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Hot off her success with the recent Syfy Network creature feature, Piranhaconda, ALL MY CHILDREN's Terri Ivens (Simone) is thrilled to announce that there's more excitement ahead! When THE BAY kicks off its summer special, DARKSIDE OF THE BAY on Thursday, August 9, Ivens will play Orchid, a spicy prostitute with an unexpected skill set. "I've already been in street fights, wielding a knife in platform heels!" she laughs. "Orchid's not your standard call girl. She's definitely tough and goes after what she wants."

However, before things get dangerous, look for them to get hot! "There's so much chemistry between her and Peter (Kristos Andrews) before she attacks him," Ivens previews. "It's gonna be fun to see where it goes." Orchid's tale will continue when season three of THE BAY debuts in late October.

Ivens also stars in the upcoming comedy Chicks Dig Gay Guys as a cheating wife with questionable taste in men. THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS alum Eric Roberts (ex-Vance) plays her unsuspecting hubby. "I play woman who gets these guys, who are only pretending to be gay, to come back to the house with me. But when my husband returns unexpectedly, I hide them under the bed while we have sex!" she grins. "It's very funny."

Lasting Impressions
Currently, Ivens is producing and starring in Untold, the true story of a woman (Gina M. Garcia) whose repressed memories of her brutal childhood abduction resurface. "This girl had enough strength in her little body to jump out of a moving vehicle and fight for her life," the performer offers of the tale in which Brian Gaskill (Bobby, AMC; Rafe, PORT CHARLES) gives a chilling performance as the kidnapper. Alas, because the authorities had suggested that the girl be convinced it was a bad dream, she spent years battling confusing intimacy issues. As a mother of young daughter herself, Ivens is proud to be involved with the project. "It's a triumphant story of survival that educates parents to talk about [child assault]," she says.


Survivorship is something Ivens learned a lot about while playing AMC's spunky Simone. "I think they went through two executive producers, four headwriters, two heads of daytime, and probably 30 castmembers during the lifespan of Simone on that show," she reflects. "I think they never wanted to get rid of her because she added something to whatever storyline they put her in."

During that tenure, Ivens shared great sparks with James Scott (Ethan). Might she someday re-team with him as the smoldering EJ on DAYS OF OUR LIVES? "I would love to!" she grins. "My alarm never went off [back then]. I woke up on my own to go to work and go kiss him. He's a delightful spirit."

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