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For the past few days, the Soaps In Depth staff has been hard at work contacting ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE castmembers -- both current and former -- to get their reaction to the double whammy cancelation for an upcoming story. But we got so many great responses from the stars, they wouldn't all fit in the magazine! We've decided to share them with you here at, and as we gather more memories and farewells, we'll post those as well, so keep checking back!



"I was shocked and saddened to hear the news about the cancellation. [The day of the announcement] was my 11-month anniversary with the show and I realized, as we all stood together and held hands and one another, how lucky I was to have shared almost a year with this artistic family. I have been honored to be a part of this cast, crew, and legacy and I will never forget my time here. The support from fans and from my colleagues has been life-changing and, as I begin the search for what lies around the corner, I will be proud to claim Bianca as a part of me forever."

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"I feel like this is an encore performance! One that I don't want to make! Although my role at OLTL hasn't been extensive I still can relate to those actors on both shows who have given their careers over to this genre! It's fading fast and we're all waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel!"




"It is a heartbreak to see OLTL and AMC -- these two beloved shows -- leave the daytime lineup. I grew up with soaps as a young girl. I watched with my grandmother every day after school. We spent countless hours watching DAYS OF OUR LIVES, GENERAL HOSPITAL, and Victor on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS. Our favorite was GUIDING LIGHT. The characters were so beautiful. We waited to see what they would do next in these towns that seemed not so far from reality. Years later, I worked and gave my heart as an actress on GL [playing Dinah] and was the first to bring Kelly Cramer to Llanview on

ABC's ONE LIFE TO LIVE. Daytime has been a home for, not only actors, but an endless range of talent in production, sound, design, casting, writing and direction. I will miss the people, the process and the energy it takes to put a show together everyday. I have loved opening up and entertaining you all these years. Thank you a billion times over. Thank you."



"As in the past, in the face of a crisis, the AMC family responds with grace and compassion, and it's no different now. A death like this prompts reflection and the Facebook page, as well as other sites where fans are

posting their favorite AMC scenes, is bringing all of us together to say goodbye to something that has nourished our hearts and created a connection between us for over four decades."


(ex-Jessica/Megan, OLTL)

"I'm so sad to hear this news for so many reasons. My heart goes out to the amazingly hard working cast and crew I called family for so many years. I'm excited to see what is next for all these talented people but really sad to see these shows come to an end. My son may not even know what a soap opera is!"

(ex-Marian, AMC)

"It's the end of a great era and I think All My Children was the jewel in the crown. It had the most amazing cast and started the careers of so many great people. We're all going to miss it. I'm deeply honored to have been involved with All My Children for 30 years of my career. I am going to try to reinvent soaps for nighttime TV. I have a sci-fi series that I've written about monsters living normal lives in Manhattan -- it'll appeal to children and grown-ups because it's scary and it's funny. And I'm going to reach out to some of my former AMC castmates about being part of it."



"I am profoundly saddened by the cancelation of All My Children, both for the sake of my personal attachment and memories, and for the sake of all the people that are losing their jobs. I have long held a simmering hope that I would get the opportunity to bring Brian Bodine back to the canvas, and can only hope that they will let me bring him back in some capacity before the show is gone. I would work for free, just to be involved before night falls on Pine Valley..."


"It's hard to put into words how I am feeling. Needless to say, it's a shock. The end of an era that we all knew was coming, but hoped to put off until tomorrow. There are so many people affected by this. By working on daytime TV for so long, I have met some of the most fantastic people that I never would have never met otherwise, simply because I was on their 'story.' I am grateful to those I did not have the chance to meet to have had their time and attention. I am grateful that sometimes I could make a difference in their lives. Somehow, daytime dramas helped people have hope, in some funny way. Hope that no matter how bad things got, love would find a way. When these shows about love are gone, my wish is that we all continue to hold onto that hope and remember that loving each another is really what life is all about."


JULIA BARR (ex-Brooke, AMC)

"I feel so lucky to have been a part of All My Children for so long. The memories of my time with this wonderful show will always be with me."


"I'll never forget my time at All My Children. I am forever grateful for the opportunity that this show gave me, and the support the fans have always shown me. I am sad to see it go. Thank you for the memories, All My Children. P.S. Leo lives."


(ex-Edmund, AMC)

"I was not shocked, but yeah, I was sad. It's definitely the end of an era. I feel for the crew and production staff as well as for the actors. I think the actors knew that they were on a dwindling but fun ride and rode it as long as they could. The bottom line is that at the end of the day, there wasn't enough bottom line. And all the groundbreaking stuff that Agnes Nixon wrote back in the '70s now seems dated and has been surpassed by cable. Unfortunately, daytime soaps are a victim of network television and it's just past its time. I want to thank all the people that brought us into their homes and made us an extended family. They will be missed by me and the other actors as much as they miss us. But it's a business, and they are looking at cost and not at passing on the show to another generation. As for me, I'm doing a couple of movies and recurring on DAYS. It's just onward and upward."

MICHAEL LOWRY (ex-Jake, AMC; ex-Ross, OLTL)

"Somber moments indeed. Especially several years from now when younger generations will ask 'What was a soap opera?' Hard to imagine. Having said that, I can look back and feel so fortunate that I was able to be a part of that at ABC. Many great friendships formed in front and behind the camera that still endure. I'm also so happy to have been able to sneak back onto ABC Daytime at ONE LIFE as Ross. I didn't expect that role and feel blessed to have been able to work over there before the curtain fell."




"ONE LIFE has been a home and family for the me for the last three plus years. I've learned more about my strengths and weaknesses as an actor than I ever expected I would. The show has provided me with wonderful opportunities both personal and professional, and I'll miss it. That being said, I'm not worried about anyone from the ONE LIFE family. Despite the network's decision to cancel us, our ratings are continually on the rise. This reinforces to me that we are the best show on daytime and will continue to be until we all ride off into the sunset. Now we get to do the work for ourselves -- for the sake of our craft, not out of fear of losing our jobs. Nobody works faster, harder, or more efficiently than our cast and crew. Nobody."



"I am trying to stay positive through all this. I had an incredible 13 years; the best of my life. I absolutely loved going to work everyday. I will remember it with only the fondest memories. I hope everyone who was working on these shows is able to transform this difficult situation into a new and exciting time in their lives. I'll miss talking to Soaps In Depth, too!!"


"It's just so sad to see it go away. I got so many calls from people asking me 'Say it isn't true?!' because they know

of my connection to Susan Lucci [Erica, as DANCING partners]. My heart goes out to all the people who worked on set -- to the extras, to the production assistants, to everybody who loved and worked for ALL MY CHILDREN and who dedicated their time to making sure it was successful. It's a sad thing."



"I did AMC twice, actually. It was one of my first television jobs. I played a topless waitress. Erica Kane came to Hollywood and her mother asked me where Erica was. The address I was to say was on La Cienega. I was living in

New York. I had never seen it before. I couldn't get [the wrong pronunciation] it out of my head. I kept saying 'La See-EN-AY-gah.' Over the loudspeaker, the [people in the control booth] said to me, 'Debra Jo, do you think you can handle saying 'Sunset Boulevard?' I was horrified. That was my first experience. Then they brought me back as an alcoholic in the park. I loved the soaps. I knew them very well."

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