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Maybe it was all those catfight with Erica, or maybe it was just growing up around animals all her life. Either way, ALL MY CHILDREN's Julia Barr (ex-Brooke) is a proud supporter of animal rights, and the actress is helping bring awareness to the problem of using wildlife in the fashion industry by being a judge in Born Free USA's 3rd Annual Fur Free Fashion Competition! "It's such a cool thing: It's fashion that is fur-free," Barr says of the competition that encourages current and up-and-coming designers to come up with eco-friendly and animal-friendly clothing. "It gives new and existing designers in the business a chance to participate in this and simultaneously not only do well for themselves, but to get the word out about compassion and care as far as animals in the wild is concerned. So it's a win/win situation, which is always very nice."

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Though admittedly not as versed in fashion as some of the other judges, such as model Summer Rayne Oakes and couture legend Elizabeth Emanuel (who designed Princess Di's wedding gown), Barr does know a thing or two about the world. "I feel like I've been surrounded by fashion for so long just by being on television and in the public eye, so it's sort of rubbed off on me," she says. "My husband will go, 'Oh yes, another Vogue magazine!' But I love to look at fashion, because it's social, it's trendy, it reflects what is going on in society, and sometimes it's just absolutely ridiculous. It sort of runs the gamut, and it's fascinating. I'm sure I'll have a different take on it than [the other judges]... I'm the layman fashion judge!"

For further details on the competition, including how to enter, visit And for those of you who are interested in what Barr has been up to since her last stint on AMC last year, the actress says she just celebrated her 29th anniversary with husband Richard Hirschlag and has been working on a web soap alongside Jill Larson (Opal) that will most likely be picked up by the end of the year! "We're very excited," the actress enthuses. "And I'll keep you all updated if something happens!"

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