AMC's deVry Catches a Killer!


On ALL MY CHILDREN, William deVry made people's hair stand on end as nasty villain Michael Cambias. Now, the versatile actor has traded in his black hat for a badge in this week's Lifetime Television Original, A Killer Among Us. "It's a true story about a young woman (played by Tess Atkins) whose mom was shot and killed assassination style," deVry previews. "She works with a local detective (Boris Kodjoe) to uncover the shocking truth behind what happened." Look for deVry to play a pivotal role in helping the story unfold. "I play the small town sheriff, Michael Drake," he confides. "I'm a neighbor of the victim's family and my daughter is the victim's daughter's best friend." Don't miss this explosive story, premiering Saturday, September 15, at 6 p.m. EST.

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