Robin Gets Stoned!


"I see dead people!" No, your television isn't tuned to an afternoon showing of The Sixth Sense. It's just a ghost from Port Charles past paying a paranormal visit to a character in dire straits. After GENERAL HOSPITAL's Robin falls into an abandoned well and begins to show signs of hypothermia, her first love, Stone Cates — who died of AIDS in 1995 — "appears" and wills her to fight for her life. The big day is Tuesday, September 28, so set your DVRs!

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Touched By An Angel
Is Stone a ghost, an angel or a figment of an overactive and desperate imagination? "We had to make a choice," says his Emmy-nominated portrayer, Michael Sutton. "One choice was that if you are a spirit, you are in a peaceful place in heaven. You're pretty much detached. You're at peace and calm. But that's not very dramatic. So we made the choice to have him be emotionally engaged in the prayers and wishfulness of the survival, in a sense, of Robin." Stone, basically, talks about life's gifts and life's path, which help gives Robin a sense of purpose again. "I think everyone is going to be in agreement that when you lose someone of significance in your life, you always have them 'in' you," Sutton explains. "Hopefully, that person is someone you don't have to even close your eyes to see or hear. Hopefully, you don't have to listen too hard to know what they would say in giving you advice. In a lot of ways, Stone comes in and says to her soul that he's always there with her. She doesn't have to keep proving her love to him by not living her own life and moving forward with a new love. It's not taking away from or disrespecting her love for Stone. Then he kind of 'releases' her. The way that we played it, Stone is in her and that emanates out of her spirit in a time of doubt and fear."

Gone But Never Forgotten
Fifteen years after Stone died, he is still talked about and still resonates in the hearts of those who loved him. "His story was something that had so much significance and weight, and we tried to do it correctly," Sutton points out. "We still don't have a cure for AIDS. It's still a disease that affects so many millions of people. It's so sensitive to the show. GH took the time and attention to tell this the right way, with the medical input and the delicacy in which they portrayed Stone's death and Robin surviving being HIV-positive, and how that affects her life."

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