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When GENERAL HOSPITAL's Anthony Geary (Luke), Jonathan Jackson (ex-Lucky) and Nathan Parsons (ex-Ethan) recently got together for the first time since the latter two departed several months ago, they had quite a lot to say to one another! Soaps In Depth sat down with the Daytime Emmy nominees at the family reunion for a little chat... that actually turned into quite a long conversation! In fact, they had so much to talk about, we couldn't fit it all into the magazine! Luckily for you, , we're posting the rest of our Q&A with the father/sons trio right here on! So get your fill now, and then be sure to pick up the June 11 issue of Soaps In Depth for more of our exclusive interview with the guys!

As Good As It Gets
Aside from the episodes that were submitted for Emmy consideration, were there other scenes that you all saw of each other throughout the year that weren't submitted?
Jonathan: That's an interesting question. The show I submitted had the scenes after Lucky found out that Luke hit Jake, so it was basically six or seven scenes locked in a room with Tony. They felt the strongest for a number of different reason, but it was tough because there were a lot of dynamic storylines that they gave us last year.
Nathan: The intervention story was the first thing that came to mind, of course. All my meatiest work was actually from this year, but I picked a couple shows that I thought would work. I looked at them and wasn't really happy, but when I showed them to Tony, he said, "You know, I was looking at another show and I thought you were really good in it." So I watched it, and that's the show I submitted.
Jonathan: For Tony, the intervention was obviously a great show, for many reasons. But one of the shows that stuck out to me was the scenes at the bordello. There was something so tragic and grandiose -- what Tony was doing in the episode was so incredible. It was heart-wrenching and disturbing and honest. It reminded me of Amadeus in a way. Tony was on another planet.
Tony: Every time I work with these guys, there are standout scenes. They've each surprised and amazed me with alarming consistency.

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What has your off-screen relationships meant to each of you?
Nathan: It's meant everything to me. For us, I think it's art imitating life.
Jonathan: It's such a unique bond. I remember being away from the show for about a decade and then coming back. Having Nathan being here as part of the family was amazing for me. An instant connection. It fit and it made sense.
Nathan: We get along so well off screen that they're like family to me. For us to play family on TV is a piece of cake.
Jonathan: All three of us actually connect. On a lot of different levels. And not just with acting but with life in general. Music and art and books... so much stuff. It's great.
Tony: We're all seekers, each in his own way.

What A Character
What unfinished business is there between (or for) your characters that needs to be addressed?
Nathan: For Ethan, I think I need to kill Helena. A little bit of revenge.
Tony: Give it up, son. She can't be killed. As long as there's a drop of blood to suck, Helena's immortal.
Nathan: I think Ethan should go on a killing spree, personally. But that's just me. So, that's unfinished business. Ethan could just become The Cleaner.
Jonathan: And well, for Lucky, he did leave his kids at Christmas...
Nathan: Jerk!
Jonathan: So, I'd say there is some unfinished business there! And Nathan and I never got to do a con together.
Nathan: I know!
Jonathan: That was the big tragedy for me. Luke, Lucky and Ethan, and Lulu, should have done some big awesome con.
Tony: I agree. That was a major production mistake, and a terrible waste. The whole family was primed for a great adventure together. The audience would have loved it, and it would have been completely consistent with our family history. Sometimes they miss the most obvious story ideas. It's frustrating.
Nathan: Yeah, we didn't get to do that; they never went there. And then by the end, Ethan gets offered to go steal diamonds with Luke and he's like, 'Oh no, no. I'm good.' Jonathan: Yes, Lucky would do the same thing, just turn down Luke's offers to work together.
Nathan: I'm like 'who is this person?' That's not the character I created.
Tony: Luke has profound unfinished business with both his sons. Lucky just disappeared out of his father's life the same way Luke had done so many times. Things were left very bitterly between them. There is still the ghost of Jake binding them to each other's pain. It would be wonderful to have reconciliation or some kind of resolution there. And, as for Ethan, Luke sent him away with a big lie to carry. It was such a selfish thing to do, saving his friend's life (Robert Scorpio) by sacrificing his relationship with his youngest son. There is a lot of unfinished business here. There isn't one day at I work that I don't think about having lost both of my sons. It helps me keep in touch with what a broken bird this Luke Spencer is.

All three of you have a singing background, and now Jonathan doing NASHVILLE. How cool is that?
Tony: I love music, and I've always enthusiastically supported JJ's aspirations musically. For him to have the opportunity to marry his music with his acting in this new series is fantastic! I knew it was bound to happen eventually, but I expected it to be on the stage, where most of the time you get that kind of chance. For him to get to do it in film or TV, that's awesome.
Jonathan: Speaking of the marriage of those things, doing Broadway Cares with Tony last year was really amazing for me, and singing "Into The Woods" with him was an amazing moment for me. That was a highlight for me.
Tony: For me, too. The song "No More" from Into The Woods seemed to be written for our characters. Singing it with Jonathan was a wonderful experience. Nathan and I also got to perform together for Broadway Cares.
Nathan: Two years ago. One of the first things we connected on was our backgrounds as dancers, and so getting to perform with him on stage, it felt like something we should have done a long time ago.
Tony: It's very alive for the three of us to be connected to music and performance on such an elemental level.

Going For The Gold
What will Emmy night be like for you guys?
Nathan: I think it's just going to be fun. This is the first time I've been nominated, so I'm not holding my breath. So, it is going to be fun the three of us going there, our last year together on the show, for now, and knowing we all stepped up and were able to get a little nod. That in itself is going to be really satisfying. I finally joined the club!
Jonathan: Yes, it's cool. That is the most exciting part about it for me. Obviously, we have the broader GH family that we're excited for getting nominations. But then we have our little Spencer clan, as well. To have the father and two sons nominated together in the same year is a very special thing.
Tony: When I first heard the ceremony wasn't going to be televised this year, I was super-excited. The first Emmys I attended, long before you two were born, weren't televised. They were just industry dinners with lots of wine and very little media. It was much more fun in those days. More about the work than ratings. Now, I just hope we're all at the same table and it's over before my bedtime.

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