Epiphany's main squeeze, Milo Giambetti, is packing up his family and moving to Michigan.

"The game change was starting a family and having kids," says Cheetwood, who joined his real-life and reel-life brother, Derk Cheetwood (Max) on GH in 2006. "I'm in full support of how I was brought up — the values, the mentality. I thought somewhere in the Midwest would make sense one day. And all the things that I am, I can do there, too."

But all hope is not lost for Milo fans. Cheetwood is very happy to say that there is a good possibility that after his November move, you'll still see Milo around! "I gave [executive producer] Frank Valentini the rundown of where my heart was," Cheetwood says. "He said that he understood 100 percent because he has a ton of family on the East Coast that he misses every day. I said, 'I hope it doesn't mean that Milo can never be a part of the show again. If you guys can group some shows together, maybe I can fly out.'" Valentini let Cheetwood know there was a very good chance that could happen.

Meanwhile, let's all wish Cheetwood luck in his new home and his continued success in both the health/fitness world and with acting! "It's interesting that you can act anywhere, really," he points out. "They just shot Batman Vs. Superman in Detroit. You don't necessarily have to be in L.A. or New York to make this thing work. Sometimes getting out of that element, getting out of the belly of the beast can be more beneficial."

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GH Friday Recap: Morgan's Killer Instinct!


Miss Friday's GENERAL HOSPITAL? We'll fill you in!

Sonny couldn't risk getting upset in his fragile state, but he was. He remembered very clearly that while he was unconscious, Morgan told him that he was going to kill Julian Jerome. Michael and Carly took that news very seriously. Upon learned from Milo that Morgan had a gun and was going after Julian, Michael and Magic M hopped into action to track him down.

Meanwhile, Morgan walked into Julian's apartment with his gun drawn, but no one was there. Julian was, actually, at Alexis' place. Aware that he was a marked man, Julian knew he had to get out of town fast! Alexis had an idea. She had rented a lakehouse for the fall, so they could spend weekends away. She handed Julian the key, suggested their love nest be his safehouse for the time being. He agreed, and off they went. What they didn't know was that T.J. overheard their entire conversation!

Later, when Morgan showed up at Alexis' place, he instead found T.J. Morgan worked the teen until he convinced him to reveal Julian's whereabouts. Morgan dashed out of there and headed to Julian's hideout. When he arrived, he interrupted Julian and Alexis in mid-kiss... and greeted them with a loaded gun!

Scotty and Ava's deal was simple: he'd get the Connie murder charges against her dropped and she'd give him $5 million. Good plan, but it wasn't going to happen quite that easily. After the judge dismissed the charges without prejudice, Ava followed Scotty back to his room to retrieve the flash drive that contained the incriminating evidence. But when he opened the door, they saw that the room had been ransacked... and the flash drive had been stolen.

Ava had a hissy fit. As long as that flash drive was out there, there was always the chance she could end up in prison. Ava went home and declared, "Time to say goodbye to Denise DeMuccio." Translated: goodbye dark hair!

Paul was feeling particularly melancholy. He put his signed divorce papers in the mail, ending his marriage to Jenny. He and Tracy were having a rather intimate moment discussing it, when Dillon and Maxie stormed in and announced that the movie they were shooting was off. Mayor Lomax had issued a "cease and desists" order, saying they didn't have the proper permits.

As Paul looked over the legal document, he noticed that the mayor's name was Janice Lomax. Small world. He knew Lomax in law school, and she had quite a thing for him! Paul called Lomax and used his charm to get the movie shoot back on!

Meanwhile, Patrick opened his front door and got quite a shock. "Surprise!" Sam, Anna, Danny and Emma shouted. It was Patrick's birthday and a celebration was needed. After he opened his presents (including a guitar from Sam), Anna left with the kids for the night. Patrick held Sam and told her what a very happy man he was. Then he added softly, "I want to marry you."

Monday on GH, Julian finds himself in a rather precarious situation, Sam mourns Jason on their wedding anniversary, and Maxie asks Tracy about her history with Paul. Don't forget: 3:00 ET and 2:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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Need A Kristina Refresher?


On today's episode of GENERAL HOSPITAL, Lexi Ainsworth brought Kristina Corinthos Davis back home to visit her father, Sonny, as he recovers from the gunshot wound that nearly killed him. Since it's been a few years since the character was last on the canvas, Soaps In Depth is here to provide you with a refresher on the storyline that led Alexis and Sonny's child out of town to begin with!

Yale brought out the worst in Kristina. When she returned to Port Charles two years ago, it was bitter and resentful that her father had pulled a few strings to get her into the prestigious university. She also returned with a boy named Trey. He was a budding filmmaker who followed Kristina home to produce their reality show, MOB PRINCESS. Small world that it is, Trey turned out to be Connie Falconeri's son, who was conceived during rape and later abandoned.

Even though Kristina was conned into marrying Trey (she demanded an annulment upon realizing that he was the son of her dad's mortal enemy, Joe Scully), the young couple eventually realized that they wanted to be together as a bona fide couple and decided to move to California for a fresh start. But while Trey said an emotional good-bye to his mother before moving across the country, Kristina became distracted by a rumbling in the trunk of Connie's car, unaware that Johnny was tied up inside! When Kristina pointed out the mysterious ruckus, Connie got in the car and peeled out! Concerned that something very weird was going on, Trey, Kristina, and their pals Michael and Starr hopped into a car and followed Connie in close pursuit. As a result of the car crash that occurred when Connie slammed on the brakes, Trey suffered a serious brain injury.

When Trey was declared brain dead, Connie ultimately agreed to take her son off life support. But Kristina blamed her father's ex for Trey's death and smashed Connie's computer with a bat, threatening that she would be next to die! Connie called the police and had her arrested, but during Kristina's arraignment, changed her tune and dropped the charges. Nevertheless, the judge sentenced Kristina to community service at Pentonville.

Kristina later left Port Charles and returned to college, this time at Wesleyan University in Connecticut.

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GH Friday Recap: Sonny's On The Brink Of Death!


The gunshot wound Sonny received to the chest caused him to lose a lot of blood, and his condition wasn't looking good. Patrick carefully and quietly broke it to Carly, Michael and T.J. that although Sonny was in need of surgery, he was far too weak to survive it. And, with the bullet so perilously close to his spine, one wrong move could paralyze him for life. For the time being, they had to wait and see if he improved.

Michael stepped into the E.R. room for alone time with the man that raised him. "You are my father, and as long as I live, I will be your son," Michael assured an unconscious Sonny. Carly went in next. Trying to remain strong, she spoke of her undying love. "We're going to get through this the way we've gotten through everything, and that's together," she cried. T.J. went in last. He thanked Sonny for saving his life, adding, "I owe you."

Lulu arrived at the PCPD and told Dante that Olivia saw Julian on the pier right around the time Sonny was shot in his nearby warehouse. Of course, an already fired up Morgan walked in just in time to hear that. Morgan grabbed Julian by the collar and threatened to annihilate him on the spot. Julian adamantly denied having anything to do with Sonny's shooting and went so far as to suggest that Olivia had a motive for shooting Sonny because he cheated on her. "I hope Dante didn't inherit his father's wandering eye," Julian said, laughing at Lulu. With that, Dante slugged him! Dante was a bundle of nerves. "I gotta go see my father," he told Lulu. "If something where to happen to him, I don't know what I'd do."

Patrick looked over the latest test results. "By the looks of these, the odds aren't great," he told Sam. Morgan, meanwhile, returned to the hospital and filled in Carly and Michael about Julian being held for questioning at the PCPD. He then went in to see his father. "Julian's gonna pay for what he's done," Morgan said, leaning in close to Sonny. "I'm gonna kill him."

Liz freaked out when she saw Jake's shirt covered in blood. He told her about Sonny's shooting, and then confided in her that Sonny said something puzzling to him as he was sprawled out on the warehouse floor, bleeding out: "I knew you'd come. You always do." Liz knew it was only a matter of time before Jake would learn he was Jason, and that worried her to no end. She was on the verge of telling him the whole truth!

Hayden began asking Nikolas questions about Helena and Jake that he did not want to answer. Lucky for him, Sloane's arrival saved Nik from digging a deeper hole. Now that Sloane sacrificed a future with Anna, he demanded Nikolas make good on his promises, but Nik all but laughed in his face. Meanwhile, Jordan filled in Anna about what went down with Sonny and T.J., and Anna broke the bad news to Jordan that Sloane double-crossed her. Although Jordan was determined to build cases against Lomax and Sloane, Anna (protecting herself against Sloane's reprisal) convinces Jordan to back off.

Monday on GH, Liz makes a confession, Nina and Franco pull a fast one on Ric, Dante learns that Sonny might not make it, and Morgan vows to kill Julian! Don't forget: 3:00 ET and 2:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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Win An Autographed Sonny & Sons Photo!


Didn't make it to the GENERAL HOSPITAL Fan Club Weekend? We've got you covered! These 8×10 photographs from the Sonny & Sons event were the hit of the weekend, and Soaps In Depth had the four actors -- Maurice Benard (Sonny), Chad Duell (Michael), Bryan Craig (Morgan) and Dominic Zamprogna (Dante) -- autograph three of them for lucky readers who might not have been able to attend! Click here to enter!

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Rylan Defends Dante's Dalliance!

MarcyRylan.jpg All good things must come to an end... except Lante! They're not "ending," are they? Fans of GENERAL HOSPITAL lovebirds Dante and Lulu have reason to be concerned. There's still a gigantic secret (a one-night stand with Valerie) that is preventing them from having a fairy tale love. It doesn't help that Dillon is waiting patiently in the wings for the first signal to swoop in and sweep Lulu off her feet!

In the current ABC issue of Soaps In Depth, Emme Rylan (Lulu) explains Dante's uncharacteristic night of infidelity, sheds light on what Lulu is not saying and defines her character's blossoming connection with Dillon!

"People grow apart, but they can also grow together," Rylan tells readers. "Lulu loves Dante and Rocco more than anything in the world. But there is that familiarity of things she and Dillon went through when they were younger. They have a bond."

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Cast Your Vote #39


Once again, it's time to express your opinions for our Readers' Poll. In the comments section for this article, please respond to the question, and feel free to explain your answer, but remember that any comments here may be considered for publication in the magazine. Any extra comments you have that have nothing to do with this week's poll question should be directed to the Message Boards section of our Web site!

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Should Olivia tell Julian that their son is alive?

Please note that the cut-off date for your votes to be counted will be Thursday, September 17. And please, only one vote per person!

To vote on your favorite actor, actress and couple currently appearing on an ABC, CBS or NBC soap, please mail your choices to:

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Multiple mail-in votes during the same voting period will not be counted, so don't waste our time, your time, or the postage!


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Win Tony Geary Collectors' Items!


Head over to our Win It page and enter for your chance to call one of these collectors' items featuring GENERAL HOSPITAL icon Anthony Geary (ex-Luke) yours!

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AMC Star Moves To Y&R!


Multiple Emmy winner Michael E. Knight is joining THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS! TV Insider is reporting that the actor, best known to daytime audiences as Tad Martin on ALL MY CHILDREN, will be moving to Genoa City this fall for the recurring role of Dr. Simon Neville. Knight is scheduled to begin shooting this week and will first air on Thursday, October 15. However, details surrounding his character are shrouded in mystery, though he appears to have a secret agenda. But then, who on Y&R doesn't?

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