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GENERAL HOSPITAL's Sonny Corinthos remembers his late first wife, Lily, as the woman who made him a better man. Likewise, fans can't think back on those days without a wistful sigh of longing. While the "saint's" portrayer, Lilly Melgar, has fond memories of Port Charles, she's plenty content with the life she's created for herself now.

In addition to raising her six-year-old daughter, Sofia -- "She's my world," the actress says -- Melgar has been bringing her creative vision to fruition by working behind the camera. "I have such a thirst and hunger for growth -- I'm always wanting to try new things and challenge myself," she explains of the reason she ventured into directing. "I produced and co-directed Black Cobra, [being released on May 22 through Lionsgate Home Entertainment], which is about a man who comes to Los Angeles to sell the family diamonds in order to get his father out of prison in South Africa."

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Melgar also works for Veneno, a company that hired her to segment direct the video content for concerts like the Spice Girls Reunion Tour, the "Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour" Cirque du Soleil show, and even that of her longtime pal and former GH castmate Ricky Martin (ex-Miguel). Now, the general public can see her work in the recently released DVD Britney Spears Live: The Femme Fatale Tour. "I directed these mini films that were shown throughout the concert -- the storyline drove the show," she explains of the compilation video. "In them, Rudolf Martin (Anton, ALL MY CHILDREN) plays a villain in a control room who's obsessed with catching Britney -- it's a dance they've been doing century after century."

From Sweet To Saucy
Melgar has also been taking acting classes and self-awareness workshops, and the results are showing in the intensity of her performance as Janice, a Latina cosmetics mogul with a troubled teenaged daughter, a stubborn brother, and a complicated love life on THE BAY ( "Finally, I get to use more of my layers, which I never really got to show on GH while playing [graceful] Lily," Melgar enthuses. "It's fun to have a forum where I can use so many of my flavors: I can be saucy, I can be sexy, I can be naughty, I can be bitchy..."

Melgar is happy with her growth and eager for fans to see her new work both in front of and behind the camera. "I have so much love and respect for the craft and [I'm enjoying] being a part of the creative process on a larger scale," she insists. "When acting, I bring someone else's vision to life, but when directing I get to bring my own vision to life."

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