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Yes, ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Lindsay was scheming, manipulative and, let's face it, homicidal. But really, those were just her endearing qualities. "I always love playing that girl," her portrayer, Catherine Hickland, laughs. "She is so out there."

Of course, while Lindsay's been in jail actually paying for her crimes, Hickland hasn't let anything constrain her. The writer, cosmetics queen and stage performer admits to not following OLTL on a regular basis, but she still looks back fondly on the show. "When I do check in, I feel like the fan I used to be before I was ever on it. Everyone there is so talented."

Viewing the show as a fan, though, has made the cancellations of OLTL and ALL MY CHILDREN all the more poignant. The actress has been front and center with protestors, taking to the streets and to Twitter to support the soaps. "For me," she affirms from the thick of a protest, "[being here] is way more real than it is to any executive or anybody who doesn't bother going out to where the real viewing audience is."

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Let Her Hypnotize You
These days, Hickland calls Las Vegas home and has mostly traded the screen for her stage hypnosis show. In fact, it's something that she's been preparing for since first taking an interest as a teenager. The actress had started making a serious effort to learn how to hypnotize in her early twenties, and continued even after becoming a daytime star. "During the last three years of OLTL, I was in school constantly at night, on weekends, learning advanced techniques," she reveals.

After nearly a lifetime of preparation, it was inevitable that Hickland would take her passion to the next level. "Of course, I have been an entertainer for most of my life, so taking to the stage just made sense to me," she shares, confessing, "it [was] the hardest and most frightening thing I had ever done -- just me and 30 chairs on a stage for a few hours. But now it is my total passion, and I love it!"

One of the few women to practice hypnotism, Hickland boasts that she's fairly sure she's the fastest female hypnotist out there and can put people under in less than 20 seconds! Hickland has fully embraced what she does being tagged as "chicknosis," admitting to liking the phrase simply because it sounds fun! In fact, as she explains, empowerment and fun are the hallmarks of her show. "I want to change the way people look at things, give them hope and strength and a good laugh every few minutes while I'm doing it."

On top of her hypnosis, Hickland always keeps busy. There's Cat Cosmetics, which is now nine years old and has over 30,000 subscribers. "I am very grateful for my friends and clients who have supported my beautiful company for all of these years," she says. She's also a motivational speaker and author of THE 30 DAY HEARTBREAK CURE, both based on the principles of hypnosis and the idea of being able to change your mind and emotions. But don't be surprised if she pops back on TV... if not in the role you remember! "I created a very cool show that I am in negotiations with right now," she confides. "It's a reality show, but has a lot to do with what I now do for a living and what I love. It's life-changing and entertaining, and that's what I want to make for television."

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-- Curtis Harding

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