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We all know that GENERAL HOSPITAL's Jason Cook (Matt) can act, but did you know that he's a writer and director as well? In fact, Cook has hopes of working with co-star Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) in a short film he's written called Genreful, and is looking for fans like you to help get it done! The actor has put the project up on Kickstarter, a funding platform for creative projects, in hopes of getting $50,000 pledged by Sunday, May 27, to film the movie. So if you want to go into business with Cook, this is your chance!

Genreful will star Anderson as Anton, who is determined to commit suicide, but is talked down off the proverbial ledge by his neighbor, Hannah. But when her Crazy Ex (played by Jason Mewes of Jay And Silent Bob fame) later sees the two out on a date, he brutally beats Anton and kidnaps Hannah! As an injured Anton tries to rescue Hannah, the movie will shift tones, embracing the devices of drama, romantic comedy, thriller, action, horror, animation and sci-fi all at the same time!

"The reason we brought it to Kickstarter is because the unique nature of the project merits a unique way of getting it funded and produced," shares Cook. "With short films, there's really not a revenue stream for them. If you can spread the cost out amongst a lot of different people, then it becomes less expensive. And if you can offer value to those people -- which, in this case, is Bradford in a light that GENERAL HOSPITAL fans have not seen him portray yet. I'm interested in that as a director, an actor, and his friend, so I'm hoping the fans see it the same way. And the same principle goes for Jason Mewes. His fan base is a lot different than Bradford's. And then there's Frank Collison. He's a character actor, and completely transforms himself in every single film. He's going to be playing a doctor in Genreful, which is less character-y than he's used to doing. So I'm trying to provide these opportunities to these really talented actors, and at the same time, provide an opportunity to fans to be a part of the process of what goes in to making a film."

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Cook says that Genreful was partially inspired by a dream, as well as "this crazy idea of bringing together all sorts of different genres into a very short, compact period of time. I think it can be done, and if it's done well, I think it will leave a lasting impression. It will really resonate with people. Which, at the end of the day, is what I want from a film no matter what genre it is, or if it's seven genres. So I'm trying to prove this thesis for myself."

Besides the artistic draw that the director in Cook envisions in this project, he feels that the movie's tale is one that viewers will connect with. "There's an actual journey that Bradford's character, Anton, goes through that is actually really relatable," he shares. "That sounds completely crazy, because it is a high-concept film, but at its core, there's this really relatable concept in there. The tagline is "Chase Your Love Across All Genres." There's a universal truth to it, so telling that story is really exciting to me."

If you'd like to be a part of the production of Genreful, it would take even less than what you'd pay for a cup of coffee at your local Starbucks. "If Bradford and I alone had every one of our Twitter followers put in one dollar, then we'd be at our goal, ready to go." To see a list of the donation levels -- and the different thank yous Cook and his team are offering to backers at each step -- visit the Genreful Kickstarter page here.

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