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Something wicked this way comes... to GENERAL HOSPITAL!

Maurice.jpg (176x176Preview) Oh, the wicked that wanders the streets of Port Charles and lurks in the shadows! Not wicked in the green-faced, pointed hat, wart on the nose kind of way, but of the mischievous, cheeky variety. Then again, that is one of the things that makes GENERAL HOSPITAL so watchable lately.

The real villain in PC these days isn't the living, breathing kind. It's the... the... the press. * gasp * They're like a little gnat that buzzes around your head and, no matter how much you try to swat it away, it just gets nastier. Being the owner/publisher of The Sun does put Todd in an advantage when it comes to blackmail, which, heaven knows, is the least of the crimes he's committed. But knowing that it actually works on Sonny is HUGE! The pen really is mightier than the sword. Who would have thunk?! But the fact that The Port Charles Press was going to print a story naming Sam as a rape victim? Shame!

Then there's Heather. Seeing her mix it up with the Quartermaines, they go together like Goobers and Raisonettes. She dishes it out and, when it's time for her to take it, she dishes it out again! Heather, Luke, Tracy, Monica and Anthony's propped up, Crimson-reading, sun hat and shades wearing corpse makes for comedy utopia. It doesn't get any better than that.

Amen and halleluiah for some great family bonding amongst the Davis gals. That family is closer than white on rice. Wait. Kristina, you say? Ah. Yeah. She's back and she looks mighty t'd off. That's right, she's a Corinthos AND a Cassadine so the chances of her turning out like Mother Teresa are pretty much zippo. She's got a bone to pick with mummy and dad and the only way she knows how to drive home the point is with a stake to the heart. Or a camera crew. Same thing.

With all that said, this coming week on GH should be a whopper. We've got Maxie's shocking plan to save Matt, Johnny's downward spiral of guilt and there's also a little something about a baby or two looking to be born! And don't forget, there'll be an encore performance on Memorial Day. Keep watchin'!

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