Wilson Joins WORKSHOP!


The two soaps that Marie Wilson has appeared in (as PORT CHARLES' Karen and AS THE WORLD TURNS' Meg) may no longer be on the air, but fans of the actress will have to go no further than the computer upon which they are reading this to see her in action once more. On Tuesday, May 3, she will be appearing in an episode of the comedy Web series WORKSHOP!

"It was hilarious," Wilson says of her experience. "It's quite a funny Web series!"

But that's not all the actress has been up to recently; There's a whole lot more after the jump!

Wilson has nothing but praise for the cast and crew of WORKSHOP. "Oh my God, the people are great," she enthuses. "Nate Golon, who's the head of it, is so talented. He's brilliant. He has such a great eye for comedy and timing. Nice, down-to-Earth people to work with."

Of course, playing beleaguered heroines didn't really give the daytime vet too many chances to stretch her comedic muscles. "Yeah, comedy is different for me," she admits. "I'm like a fish out of water, but it's nice challenging yourself and trying different genres. So I'm enjoying it. And learning and growing. So it's good!"

However, when it comes to describing the character she'll be playing on WORKSHOP, Wilson is tight-lipped. "I play a lawyer," she reveals. "But I don't know how much I can say. You'll have to watch it!"

The actress has also been rehearsing for a play with the Edgemar Theater Group, and helping to coordinate the Edgemar Short Film Festival, which is running from Friday, April 29, to Sunday, May 1, at the Edgemar Center For The Arts in Santa Monica, CA.

"The other members and I have been screening all these short films and seeing what's appropriate to put in the festival," Wilson explains. "And then we get judges to come in and award prizes accordingly. Susan Sarandon (Sarah, SEARCH FOR TOMORROW) is one of the judges. It's been fun, because I love short films.

"It's my first year with them, so it's all new to me," she adds. "But it's an exciting adventure!"

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