Interview: Is Stamos The Best Man?


John Stamos (ex-Blackie, GENERAL HOSPITAL) is used to playing the good guy, the guy that everybody likes. But until Sunday, September 9, the actor is trying his hardest to make audiences attending the Broadway production of Gore Vidal's The Best Man really, really hate him! "This character is not liked by anybody other than his wife, really," Stamos chuckles of his alter ego, presidential wannabe Senator Joseph Cantwell. "He's a snake, and he'll do anything to win."

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While playing such a weasel in the late Vidal's political play -- centering around two 1960s presidential hopefuls battling for a spot on the ticket -- has been exhausting for the actor, sharing a stage with the likes of James Earl Jones, John Larroquette, Cybill Shepherd and Kristin Davis has been quite the payoff. "I told James, I get so tired of playing negativity for 2 hours and 40 minutes every night. It's very raw and it's very emotional. But I'm onstage with some of the greatest ever."

The show is set to close in just a few weeks, and even though Stamos knew he was signing up for a three-month run, he's already wishing it wasn't coming to such a quick end. "I feel like I need more time with this!" he says with a laugh. "First of all, I love it. And secondly, I'm just scratching the surface. It's so rich, and so deep, and there are so many layers to Gore Vidal's writing and the way it can be played, and this character. I won't have it down in a month."

The final performance of The Best Man at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre in New York City is scheduled for Sunday, September 9. To purchase tickets, or for more information about the show, visit

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