Mayfield Says Farewell To Pine Valley!


His last air date is Friday, October 15, and it turns out, ALL MY CHILDREN's Adam Mayfield (Scott) has already landed on his feet with a lead role in the upcoming indie film The Preacher's Daughter! Co-starring DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES' Andrea Bowen, the movie "is about a young girl named Hannah who has been groomed to basically carry [on the work] of her father's church," Mayfield explains. "She starts taking voice lessons from the local music minister [which I play], and they wind up having an affair. Meanwhile, this music minister is married with four kids, he has a disgruntled relationship with his wife and is just not happy at home. And to make matters worse, Hannah is only 17, and he gets her pregnant!"

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It's a very, very different scenario than any Mayfield played as Scott, and the actor is thrilled to get the opportunity to take on such a layered character. "He's a guy whose need for validation and approval sometimes overrides his innate sense of right and wrong and the mistakes that he makes," Mayfield says, adding that viewers will probably not know whether to love the character, hate the character or both! Which is completely different from his experience playing Scott, a character fans just couldn't help but always feel bad for. "And that was the problem!" Mayfield says with a laugh. "He didn't have a pair."

Great Scott!
Looking back on his daytime stint, it's easy for the Texas native to come up with many positive memories. "I learned a lot and got lots of training under my belt," he says, adding that working with talented actors such as David Canary (ex-Adam) and Jacob Young (JR) was a priceless experience. But when it comes to recalling favorite storylines, Mayfield draws a blank. "It's tough, because I disagreed with so many things," he candidly admits. "I never thought Scott should be with Annie, and I never thought he should have handled the nanotech situation the way he did. My favorite days of playing Scott were when he was the conscience of the family, but at the same time, he didn't take any crap from anybody. Those were the moments I felt Scott was at his best and when Scott made the most sense to me. It was when he was taking too much crap from people and when he was doing things that just seemed out of character for me that I just had a real hard time playing... and maybe [my replacement] Daniel Cosgrove (Chris, AS THE WORLD TURNS; Bill, GUIDING LIGHT), might be able to do know what to do with those stories. They just never resonated with me."

Looking Forward
Though Mayfield might have had a few issues with how his character was written and how he was so suddenly replaced, it's not to say he has any negative feelings toward daytime. In fact, it's quite the opposite! "I have nothing against the show, and I mean that with all my heart," he says, adding that though being let go and replaced was tough, his intense emotions were mostly due to the fact that he's a pretty sensitive man. "I'm the type of guy, if I get cut off on the freeway, I take it personally!"

For more on how Mayfield dealt with being recast, as well as his personal message to all you fans, be sure to pick up the issue of ABC Soaps In Depth on sale Monday, November 1!

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