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Between an exciting new role on TNT's THE CLOSER, a new public relations business with his wife, Touriya, and playing Mr. Mom to his two young sons, Greg Vaughan (ex-Lucky, GENERAL HOSPITAL) hasn't been letting much grass grow under his feet since exiting the soap last year!

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Cop Land
It's been far too long since Vaughan's GH fans have seen him in action on the tube. Come Monday, December 20, they'll get their fix: That's when he'll be appearing as Officer Wagner on THE CLOSER, starring Kyra Sedgwick (Julia, ANOTHER WORLD). "[The episode is] based on a true story about two cops who had an experience with a young man who was financially successful as a realtor. Then things went bad for him because he had a drug addiction, and he found himself on Skid Row at the bottom of the barrel. So I'm actually playing a portrait of a real cop," Vaughan reveals.

And not just any cop -- a mounted cop! "They wanted to make sure that a horse and I don't butt heads," he laughs. "I told them, 'Oh, I can ride a horse! It comes second nature to me." To add to the whole look, Vaughan is also sporting some facial hair! "Right now I've got a 'stache. I'm trying to pull off that whole Bradley Whitford, Tom Selleck look. It roughens me up a little bit. Sometimes I'm not meat-and-potatoes enough, and I want to be more meat-and-potatoes."

Survival Mode
There's been a whole lot of auditioning since Vaughan's GH exit nearly a year ago. "I feel very fortunate that I have a great team that pushes me real hard. I had a great pilot season. I tested five times. For J.J. Abrams' new show, UNDERCOVERS, it got down to me and a couple of other guys. I look forward to having a contractual opportunity somewhere down the road again. In the meantime, I'm auditioning, and I've been down to the wire on a lot of things."

Vaughan says that he if could write a coffeetable book about what this past year has been, it wouldn't be an easy read. "It would about an emotional roller coaster that nobody could have survived," he says. "It made me work harder and appreciate the things I do have. By no means has it been the easiest path to walk, but it's exciting. I've been spoiled and privileged, but now I've redirected some responsibilities."

He adds with a smile, "It's a mind-bending experience."

A Mr. And Mrs. Biz
One new avenue Vaughan's taken has already proven both successful and fruitful --a public relations and marketing business with his wife, Touriya. "With neither of us having a job, we looked at each other like, 'What are we going to do?' We could either fail or say, 'God bless America! We have the ability to build anything we want and make dreams come true.'"

And THV P.R. was born. "We're working with top celebrity stylists who are styling people like Rihanna, Katy Perry and Will and Jada Smith. We have some great clients and undiscovered artists and designers. The way it's been like a magnet, gravitating toward us, we can't help but think that this was meant to be."


Vaughan adds that while their new business venture is proving to be an early success, the road that got them there wasn't an easy one to navigate. "There have been some really hard days," he confesses. "The pressures of being a father with so many mouths to feed... But you suck it up and push forward. Every time I roll over and see my little ones, Jathan and Cavan, that makes me really, really grab hold of what I've got. I have to do for them and not me anymore.

"I feel that as long as I allow everything to take shape and mold itself, it's creating a path. I don't know where it's going. There's a reason for everything. I just take the ride and embrace it," he says. "I've been so blessed to have the amount of time that I've had at being a father and being hands-on with my sons. I wouldn't trade it for the world."

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