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If you've been bummed about TNT's THE CLOSER reaching its conclusion, we've got great news for you! The cable network is launching the cop series' spin-off, MAJOR CRIMES, on Monday, August 13, at 10 p.m. EST. In the new drama, ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Kearran Giovanni (Vivian) plays Amy Sykes, a military veteran-turned-undercover detective!

"We pick up where THE CLOSER left off: the cast is the same and where we are in the story is the same, but we'll deal more with where the cases end up," Giovanni previews. However, the good news for both the former soap star and fans of the genre is that this police procedural will have a soapy twist. "You'll see everyone's back story: their families and their personal lives. That, I love!" Giovanni previews. "And the writing is so wonderful and intriguing -- it keeps you on the tip of your toes!"

Power Player
However, what the actress is most excited about is the opportunity to play yet another woman of substance. "I often get cast as the bad girl or the sexy girl," she concedes. "Being an educated, African-American woman, it's nice to play someone with a story to tell and not a caricature of anything else. Vivian was a smart doctor and she had her own life; it's the same thing with Amy. She's independent, she's very smart, she's gone out and made her own life, and now she's leading and trying something new." As it turned out, the role required Giovanni to try something new as well. "A sniper specialist taught me to use all the different weapons... and you'll see Amy's military training when she has some fight scenes, which I love because I took stage combat for years."

Prior to packing up her family and moving to Los Angeles to start work on MAJOR CRIMES, Giovanni had been pursuing her other passion: the Broadway stage! In the last year, she appeared in Catch Me If You Can, Hugh Jackman: Back on Broadway, and Anything Goes. "It's a high that I can't get enough of. Every time I do a show, I get this tingle. It's like having a new relationship... you know, that feeling you get where you are just giddy? That's what it's like very night, and it becomes like a drug!" Giovanni admits that she's already jonesing for a fix and has plans to get it by reprising her role as Josephine in the musical version of Tim Burton's 2003 film, Big Fish. "That's gonna do a little run when I'm done. I think it's starting in September," she says.

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