What's Ahead This Week On GH?

Two newborn babies, one guilt-ridden husband and a wacko with a shovel!

Thumbnail image for TracyLuke.jpg (176x176Preview) Once upon a stormy night, there was a crazy lady chauffeuring around a smiley-faced corpse, while two mothers gave birth to beautiful but gravely ill baby boys, both in need of medical care and neither likely to get it. How's that for a Friday cliffhanger?

GENERAL HOSPITAL kicked up the suspense a notch or two Friday, as it asked the questions, 1) Will Jason's need to have McBain beaten to a pulp cost the life of Sam's newborn? 2) Can Todd actually do something decent and save Tea's baby without messing it up? And 3) Will Heather put Anthony in a Hefty bag and at the curb or plant him like a begonia bulb?

Coming across Heather dressed like Paddington Bear and acting nonchalant with a dead body in a wheelbarrow maybe, possibly should have been a teensy tiny signal to Todd that trusting her with a baby was by no means a wise decision. Nah. He'll risk it. Meanwhile, Sam was left alone with her difficult-breathing baby and an amniotic fluid soaked rug in McBain's motel room while he was coughing up blood on the side of a road, courtesy of Jason. Can any of this turn out okay? Yeah, right!

Not to overlook the craziness back in Port Charles, Tracy and Luke were in quite a pickle, as circumstantial evidence pointed to them having off'd Anthony and disposed of his body. Having a son-in-law on the police force might help divert the attention off them, but there's only so much a shaggy-haired detective can do. Plus, it's summer and you know what that means. Will Luke be hitting the road for a couple of months to dodge the cops? Keep your eyes peeled on GH this week, as all these stories roll out, plus Carly gives Johnny an ultimatum, Jason asks for forgiveness, and sparks fly between Mac and Felicia!

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