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We're still working on getting the polls officially up and running, so once again, we invite you to vote in the comments below if using snail mail to the address in the magazine doesn't give you enough instant gratification. Just answer the questions and name your favorite actor, actress and couple.

But please remember, only one vote per person per week's questions. Not per day, like with the regular automated poll. We forgot to mention that last time, and got overloaded with too many comments. Don't want to crash our brand new website right when we first get it!

ALL MY CHILDREN: Would you like Ryan and Greenlee to reunite?

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Do you like Brook Lynn and Nikolas together?

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Do you think Echo can steal Charlie from Viki?

REMINDER: Only vote ONCE per week, not per day. Duplicate votes will be deleted and not counted.

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