Stars React To Emmy News!


Soaps In Depth staffers have been on the phone with Daytime Emmy Award nominees all day, offering our congratulations. Here are just a few of our interviews, so keep checking back for more updates!

GENERAL HOSPITAL walked away with a whopping 23 nominations, which doesn't surprise Anthony Geary (Luke), a Lead Actor contender. "It's fantastic to see so many nominations for GH this year! Obviously, the rumors of our demise were vastly overstated."

Laura Wright (Carly, GH), who will be defending her Lead Actress title this year, started off her morning with a special celebration, courtesy of her children. "My husband is in Texas on a business trip, which we planned for this week when they were originally supposed to be announced [last] Friday. He's so bummed. But he had the kids take two Standing Sun wine glasses, and they painted on one, "Congratulations, we love you" with hearts all over it. And they had a bottle of champagne in the fridge. So they opened the champagne this morning and brought it out. I was on the phone with my husband and my son goes "We won't need this one!" And the other glass had sad faces all over it and said "We still love you." So either way, I was getting a nice glass of champagne this morning, whether it happened or didn't happen!" Wright submitted the episode where Carly asks Jason to donate Jake's kidneys in order to save Josslyn's life. "I have to say, this means more than last year! Because I didn't want last year to have been a fluke! I was so afraid people would be like, 'Wow, and she didn't even get a nomination the next year.' It's like, ok, they really do like what I do! It was important that last year wasn't a mess-up!"

Eddie Alderson (Matthew, ONE LIFE TO LIVE) as he was getting ready for another day at high school! "Sorry I'm late!" he joked of telling his teachers. "Just your typical Wednesday morning!" The Younger Actor nominee found out via Twitter that he made the final round for his scenes where Matthew confesses to Bo and Nora that he killed Eddie Ford. "Someone tweeted me and said congrats, but I was confused what it was about. It was very early on the west coast, and I was half awake. Then more people started tweeting me, and the publicist from OLTL texted my mom. I didn't expect it, so that has made it all the more special."

It's no surprise that OLTL's Erika Slezak was nominated for her anniversary episode where Viki confronts her alters. "It's very long... I'm surprised I got a nomination and people didn't just shut it off halfway through!" she says with a laugh, confessing that the recognition is bittersweet. "But I'm delighted. If we can represent the show in one way or another, that would be good. I'm very sorry the show didn't get nominated, since there are only like six or seven shows! It's very disappointing."

ALL MY CHILDREN's Darnell Williams (Jesse) wasn't even aware that the announcements were taking place today! "I didn't know!" he confesses. "I picked up my phone and got all these congratulation messages. I called Debbi [Morgan, Angie] and sang on her cell phone voicemail [to the tune of "Happy Birthday"], 'Congratulations to you.' What a way to wrap things up!

Melissa Claire Egan (Annie, AMC), however, was up early and at her computer waiting for NATAS to release the list of nominees. "My mom is actually here visiting, so I was with her and my boyfriend having coffee. My dad was on the phone when we were scrolling and looking for my name, so he was included in the whole thing. AMC was my first contract role in anything. I learned so much from those people. It is so special to have this nomination, and a lot of it I owe to my AMC cast because I learned from them."

OLTL's Bob Woods (Bo) was cleaning up the back yard this morning when he heard his wife calling his name. "I could hear her yelling my name in the house. She didn't know where I was. I thought she'd gotten some good news about our son! He's taking finals! She came out and told me. It was totally unexpected. I'm so out of the loop now that for all I knew, maybe they'd had the awards!"

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