Exclusive: OLTL Star Lands First Feature Film!


ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Nic Robuck (James) has an exciting new gig lined up: he's starring in his first feature film, the independent crime drama/thriller A Dark Plan! "I play the lead character, Shane Dempsey, a sociopath who had a horrible upbringing. He will do anything for the love of others... even kill if he's desperate enough!" Robuck tells Soaps In Depth exclusively.

Sounds like a role that's very different than his job on daytime! "He's a bit like James in that they both had rough upbringings," Robuck concedes, "but Shane has much deeper, darker-rooted issues and isn't quite stable."

A Dark Plan will also feature some other faces familiar to daytime viewers: Michael Nouri (Caleb, ALL MY CHILDREN) and Nia Peeples (ex-Karen, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS) are set to star alongside Robuck, as well as THE L WORD's Kelly Lynch. "I am so thrilled and grateful for this opportunity to play this character, to stay local and shoot in L.A. and to work with such an amazing cast." Robuck is also thrilled to be working with famed director Armand Mastroianni -- who gave Tom Hanks his first big break in the 1980 film He Knows You're Alone. "He's truly and actor's director. Our professional relationship is off to a great start."

While actors on a film set can often spend long hours waiting in their trailer for their next scene to be called, Robuck has a hunch that his time on A Dark Plan will be more along the lines of the fast-paced soap set he's accustomed to. "I won't be sitting around much waiting to shoot; I am in most every scene of this movie and work every single shoot day," he says, adding that he is not one bit overwhelmed by the heavy workload. "Thanks to Frank Valentini and my opportunity on OLTL, I am well-trained and can more than handle the shooting schedule," he reveals.

"I want to deliver the best performance possible. I want to do the character of Shane justice, be present and open to his experiences and do job well done for the rest of the cast. The rest," Robuck smiles, "is up to the Universe."

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