Conn Laughs It Up On 30 ROCK


It was hard for Terri Conn to do guest-starring roles while appearing as Aubrey on ONE LIFE TO LIVE, but now there's nothing to stop her from spreading her wings, and you can see her do just that on tonight's episode of 30 ROCK on NBC airing at 9:00 PM EST!

"I'm really excited," she declares. "It's like, my favorite show. There's a lot of good shows [that shoot] in New York."

Which is why Conn has decided to maintain her home base on the East Coast instead of moving to Hollywood. "I'm sticking it out in New York," she says. "It's better to be in the room for auditions, but my agents are really fantastic, so I get to go on tape. And I'm available to fly out at a minute's notice. So I'll hopefully get the best of both worlds!"

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