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GENERAL HOSPITAL: Do you think Michael and Sabrina can make a relationship work?

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Rate The REVENGE Finale!


Consider this fair warning, kids: Don't read any further if you haven't watched the final episode of REVENGE!

After four years, the epic battle between Emily Thorne (aka Amanda Clarke) and Victoria Grayson came to a head in the final episode of the ABC primetime sudser. And while many feared that the show might have a never-to-be-resolved cliffhanger, the episode "Two Graves" managed to wrap up all of the major storylines. So who wound up in the titular graves? Well, that would be Victoria, who was shot by Amanda's father, and David, who succumbed to cancer after being released from prison for having killed his daughter's nemesis. Jack and Emily/Amanda finally got their happily ever after by literally sailing off into the sunset after tying the knot. And Nolan, who'd told Emily that helping her had made him a better person, was given a whole new mystery to solve.

Among the hour's more shocking moments? Victoria learning that she'd unintentionally seduced her own father, and the heart-stopping moment when it appeared that she'd killed Emily! And perhaps the most heartwarming? When Emily presented her new husband with a puppy that looked a whole lot like the late, lamented Sammy did as a pup!

As Emily said, "Most morality tales don't have a happy ending. For some reason, karma saw fit to spare me. But not without leaving deeply etched wounds." And her parting words of wisdom? "When everything you love has been stolen from you, consider my story as you embark on your own journey of revenge. And always remember, what goes around, comes around."

So what did you think of the final episode? Was there anything you'd have liked to have seen the show handle differently? Sound off in the comments section!

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Recap: The Beginning Of The End Of Duke?


One little faux pas like trying to blow up a shipload of people and GENERAL HOSPITAL's Jake will forever be labeled a dangerous criminal, huh? You betcha! That's precisely why Nathan and Maxie jumped to the wrong conclusion when they came upon him in the Metro Court parking garage, holding a gun and standing beside a puddle of fresh blood. It was, however, innocent. The gun belonged to Carlos and the blood, unfortunately, was Duke's. Nathan promptly cuffed him, called for back up, and Jake was whisked off to the PCPD for questioning.

Excitement (not the happy, peppy kind) was brewing elsewhere. Duke's bodyguard, Bruce, snuck into Jordan's darkened apartment, pointed his gigantic gun at her bed and fired, killing... her hypoallergenic pillows. She, actually, was standing behind him with a gun pointed at him! Although surprised to see that her co-worker wanted her dead, she pulled the trigger, and he was a goner.

Meanwhile, Anna was eagerly packing, as she anticipated a life on the run with Duke. Sloane was happy with the news and tried to talk her out of it. That failed miserably. She pointed out to him that she was madly in love with Duke and wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. "Why do you care so much?!" Anna asked. Sloane answered sheepishly, "Maybe I'll miss you." Before they got along much further in their conversation, Jordan called with the news that she killed someone. When Sloane and Anna arrived at her apartment, the implication was clear: Duke sent his man, Bruce, to kill Jordan. Sloane pressed her for where she was supposed to meet Duke. Instead, she ran out.

Anna arrived at the pier and called out for Duke. He stumbled into sight and opened his tuxedo jacket to reveal he was covered in blood. He then slowly and lifelessly slid to the ground.

Michael managed to get another kiss from Sabrina, who was concerned about their growing closeness as well as the propriety of it. That flew out the window with the batting of a few lengthy eyelashes -- Michael's -- and they agreed on a second date. After Michael left, Sabrina was about to retire for the evening when there was a knock at her door. It was a breathless Carlos asking for help.

Back at the Metro Court, Olivia was too far into labor to transport her. Patrick broke the news that she'd have to have the baby right there on the spot. She shrieked and howled and shouted and screamed in pain, as Julian pretty much did the same. It was his baby being born and, by hook or by crook, he insisted to be there during the birth, to which Olivia all but said, "Like h-e-double hockey stick you will!" Alexis got him to put on his big boy pants for just a minute and, with that good talking to, he calmed down out of the room. Olivia gave birth to a boy. But was he a healthy boy?

Monday on GH, Sabrina has a decision to make, Tracy has questions for Michael, Olivia learns the condition of her new son... and Anna learns just how bad Duke's wound really is! Don't forget: 3:00 ET and 2:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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GH Boss Speaks Out On Geary's Exit


The daytime world was rocked by the news earlier today that Anthony Geary would be exiting as GENERAL HOSPITAL's Luke later this summer. Now, the soap's executive producer, Frank Valentini, has released a statement on losing one of his top performers -- and the most-decorated actor in the industry.

"Tony recently made his intentions clear that he would vacate his role of Luke Spencer this year, and it was a decision he did not come to lightly," shares the GH boss. "After 37 years on the air, Tony felt this was the right time to bid adieu to Luke Spencer, Port Charles and GH. Anthony is our friend and a part of our television family, but, as difficult as this may be, we understand and respect that this is his choice.

"Rest assured," Valentini continues, "Tony has promised to be with us throughout the summer as we have some exciting things in store for Luke. The door will always remain open, so don't think this is the last you'll see of Anthony Geary or Luke Spencer."

Are you disappointed to see Geary and Luke leave Port Charles? Sound off in the comments below!

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Anthony Geary Is Leaving GH!


It was a real shocker to the daytime industry: Anthony Geary -- the genre's historic eight-time Emmy Award winner -- is walking away from GENERAL HOSPITAL! After nearly 40 years of playing Luke Spencer, the highly-respected actor is exiting the role permanently later this summer.

The news of Geary's exit and plans to 'retire' have shocked his castmates, who, for several weeks, haven't been too successful in keeping the secret. While whispers about Geary leaving have been trickling out, with respect to the actor (as well as a big GH exit plan for him), Soaps In Depth did not report this shocking career news, holding it until he decided to address the decision himself. For many years, Geary has spent several months at his home in Amsterdam, where it is expected he'll move full time.

Look for an interview with the popular actor in a future issue of ABC Soaps In Depth, but for now, here is the riveting interview Geary gave to Michael Logan at TV Insider annoucing his departure:

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Strolling Through Memory Lane With Finola!

FinolaHughesGal.jpg How did the role of GH's Anna change the life of her portrayer, Finola Hughes? "It gave me some stability," she tells Soaps In Depth in the current issue. "Even though the stories took off and I worked incredibly hard over the next few years, at the beginning it wasn't like that. I had a chance to kind of sharpen my teeth and figure out what I was doing." Now, the beauty looks back on not only her decades as Anna, but also some of the other projects that made her a part of pop culture history!

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Ellie And Spinelli Ride Into The Sunset!


Spixie fans, 'tis true, your favorite GENERAL HOSPITAL couple is no more. Maxie and Nathan kissed and made up, while Spinelli shouted his unrelenting, absolute love and devotion to Ellie. SpEllie went their way (back to Portland) and Naxie went theirs (back to her place!).

Is there any glimmer of hope that they're suffering from temporary insanity or this is all a dream sequence that they'll wake from in a few days? Sorry, Spixians, no. But what's your loss is certainly the gain of SpEllie and Naxie shippers!

"When I got the phone call that I got to go back and fight for my man, I was excited because I do think Spinelli and Ellie make a good couple," says ginger-haired cutie, Emily Wilson. "The way he literally swept her off her feet at the end was a nice kind of 're-happy ending.' The last time we left, it was unclear whether Spinelli was really making that decision because he wanted to or because he felt like that's what he should do. This time it was done in a way where it can't leave a doubt in anybody's mind that he wants to be with Ellie because that's where his heart is."

That said, it most definitely does not mean you've seen the last of Wilson or Bradford Anderson (Spinelli). The Jackal is the father of Maxie's baby and Ellie did have a sweet friendship brewing with Nathan. Both actors are not only on board for future visits to Port Charles — they'd love it!

"I'm always happy to receive a phone call asking to come back. I would do that in a heartbeat!" Wilson cheers. Anderson seconds that motion and raises with an enthusiastic, "Sure! The time away from the character made me love him even more and made coming back to play him even more fun. I hope they'll call me when they have an idea they're excited about!"

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Watch The Emmys On-line!


Did you miss watching the 42nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards when they aired live on Pop because your cable carrier doesn't offer the channel? Then this is good news for you! The National Academy Of Television Arts & Sciences has uploaded the telecast to the Official Emmy YouTube channel! You can view it at your leisure here. (And if you did get to watch the ceremony on April 26, and just want to see it again, your secret is safe with us!)

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Alicia Talks Courtney's Return!


Fan February kicked off with GENERAL HOSPITAL asking its loyal viewers which character from the past they'd like to see return for a special guest appearance and Spencer's mom, Sonny's sis and Nikolas' ex, Courtney, raked in the most votes!

"I was, obviously, so thrilled and moved that they voted for me!" smiles Alicia Leigh Willis, who played Courtney for five years before leaving to pursue other interests. "It was so overwhelming to go back, just the amount of love and excitement that I got because I hadn't seen anybody in so long. It was one of the most touching moments of my life. It was a beautiful reunion of kisses and hugs. It was really special."

The character of Courtney died nine years ago after giving birth to Spencer and then succumbing to a deadly virus. So this wasn't a reunion with her son but rather an introduction. "Although it's the first time Courtney has actually had a chance to meet her son, I feel like in some way she's always been there looking over him," Willis says. "This was a chance to finally tell him that, and it's at a time when he needs it the most."

Willis got a kick out of Nicolas Bechtel (Spencer), saying, "He's 10 going on 40!" Bechtel is a precocious ball of energy that not only charmed her, but also her young daughter, Simone. "Nicolas is incredible!" Willis says. "He has an amazing sense of humor, and he has such a good head on his shoulders. Simone was following him around like a little puppy dog. She followed him around the whole studio. When we had to leave, it was like the world was ending. She didn't want to go. It was very dramatic."

Courtney's visit was a quickie, but one thing's for certain, Willis wouldn't mind popping in and out again in the future. "Spencer needed her now, and I think it was important for him to know that she was there for him," Willis says. "I'm not sure what the future holds, whether or not Courtney will be coming back. I would love to work with Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) again. He's a good friend and I adore him. I would always be open to that opportunity."

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Buy Patrick And Emma's Song!


How sweet was the song that Patrick and Emma sang at the Nurses Ball on yesterday's episode of GENERAL HOSPITAL? "Nothing I Can't Do" was written by the actor who plays Dr. Drake himself, Jason Thompson, and the duet performed with his TV daughter, Brooklyn Silzer, is now available on iTunes!

Check out the pair's adorable performance from the Nurses Ball below, then head on over to iTunes to buy the single!

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