Interview: Engaged... And Expecting!


Not only is Jordi Vilasuso (Griffin, ALL MY CHILDREN) engaged to be married, but he and fiancée Kaitlin Riley are expecting a baby, to boot! "The cat was let out of the bag on national TV," the actor tells Soaps In Depth with a laugh. Last week, Riley's little sister, actress Bailee Madison, appeared on THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO to promote her new film, Cowgirls 'N Angels. When host Jay Leno asked how her family was, the 12-year-old excitedly shared that not only was her big sister engaged, but that she was pregnant! "We knew she was going to say we were engaged... we weren't sure she was going to say that that! The camera panned to us, and we were kind of caught off-guard. But it was very sweet."

Vilasuso says that learning on Easter morning that he was going to be a father sped up his plans to become a husband, as well. "We'd been talking about getting married for quite some time," he says. "We were already looking at places to have the wedding even before we were engaged. Katie would joke, 'I can't believe we're doing this. I don't even have a ring on my finger.' I'd been looking at rings, and had actually put a deposit down on a ring two months earlier. This kind of hurried the process along!"

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Yet even thought the couple were in the early stages of planning their wedding, Vilasuso wanted the proposal to be one that Riley would never forget. "Two weeks ago, Mother's Day weekend, she was in Florida with Bailee, who is the spokesperson for Alex's Lemonade, at a charity event. She thought I was in L.A. taking care of the dog, when I was really boarding a plane on Saturday night, with the ring in my pocket, taking the red-eye to surprise her in Florida."

With a little help from his future in-laws, Vilasuso pulled off not only a surprise proposal, but a surprise engagement bash as well! "Her family is from Fort Lauderdale, mine is from Miami. Her brother was very helpful; he set it up. They were all going to get together for a Mother's Day dinner at the Ritz Carlton in Key Biscayne. They were walking down to this beautiful gazebo to take pictures, and I was hiding in the bushes. All of a sudden, I pop out and proposed." Unbeknownst to Riley, friends and family members were on standby to congratulate the newly betrothed couple. "I didn't know when we were going to be able to go back down there, and I really wanted to make sure everybody was there to celebrate with us. She totally didn't know about the engagement party, so it was like a double-whammy surprise."

While the couple both would like to make things official before their little bundle of joy arrives around December 1, Vilasuso doesn't want to add any unnecessary stress to his bride-to-be. "Weddings can be so stressful; that's the last thing I want for her. We're just taking it one day at a time and enjoying the pregnancy. We just had the first trimester ultrasound, and that just cements it! Such a clear image of the baby makes it... real. One of the craziest things I've ever experienced in my life. And it's just going to get crazier, I'm sure!"

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