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On Sunday, January 1, SOAPnet will kick-off 2012 with a 14-hour marathon of ONE LIFE TO LIVE! (Too bad the beloved soap will air its final episode just 12 days later!) Beginning at 10 a.m. ET and airing through the midnight hour, SOAPnet is digging into the Llanview archives and pulling out episodes dating all the way back to March 1979! Which of these episodes are you most excited to see? Tell us below!

10 a.m. - From March 6, 1979: While on the witness stand, Karen shocks the courtroom by admitting that she was a prostitute.

11 a.m. - From March 9, 1987: In Argentina, Tina's boat goes over the waterfall, and a distraught Cord takes out his anger on Max. Kate feels it's her fault, and Gabrielle tells Max that she can get along just fine without him.

12 p.m. - From May 13, 1988: The Buchanan clan goes back in time to the Old West for Clint and Ginny's wedding, and Asa and Cord can't figure out why pictures of Bo are missing.

1 p.m. - From February 7, 1992: Jake is devastated as Megan dies in his arms.

2 p.m. - From July 15, 1993: In OLTL's 25th Anniversary show, Viki and Dorian are locked together in a secret room, Luna is adamant that Max is alive, and Tina sits by Cord's hospital bedside and reminisces about their history.

3 p.m. - From November 28, 1994: On her wedding day, Viki walks in on Dorian and Joey in bed together, Powell holds Todd at gunpoint, and David asks Tina to accept his proposal and secretly marry him.

4 p.m. - From November 14, 1995: Newlyweds Todd and Blair celebrate in private at a gold ballon-filled reception for two. Meanwhile, Marty and Patrick sleep together, and Kelly asks Joey to help her lose her virginity.


5 p.m. - From December 8, 1995: Dorian is arrested for the murder of Victor Lord as Viki realizes that her alter, Tori, actually committed the crime and murdered her father.

6 p.m. - From November 16, 2001: Asa's wives attend his "funeral." Adjusting to the news that she's a Buchanan, an angry Natalie crashes the service wearing a bright red dress.


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7 p.m. - From May 14, 2002: From the soap's week of live episodes, Blair confronts Tood for lying to her that her baby died. Meanwhile, Niki is desperate to get out of Viki's marriage to Ben, and Natalie warns Jen that Al is in Las Vegas. Angry, Al tells Max he wants nothing to do with him.

8 p.m. - From August 22, 2005: In the hospital after being rescued from the pit, Natalie shares her feelings with John. As Jess tries convincing Nash that she's not Tess, the saucy alter takes over. Meanwhile, Rex thanks Evangeline for saving Natalie's life.


9 p.m. - From May 29, 2006: As he awaits his execution, Todd shares emotional goodbyes with his loves ones. Meanwhile, John is in a race against the clock to get to the prison with evidence proving that Todd is innocent. Plus, Antonio pleads with Tess as he tries to get through to Jessica.

10 p.m. - From November 10, 2008: Starr gives birth to Hope, and Todd decides not to steal the baby, but Bess does instead. Meanwhile, Viki saves Natalie and Jared from the bomb in the secret room and John reveals to Marty that it was Todd who raped her.


11 p.m. - From June 7, 2010: In front of their family and friends, David marries his Pa and Step Nora in a wedding reminiscent of their first ceremony.


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