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Recently on Tune In Tomorrow, a.k.a. the Soaps In Depth podcast hosted by executive editor Richard M. Simms, we asked viewers to call in with storyline suggestions that they wanted to see unfold on their favorite soaps. Now, you get to pick the winner. The prize at stake? The biggest of them all: bragging rights! To vote, simply leave a comment below with the name of the person whose storyline you'd most like to see!

Read the fan-written tales after the jump!

Alan had a storyline pitch for THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS:
A familiar villain from the past, Rick Daros -- who once kidnapped Nikki -- returns... with a vengeance! (You might remember that when last seen, he and Eve Howard had stolen money from Victor's safe and skipped town.) Using another name, Rick hires Paul. But when Paul arrives, he winds up being locked in a dungeon by Daros, who has had plastic surgery to look exactly like his captive! Heading to Genoa City, Rick uses his new look to romance Nikki, who is once again on the outs with Victor and looking for a shoulder to cry on. Who better than Paul, whom she almost married not so very long ago?

Enrique had an idea for GENERAL HOSPITAL:
Robin is alive... and being held captive at the same location as ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Victor! Turns out that back in the day, Heather Webber and Alison Perkins bonded while in Mitch Laurence's cult. Upon learning that Todd Manning had returned to Llanview, Alison arranged for Heather to sneak out of Ferncliff and shoot Victor before framing Todd! Now, Helena -- whose late hubby, Mikkos, had dealings with Victor dating all the way back to World War II -- wants the microchip Irene was hoping to get from Todd. Helena targets Todd's family as well as her other enemies! Finding a clue indicating that Robin is alive, Molly and Anna call in Robert, Frisco and Sean for help in finding her. After Victoria Lord flashes back to her father having met with Mikkos, she winds up crossing paths with Helena. Mysteriously drawn to Wyndemere, Todd finds something shocking about his mother that indicates the Mannings may actually be connected to the Ice Princess!

Our next contestant, Leah, had three suggestions for GH:
1) Sam's father turns out to be Duke Lavery. Looking for info on her dad, she works with Jagger Cates (brother of the late Stone), who has returned to town with his sis, Gina. Anna, aware that Duke is alive (The whole Jonathan Paget storyline? A ruse to cover Duke's government-sponsored relocation!) and puts stumbling blocks in Sam's way to prevent him from being exposed to the dangerous men he went underground to escape. Sam and Jagger bond over the brothers they loved and lost and the fact that his autistic son (introduced on NIGHT SHIFT) reminds her of her late brother, Danny. Once Duke returns, an Alexis/Duke/Anna triangle unfolds. At the same time, Sam struggles with the fact that Duke gave up the Mob (and, in essence, his life) for Robin and Anna, but Jason refuses to do the same.

2) Robin had Jason's baby after leaving Port Charles and heading to Paris. She confided in Alan, who kept her secret. Via flashbacks, we learn that AJ found out about Robin's secret child. Still furious over Jason and Carly's having basically stolen his son (Michael), AJ hatches a scheme to steal Robin's baby and sell it on the blackmarket! Complications during delivery lead Robin to believe she lost the child, which AJ sells. But the couple who adopted Robin's baby abandon it after learning it has HIV. As a result, the child winds up in foster care. After finding documents in the attic, Monica learns that her now-dead husband kept this from her. Tracking down the child, Monica must decide whether or not to tell Jason.

3) A human-trafficking storyline involving Kristina, who disappears while on Spring Break with her friends in Mexico. Turns out Zander, who has been alive all this time and faked his death with Ric's help, is the one to rescue her. Blackmailed by Zander with evidence he'd obtained from Faith, Ric had promised to clear Zander's name but instead, found happiness with Liz while Zander was left to play dead. Grateful for Kristina's return, Alexis gets Zander's name cleared so he can come home. With Lucky gone, Cameron wants to get to know his back-from-the-dead dad. Lulu bonds -- and sides -- with Zander, pitting her against Liz yet again. Throw Lucky and Ric into the mix, and this becomes a great story with Elizabeth's men all fighting for their place in her life!

Terri spun a tale for GH:
Ever wonder the real reason Dante didn't turn Sonny in for shooting him? Turns out, Dante is working undercover as a mole for the WSB! After being shot by Sonny, the WSB approached Dante and asked him to join them and keep silent as they were investigating a villain more dangerous than any Mobster or any other challenge the people of Port Charles have ever faced! This kicks off an umbrella story with Dante and Lulu and their loved ones at the center. Does Dante keep the secret of his assignment from Lulu or share it? A series of events escalate the sense of danger, rippling out to touch the lives of the entire canvas while helping elevate Lulu and Dante into the supercouple status worthy of her legacy as Luke and Laura's daughter. Robert, Anna, Mac, Felicia and Frisco eventually wind up joining the battle against the latest threat to their home town. Eventually, Dante must fill Sonny in on what's happening... giving his father the opportunity to not only do the right thing, but find redemption in doing so. And the all-important hospital is drawn into the mix when the villain at the center of the threat unleashes a biological threat that threatens to overwhelm the overworked staff. The audience would come to understand that Dante did not lie and perjure himself without just cause, that he had to sacrifice personal 'justice' in the interests of an even more important calling and mission. Dante's decision to let Sonny off the hook for shooting a cop will pay big dividends as Sonny and his organization become a positive vehicle for 'saving the world' and Sonny ultimately leaves the mob to respect and save Dante.

Matt created a storyline specifically for DAYS OF OUR LIVES:
Jack and Jennifer find themselves working for the new editor of The Spectator, a woman named Anne, whose husband is the owner. Anne and her spouse have two children, a son who becomes involved with Abby, and a daughter who sets her sites on Shawn-Douglas, who is married to Belle. Anne isn't thrilled with her son's choice, because she wants him to pursue Belle in order to break up that happy little marriage. Anne begins grilling Jack on Salem history in general and Horton history in particular... to the point where Jennifer begins to wonder if there's something going on between her hubby and their boss! When Anne's hubby arrives, they buy the old Chandler mansion (aka the original DiMera mansion), complete with tunnels connecting to Doug's Place By The Lake, which Doug and Julie have re-opened. We soon learn that Anne and her spouse have a mysterious someone living up in the attic. Who is it? Anne's mom... Julie's former rival, Susan Martin Peters! Susan's had a mental break and blames all of her problems on longtime foe, Julie. So bitter is Susan that she's raised Anne to basically serve as an avatar ready to seek vengeance. As the plot unfolds, all of Julie's loved ones are placed in danger. Thanks to the tunnels, Anne is able to gaslight Julie. How far will Susan and Anne's wicked plot go?

Bryan came up with two storylines for GH:
1) Alice has mentioned many times over the years being a wrestler. In an effort to help snap Patrick out of his funk, Epiphany -- who has been approached by Alice about becoming her tag-team partner -- suggests that he become her trainer! Sonny becomes involved when he tries to rig the fights in favor of our favorite ladies!

2) Tired of McBain's constant attempts to get him to confess to killing his sister, Sonny decides the best way to get rid of the detective is by kidnapping Natalie. But what Sonny doesn't realize is that McBain has a mysterious person on his side. Jason gets a call from Tracy saying that ELQ has been the victim of a hostile takeover. Turns out that Natalie's dad, Clint Buchanan, has taken over the Quartermaine's company! If Sonny doesn't turn over Natalie, Clint will not only destroy ELQ and turn over security-tape footage proving that Sonny was the person who killed Victor Lord and framed Todd!

Julie's dreamed up the following scenario for GH:
Following the birth of their baby, Jason and Sam reunite and try to make their marriage work. But a new Mob threat arrives, making Sam worry about her family's safety... fears that become reality when danger strikes too close to home. McBain -- truly wanting to help Sam -- makes her an offer: If she becomes a mole inside Sonny's organization, they'll bring it down once and for all... and Jason will be granted full immunity. Sam sees this as an opportunity to have Jason, her baby and a different life free of the constant threat of Mob violence. McBain's plan succeeds and when Sonny winds up behind bars, Sam faces a scenario she didn't predict: Jason doesn't leave the organization, he takes control of it! Finding out about the deal his wife struck, Jason is furious and their marriage implodes. They head toward a custody battle... but how can Jason fight a woman who literally knows where all the bodies are buried? And how can Sam fight a man who knows all of her secrets, as well. To avoid losing custody, Sam enters a marriage of convenience with McBain. Fighting fire with fire, Elizabeth and Jason do the same. But could the faux marriages turn into genuine relationships? Throw in Todd (who uses his media empire to point Sonny in as negative a light as possible, complicating his own developing relationship with Carly), Lucky (who threatens to take Elizabeth's kids away from her after she marries Jason) and the Quartermaines (who are anxious to get their hands on Sam's child, their new heir) and this is an umbrella story bringing all the major Port Charles families together.

MusicMan also had a GH-related pitch:
Heather hasn't forgotten that Sam failed to live up to her end when it came to their info-for-delivery-of-a-letter deal. Ever vengeful, Heather devises a plot to kill Sam and the baby... but Jason gets in the way and winds up being injured. Waking up, he regains the memories of his life as Jason Quartermaine. The Quartermaine family is there to help him piece together the pieces of the life he left behind. But how does Jason Quartermaine deal with the dark realization of the fact that Jason Morgan spent years as a killer-for-hire? He apologizes to Sam for having been such a bad husband of late. The pair separates as they each try to get back in touch with the person they once were. With Jason no longer working for Sonny, McBain easily brings down his rival with the help of an alive-and-reformed Alcazar. Behind bars, Sonny faces the fact that he has lived a selfish life and put everyone he loves in danger. Once released, he sets out to reclaim Brenda. With several other locals, Sonny forms a legit company that will compete with ELQ. Jax comes back to help ELQ fend off the new competition... and convinces Brenda to join the ELQ board. Which means that Sonny and Brenda are now in direct competition in the boardroom even as they're trying to reconnect in the bedroom!

Tom called in with his storyline pitch for GH:
Many of Port Charles' residents vanish in the middle of the night. Jason and Lulu find themselves wandering through the mysteriously empty town, working together to figure out exactly what happened to their loved ones. Beneath the hospital, they find a mysterous room containing local DNA samples, a map of the entire town -- including the various hidden passages and tunnels -- and banks of computers. Behind a hidden entrance they find a solid-glass case inside which lies Lulu's mom, Laura, who is hooked up to tubes and wires, a ventilation mask strapped to her beautiful, youthful face. Turns out that Helena has discovered that the local water contains the secret to the Fountain Of Youth. Her plan? To use the hospital staff to help her crack the secret of the water so she can manufacture it. Needing a company to use as her base of operations, she takes over ELQ! And with so many of his loved ones in danger, Luke finds himself in the hot seat with Helena, who demands that he marry her if he ever wants the hostages to be released! Can Lulu and Jason find a way to save everyone they love?

So which storyline do you think would be most fun to see unfold? In the comment section below, simply leave the name of the person whose pitch you liked best... the winner will be announced on the June 11th edition of Tune In Tomorrow!

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