Stars React To Emmy Nominations


After the nominees for the Daytime Emmy Awards were announced yesterday, the Soaps In Depth staff spent the rest of the day hard at work, trying to talk to as many of the lucky actors and actresses as possible! While some of their reactions will appear in a story in our next ABC issue, we just couldn't let our chats with the stars go to waste, so we're posting the rest of their responses here for you to read!

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NANCY LEE GRAHN (Alexis, GENERAL HOSPITAL), Outstanding Supporting Actress
"A friend from the East Coast called, who saw it on the Internet. I had no idea they were coming out today. It wasn't even in my thought waves. So I was, like, 'What? Oh yeah!' What it means to me has nothing to do with an award. It's that I get all this good will from people and all these nice things on Facebook and from friends I haven't talked to in a while. And my Mmom and my sisters and my friends are coming with me to Vegas and we're going to hang out for the weekend. To me, it's an excuse to celebrate my friends and my family. It's a great opportunity for me to gather my family together and take a little trip.

"I'm happier for Lexi [Ainsworth, Kristina] than I am for myself! I think she kicked it! She had great stuff to do and she was 100 percent there each and every time. I think she's a shoe-in. I think she's unbeatable. I think she'll get the Emmy and she deserves it. A lot of the stuff that I had that was emotional with Kristina, I wasn't saying anything; I was reacting. I submitted one scene that I thought was truthful and real for me, a scene where I told Sonny to be a father for once in his life."


JONATHAN JACKSON (Lucky, GH), Outstanding Supporting Actor
"I'm very excited; It's always an honor. The show did great. There's someone in every category. I was really excited for Jason [Thompson, Patrick]. He's done incredible work. I think he's a great actor."


LAURA WRIGHT (Carly, GH), Outstanding Lead Actress
"I was trying not to think about [the nominations] because I just didn't want to not hear my name again. But I just wanted to feel like I'm in that club, on that level and in that category with these women that I think are great actresses. I cried a lot. Then I had to go clean the chicken cage. Then I got all weepy again. The things that people are saying are just extremely kind and make me feel good. I had tears all morning for my different friends and colleagues.

"GH got 21 nominations! Jason Thompson, it's his first. I'm so glad that he was nominated. Maurice [Benard, Sonny]... I judged lead actor and he kicks butt. I'm so excited for him. I know that this makes him feel really good. And he deserves the nomination. Chad [Duell, Michael], he's so good. I couldn't be more thrilled. My only wish is that Steve Burton (Jason) could have been nominated because I know how hard that man works. And he does it in a way that we laugh on set. My best scenes are with him. I love working with him."

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