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At the ONE LIFE TO LIVE press junket yesterday, all of the actors were emotional about the soap's run coming to an end on ABC. And while some were excited about being part of the show's transition to The Online Network, we unfortunately didn't learn about any new additions to the Prospect Park family.

While expanding Vimal and Rama's family with Neela would seem to indicate setting them up to continue on-line, Shenaz Treasury (Rama) is actually planning to continue her career in both Bollywood and Hollywood. "I want to do both," she says, "but it's really hard."

Terri Conn (Aubrey) also has not signed on the dotted line, and plans to go to Los Angeles for pilot season, but would never say never. "I've left the door open," she reveals.

Ilene Kristen (Roxy) is excited for the prospect of OLTL and other programming flourishing on-line, and still hopes to be a part of it. "I certainly hope so," she enthuses. "Who's gonna get rid of Roxy? Come on!"

Mark Lawson (Brody) is also one of the actors who is intrigued, but not yet signed on. "I am open to discussion," he admits. "And I hope the best for the show, whatever happens."

Vets Hillary B. Smith (Nora) and Robert S. Woods (Bo) remained mum on their own personal plans for their future with OLTL, saying only: "I think we've considered it," confides Smith. "Shall we just leave it at that? We can't really discuss it."

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