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It's been a week since ABC pulled the plug on ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE, and time isn't healing this wound. But rather than take to Internet chat rooms to share their disappointment, a devoted group of fans are rallying together to protest the Alphabet Network's double-whammy in a much more concrete way: On Tuesday, April 26, hundreds of daytime devotees plan to declare their love for their "stories" by marching in front of ABC affiliates across the country. "Even in front of Disney World in Orlando and the Disney Studios on Buena Vista Street [in Bubank, CA]," Protest ABC Across America organizer Ronda Kennedy tells Soaps In Depth. "Mickey doesn't know, but we're coming!"

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In the hours following the April 14 announcement, like many other devastated viewers, Kennedy found herself spending time on various Facebook pages dedicated to wanting to save AMC and OLTL, but soon realized that a more centralized hub was needed. "I started the Facebook Protest ABC Across America, just dedicated to the physical protesting, the campaigns of targeting the sponsors and sending letters and emails out," she shares. "We started on Friday afternoon, and we're at 2,782 members."

In addition to spending hours each day calling, emailing and snail-mailing corporate advertisers, group members are hard at work rallying the troops for Tuesday's protest. So far, they have members lined up in approximately 15 cities. "And this isn't going to be our only protest," declares Kennedy. "This is our first one. We're in this for the long haul. For months, ABC lied to our faces about canceling the shows, and used money generated from advertisers from our viewership to develop replacement shows. I understand that you have to do what you've got to do in business, but ABC made no attempt to save the soaps. They could have made SOAPnet a premium channel for subscribers; I only have HBO and Showtime for TRUE BLOOD, DEXTER and BOARDWALK EMPIRE. I pay just to watch my shows."

For more information on the protest, and to join in on one in your area, visit

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