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As ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Eli, Matt Walton played the ultimate bad boy. But in his latest role, he's the ultimate playboy! The actor is currently starring in a production of Boeing-Boeing at the Paper Mill Playhouse in New Jersey as Bernard, and American cad living in Paris during the swinging '60s, juggling three flight-attendant fiancées. With a little help from his phenomenal housekeeper and the luck of differing airline timetables, Bernard is able to convince each lady that she is his one and only. That is, until the fast, new Boeing jet and weather delays place the women on a collision course!

"It's a farce, so I'm getting to do more comedy," an excited Walton tells Soaps In Depth. "My character is filling up his days doing a balancing act with these three flight attendants: one German, one American and one Italian. The play comments on the socioeconomic statuses of the different governments of this triangle through the lens of this ridiculous, over-the-top French farce. He's very calculating, and depends on the precision of the airline schedule [to keep his fiancées apart]." But then all hell breaks loose when, thanks to the faster new airplane engines and bad weather, all three ladies are in Paris at the same time! "Doors slam, identities are mistaken, everyone's kissing everyone and women are flying all over the stage. It's quite a romp!" he says with a chuckle.

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Timing Is Everything
Tackling the role at the Paper Mill Playhouse was a no-brainer for Walton, a New Jersey native. "I took my family to see Peter Pan there last year. I've always loved that theater; it's one of the best things in New Jersey. So I'm happy to go there. And," he adds, "their shows are fantastic."

Ironically, when Walton auditioned for Boeing-Boeing it was for a production at a different playhouse! "I said to my agent 'let's do a play,' since things were slow... and all the soaps were cancelled," he says with a sad laugh. "He sent me for an audition at another theater, in Connecticut. But they ended up giving me the wrong time, so I showed up right as they hung up the phone giving the role to another actor. Then a day later, I got an audition for the same role, the same play, at Paper Mill Playhouse. In a way, I was very fortunate. It worked out perfectly with my schedule, and the theater is right down the road from where I live, so it's easy to get home to the family!" says the father of two.

Boeing-Boeing opened last night and will run through Thursday, Feburary 12, at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, NJ. For tickets and performance times, visit

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