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Helena's Back!


There have been quite a few familiar faces returning to Port Charles, but this one might not be as welcome as say, AJ, or Robert... That's right, Helena Cassadine is on her way back! Soaps In Depth has learned that Constance Towers is reporting back to work at the GENERAL HOSPITAL set this morning!

Towers isn't talking yet, so we can't do more than speculate about what brings Helena back to the canvas, but rest assured that as soon as we can get any scoop out of her, we'll bring it to you! So stay tuned!

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Lunch With OLTL's Walker


*** UPDATE: Due to Hurricane Sandy, this event has been postponed until January. We'll bring you more information when we get it! ***

Soap Opera Socialite has announced the first in a series of special events, Lunch In The Afternoon. The inaugural luncheon will be held in Los Angeles at Planet Dailies at The Original Farmer's Market at some point in January, and will be hosted by Tonja Walker (Alex, ONE LIFE TO LIVE; ex-Olivia, GENERAL HOSPITAL).

General Admission tickets include lunch, beverages, a Q&A session and a personal meet-and-greet, and are $60. For $100, you can get a VIP ticket that includes all of that, plus you'll have lunch at Walker's table and a special luncheon photo. Tickets are available at and will also be available at the door.

There are plenty of surprises planned, including a chance to play a soap scene with Walker, and perhaps some additional guests from Llanview or Port Charles will stop by!

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Robert Scorpio Returns!


November sweeps just got a whole lot more exciting. Why? Because on Thursday, November 15, Tristan Rogers returns to GENERAL HOSPITAL as former WSB agent Robert Scorpio... and the timing couldn't be more crucial!

When last we saw Robert, he'd taken off in hot pursuit of his supposed son, Ethan, as part of Luke's desperate plan to give his pal a reason to live in the wake of daughter Robin's death. The big question, however, is what exactly brings Scorpio back to town! Could it have something to do with Robin, who viewers know to be alive? Or perhaps it's connected to the mystery surrounding Duke's recent return? We know... but we ain't telling! At least not yet!

For all the details about Robert's return, pick up the next ABC issue of Soaps In Depth, on sale Monday, November 12. And keep your eyes open for our upcoming exclusive interview with Rogers on what brought him back to GH, how the genre has changed since he first joined the sudser and whether or not his other popular alter ego, Colin, will return to THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS!

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Who On GH Wants To Be A Millionaire?


In honor of GENERAL HOSPITAL's 50th anniversary, Finola Hughes (Anna) and Jason Thompson (Patrick) were invited to compete on WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE! Of course, being celebrities, the pair were raising money for charity, and their winnings went to The Art Of Elysium, which helps children battling serious medical conditions.

The episode of MILLIONAIRE taped yesterday, and will air in January. When we get an exact airdate, we'll be sure to let you know so you can be sure not to miss it! We can't wait to see how they do!

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Cast Your Vote #46



Once again, it's time to express your opinions for our Readers' Poll. In the comments section for this article, please respond to the question, and feel free to explain your answer, but remember that any comments here may be considered for publication in the magazine. Any extra comments you have that have nothing to do with this week's poll question should be directed to the Message Boards section of our Web site!

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Do you think Trey could come between Starr and Michael?

Please note that the cut-off date for your votes to be counted will be Thursday, November 1. And please, only one vote per person!

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Soap Stars In Soapdish On Broadway


The hilarious 1991 comedy Soapdish featured cameo appearances from daytime actors like Stephen Nichols (Tucker, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS) and Finola Hughes (Anna, GENERAL HOSPITAL) alongside the film's stars, but now it looks like a couple of daytime alums are going to be part of Soapdish: The Musical!

According to, the cast for an upcoming reading in late October of the musical will feature John Stamos (ex-Blackie, GH) and Michael Park (Jack, AS THE WORLD TURNS) with fellow Broadway stars Kristin Chenoweth and Jane Krakowski.

Hopefully we'll all be able to see this on Broadway next year!

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Jason: Dead Or Alive?

Thumbnail image for jasonwgun.jpgHas Jason used up his ninth life?

Port Charles needs a town slogan, and we've got one for them: Make Love, Not War. Ha! As if.

Friday's episode of GENERAL HOSPITAL had estranged daredevils, Jason and Sam, reuniting after way too many months apart and yearning for each other. They headed to the bedroom, rolled around a little, clothes remaining in tact (again we say, as if!) and declared their undying love. From the distance, the sound of a baby's cry stopped the building desire. Sam returned to the bed, this time, with her baby in arms. The three were the perfect family. A sweet, sweet moment... interrupted by Bernie's coarse voice on the answering machine saying, "it's a matter of life and death." Well, Bernie had it HALF right. A few minutes -- and a few shots -- later, Jason's weak, body spilled out blood all over Pier 52. Love, not war, Jason. Love, not war.

Duke had the idea. He was all fired up to perform his I-was-dead-for-23-years-but-I'm-still-hot-for-you husbandly duties, only for Luke to interrupt his indecent proposal to Anna. If metaphorically throwing ice water on their steamy moment wasn't enough, Luke yanked a hair from Duke's head for a DNA test. (Working in that lab is the best and busiest job in town!) That double-ouch put Duke in one heck of a foul mood. If you don't believe us, tune in on Monday!

With Monday comes all sorts of questions. Did Jason survive the bullet to the back? If it walks like a Duke and talks like a Duke, will Luke prove it's not always a Duke? How will Dante take the news that Lulu can't have a baby? And, most important of ALL, what in the world will Todd and Diane's first conversation be like? Oh, to be a fly on THAT wall!

Tune in to GENERAL HOSPITAL, 2:00 ET and 1:00 PT/CT on ABC. You won't be sorry!

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The Fumeros Are Both On CSI: NY!


As we reported last week, David Fumero (Cristian, ONE LIFE TO LIVE) was cast in an episode of CSI: NY. And now TV Line has revealed that wife (and former OLTL co-star) Melissa Fumero (Adriana) has also been cast on the primetime drama — although not in the same episode!

Melissa was just cast this week as David was wrapping up filming on his episode which is slated to air in late November. "Yeah, that's pretty cool," the actor tells Soaps In Depth of being cast on the same series... although he'd prefer that they'd be working together! "In the future, I hope that we'll be cast in the same show. Absolutely!"

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Burton & Franco Together Again!


Tonight, James Franco's documentary on his time as GENERAL HOSPITAL's twisted psychopath Franco, Francophenia, is screening at the Austin Film Festival. The film will be screening at the Paramount Theater at 7:00 pm, in downtown Austin, TX, and not only will Franco be in attendance, but former castmate Steve Burton (Jason) will be there, too!

"I've never ever been to Austin and I'm excited to see the town," Burton tells Soaps In Depth. "I'm really looking forward to seeing what James did with the footage he shot at GH. It will be fun — get some barbecue and watch the movie!"

If you're in the Austin area and would like to join them, you can find more information about the screening at the Austin Film Festival Web site!

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Buchanan Laughs It Up!


If you're a soap fan, you already know that Ian Buchanan (Duke, GENERAL HOSPITAL) is a talented actor. But did you also know that he's part of a musical comedy troupe called The Citizen's Band? The political performers put on regular shows, and are getting ready to perform in New York City.

Buchanan and his castmates will be performing a new show, Grab A Root And Growl, from Wednesday, October 24, through Saturday, October 27 at the Abrons Arts Center in NYC. For tickets, you can click here. And for more information on The Citizen's Band, click here!

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GH Star Joins Y&R!


THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS' new executive producer Jill Farren Phelps has already brought over a couple actors from her primetime sudser HOLLYWOOD HEIGHTS to join Y&R, but now she's bringing in a fan favorite from her previous gig, GENERAL HOSPITAL! According to TV Guide, Ignacio Serricchio (ex-Diego) will be heading to Genoa City as a new character named Alex, an undercover cop from New York City with a big secret. He's expected to start work in October and should begin airing sometime in December.

Could Serricchio be just the start of GH alums Phelps is planing to bring over to Y&R?

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Download Jackson's Latest Single!


Songs from the soundtrack of the new primetime sudser NASHVILLE are being released on iTunes regularly, and this week brings the first single from Jonathan Jackson (ex-Lucky, GENERAL HOSPITAL)! The tune, entitled "Twist of Barbwire" can be downloaded on iTunes right now, and the actor will be performing it in tonight's episode of NASHVILLE, airing at 10:00 pm EST on ABC!

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Monaco Toughs It Out!


Even though she was suffering from both a fever and a foot injury, GENERAL HOSPITAL's Kelly Monaco (Sam) proved to be a real trouper last night on DANCING WITH THE STARS when she and pro partner Val Chmerkovskiy wowed the judges with the show's first-ever contemporary style dance. "I busted my toe, the fat one in the middle," the actress lamented to Soaps In Depth at last night's press line of the injury to her right foot. "I'm okay. I have a high [threshold]."

In fact, Chmerkovskiy didn't even know his partner was injured at first! "She didn't tell me about it until dress rehearsal," he reveals. Why didn't Monaco share the news of her pain? "I don't want to hear, 'Oh, that's an excuse,'" she said. "I don't want any excuses not to do well. I want to suck it up and do it."

And "do it" she did! The pair is currently in third place. "She's a talented individual with a work ethic," praises Chmerkovskiy. "She doesn't dwell on her flaws. She sucks it up and goes into battle every week."

So don't expect to see Monaco sidelined because of this injury! "I'm fine!" she insists. "It's only a toe! I've got nine others."

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Fumero Lands CSI: NY Spot!


Good news for fans of ONE LIFE TO LIVE's David Fumero (Cristian)! He'll be back on your TV screens very soon! Soaps In Depth spies spotted the actor on the set of CSI: NY this week filming an upcoming guest starring role. As soon as we have more information, we will pass it along!

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It's The Great Soap Debate!


Today is the first-ever soap debate, with Soaps In Depth's Richard Simms and's Dan J Kroll on Soap Central Live!

Taxes. The economy. Foreign policy. Those are none of the issues that will be discussed in the first soap opera debate.

Soaps In Depth's executive editor Richard Simms and's Dan J Kroll will tackle the serious issues facing soap opera fans today -- Would THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL fare better as a 60-minute soap? Which makes a better pairing -- GENERAL HOSPITAL's Samantha with Jason or John McBain? Will ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE ever return to the airwaves?

It's an hour of lively, spirited soap debate that may not change the world, but for at least an hour, it will do what all good soaps should do: provide a temporary getaway from the real world.

The show airs today, October 12, 2012, at 6pm ET/3pm PT. Listen at Call in and be part of the show, toll-free at 866.472.5788.

Fans can also submit questions in advance for consideration through SoapCentral's Feedback section here.

Tweet Your Comments/Questions @soapcentrallive:

Soap Central Live airs Fridays at 6PM Eastern/3PM Pacific on the Variety Channel of the Voice America Talk Radio Network.

To listen to the show, visit the Soap Central Live show page at:

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Excuse Them!


Wondering how to spend your Friday? How about catching a movie? Excuse Me For Living, the new comedy starring Melissa Archer (Natalie, ONE LIFE TO LIVE), Tonja Walker (Alex, OLTL), David Gregory (Ford, OLTL), Tom Pelphrey (Jonathan, GUIDING LIGHT) and Ewa da Cruz (Vienna, AS THE WORD TURNS), premieres today at the Laemmle Town Center in Encino, CA.

And don't worry, on the off chance you can't make it out to California, it's still playing in limited release throughout the country, plus you can catch the flick On Demand or on iTunes starting today! For details about the show visit and a complete list of theaters can be found at ://

"It's really going to be fun," assures Walker of the premiere. "Party and people and tons of celebrations and celebrities! I want to see all my fans there and all my friends there and everybody I don't even know there!"

You heard the lady! Get your tickets while you can!

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Cast Your Vote #44


Once again, it's time to express your opinions for our Readers' Poll. In the comments section for this article, please respond to the question, and feel free to explain your answer, but remember that any comments here may be considered for publication in the magazine. Any extra comments you have that have nothing to do with this week's poll question should be directed to the Message Boards section of our Web site!

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Would you like to see Maxie and Spinelli reunite?

Please note that the cut-off date for your votes to be counted will be Thursday, October 18. And please, only one vote per person!

To vote on your favorite actor, actress and couple currently appearing on an ABC, CBS or NBC soap, please mail your choices to:

ABC Readers' Poll
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Springfield Rocks On!


It turns out that the Mayans weren't alone in prepping for our last days to hit in 2012. In his Tuesday, October 9, release, Songs For the End Of The World, GENERAL HOSPITAL's Rick Springfield (ex-Noah) shares his sardonic view of life and also offers hope. While there are plenty of the sing-along songs that fans expect, listeners might be surprised to hear heavier rock anthems like "I Hate Myself" and "Love Screws Me Up." "I'm not the shiny, happy guy people think I am from my role in GENERAL HOSPITAL," Springfield confesses. "I tend to put that angst into my music." But which of the catchier tunes could be a hit by the ominous month of December? "That's a very good question. I'm never a good judge of [that]," he laughs. "I never thought 'Jesse's Girl' would be a single, let alone a hit, so what do I know?" However, with four album covers to choose from (each CD containing unique bonus material), there's sure to be something for everyone.

Keep 'Em Laughing Although he remains grateful to GH for helping to catapult his career back in the 80s ("I'll always go back if it makes sense for the story," he maintains), Springfield's most recent return (to comfort a grieving Patrick) had to be brief. The busy guy's been on a nationwide tour with a film crew in tow! Releasing on Wednesday, October 10, is the result: the entertaining documentary, An Affair Of The Heart. "We just had an industry screening, and then it's going to film festivals," he reveals. Viewers will no-doubt see that it's while he's on stage that the legend's sense of humor is revealed. "I think it comes across when I perform," he grins. "I tell stories and it's fun, and then I rock out!"

It was a smart writer who showcased Springfield's quirky side with a guest role on TV Land's HOT IN CLEVELAND last season ("They reached out to me recently to check my availability to return," he confides). When he's not working on also producing his own comedy show ("I can't talk about it yet," he teases), Springfield is touting what promises to be the event of the fall: Sun Dazed & Star-Filled Nights: Rick Springfield & Friends, Destination: Cancun. "We're inviting everyone to join us at Club Med from November 8 to 12. It should be a good party!" he relates. Joining the Mexican fiesta will be the performer's pals: Doug Davidson (Paul, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS), TV and radio host Mark Goodman, and two of GH's other singing sensations, Brandon Barash (Johnny) and Bradford Anderson (Spinelli). Yep, with all he's got going on, it looks like it'll be a while before the senior Dr. Drake is paged back to Port Charles.

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Monaco Is Safe Another Week!


After her high-scoring paso doble on the DANCING WITH THE STARS: ALL-STARS performance show, it should come as no surprise that Kelly Monaco (Sam, GENERAL HOSPITAL) was safe and will be dancing again in the next episode. But what may come as a surprise is that next week, Monaco and partner Val Chmerkovskiy will be dancing contemporary! "There's not a lot of technique to it," he allows. "It's very interpretive."

The actress plays a character on GH, and would also prefer to do that with her dancing. "I like to tell other people's stories," she confesses. "I never like to tell my story. My story's a closed book, so it's going to be really difficult for me to emotionally invest in something that's me. It's going to put me in a very vulnerable position."

But Monaco also admits that breaking through that comfort zone is a big part of doing this show. "It's a journey of who you are and letting it out a little bit," she says. "You think you know [me]. You have no idea!"

Even though GH was on vacation this week, Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) and Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth) were in the audience to cheer on their castmate. "They're amazing," Monaco enthuses. "Their support means everything. Becky brought two of her kids. Their support is amazing, and it follows over into their fan base. We want daytime to do well."

"Watching her was amazing!" declares Herbst. "I love watching her. I think she just lights up the entire room when she dances." And being in the audience may have inspired her to take to the floor herself! "I've always said no," she reveals, "but then there's a part of me when I watch them dance that makes me so excited. I want to get out there!"

Tune in next Monday, October 15, at 8:00 pm EST for the next round of performances of DANCING WITH THE STARS: ALL-STARS and see how Monaco fares with the contemporary style. And don't forget to vote!

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Parson's New Gig!


Hey GENERAL HOSPITAL fans, we've got some good news and some bad news. Which would you like first?

The bad news is that it doesn't seem likely that Nathan Parsons will be returning to play Ethan anytime in the near future. But the good news is that it's because he's going to be busy shooting an indie film in Los Angeles with director Michael Feifer called Snatched. Plus, the actor will likely be appearing in more episodes of the ABC Family series BUNHEADS in the second season since the first ended with his character in a liplock with the show's lead!

So you'll have plenty of opportunities to see Parsons... just not in Port Charles!

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GH Alum Is Out For REVENGE!


REVENGE has already cast Jennifer Jason Leigh as Emily's mother for season 2 of the primetime sudser, and now a rep for the show has confirmed that Em's rival, Victoria, will be getting a visit from her own mom! Adrienne Barbeau (ex-Suzanne, GENERAL HOSPITAL) will be playing Mama Harper, and we're going to find out exactly how far Victoria's apple fell from her mother's tree! (We're guessing not particularly far!)

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Monaco Aces It!


Kelly Monaco (Sam, GENERAL HOSPITAL) is back on top after last night's Paso Doble with partner Valentin Chmerkovskiy on DANCING WITH THE STARS: ALL-STARS that saw her tied with Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani with 27 points. "It felt amazing!" Monaco enthused to Soaps In Depth following the show. "I know how difficult is is to live up to the level of dancing we're doing right now. I know they know we're capable of delivering. Hopefully, we can continue to do so."

And having time off from her daytime gig certainly helped the actress focus on her dancing this week. "We put in five, six, seven hours a day," she said. "You hope it's going to pay off, but it's not that technical. You have to deliver on the dance floor. You want the best, you hope for the best, but I always expect the worst... that's just in my nature."

And while Monaco gets along with Chmerkovskiy, she understands the pressure of the show's punishing schedule causing friction like what erupted between contestant Bristol Palin and her own partner, Mark Ballas. "We've had those moments," Monaco confessed. "We're in an intense situation. I can see where Bristol is coming from. It's very easy to be insecure in this competition. You're putting yourself as a non-dancer in a really vulnerable position. You have millions of people watching you and critiquing you. I give her an A-plus for courage and just getting out there. Everyone's going to butt heads at some point. I think it'll make their friendship stronger. Maybe next time they'll take it outside."

This week, Monaco was able to choose her own dance, so it's no surprise she picked something she would excel at. How will she do next week when another couple selects a style for them? "We're up for a challenge," she declared. "If somebody wants to go dirty and sabotage us and give us something they think we won't do well in, then that's all the more reason to do better. I'd like to think we'd all work together as a team and give each other something that would allow us to shine. That's what I'd do. But I don't know what everyone else is thinking. Bring it!"

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GH's Emily Ties The Knot!


GENERAL HOSPITAL's Amber Tamblyn (ex-Emily) wed ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT star David Cross this past Saturday, according to US Weekly.

The longtime couple became engaged in August of 2011, and this is the first marriage for both. Best wishes to the newlyweds!

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After a successful first season, DALLAS is going to be bigger and better for its second, and towards that end, is pumping up the cast with new hires like Judith Light (Karen, ONE LIFE TO LIVE)! According to TV Line, the actress is set to join the primetime sudser as "an authoritative and controlling battle-axe who will fight to the death to protect the people she loves. And for the people she loves, she uses every psychological trick in the book to make them do what she wants."

Current speculation is that Light will be playing the mother to Brenda Strong's Ann, but who cares what role she's playing? We just can't wait to watch her go toe-to-toe with JR and Sue Ellen!

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Don't Miss Duke's Return!


Every episode of GENERAL HOSPITAL is pretty much appointment TV at this point, but you're definitely not going to want to miss today's episode, because Ian Buchanan is back as Duke Lavery!

Longtime fans were stunned when it was revealed that Duke was the one behind Robin's kidnapping, and part of that surprise was that the character's return was kept a secret — something that's increasingly difficult to do in this day of the Internet. "I've come to the conclusion that's why nobody can use a cell phone in the studio," Buchanan jokes. "That's the way they keep secrets. I didn't even tell Finola [Hughes, Anna] I was going to be there. Secrecy still exists."

Of course, those same longtime fans are curious why Duke has his original face and not the one he had the last time he was on, when the role was played by Greg Beecroft. "That comes up very quickly," Buchanan says of the explanation. "That's almost the first conversation he has with Anna... after Anna picks herself up off the floor! The Jonathan Paget question is answered many times in the first couple of days."

Of course, Anna's got a few shockers of her own! "They try to get back to where they left off immediately," the actor previews, "but then he has to hear about her history, which I think some of it is a surprise. Like she was involved with Robert and then married to somebody in Pine Valley. Then of course, there is the Luke question!"

So tune in to find out the truth behind Duke's shocking return to Port Charles, and whether or not he can win back Anna's love!

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Is Johnny's Loss Todd's Gain?

Thanks to a scheming Connie, Carly/Johnny and Sonny/Kate are kaput!

Sonny's wedding night didn't quite turn out the way he had hoped. The bride (Kate/Connie) went home with the man she claimed was already her husband (Johnny), and the daughter of the groom (Kristina) was kidnapped and nearly killed by his life-long nemesis (Joe Jr.). The good news is that the crab dumplings looked yummy and Sonny's limo didn't explode. As bad as his evening was, Connie (who was now TOTALLY in charge of Kate's body) was as happy as a tornado in a trailer park. She got to see the devastation in Sonny's eyes AND she got a hot hubby (aka Johnny) as a bonus. Not that he was willing to perform any husbandly duties (as they call it). He wasn't going to touch her with a ten-foot pole... or... ANY pole, for that matter.

Shattered by Johnny's betrayal, Carly acted as Carly does, which was by slugging someone. Todd was the unlucky human piñata, who said he didn't tell her that Johnny and Connie were fooling around because he didn't want to be the one to hurt her. He's so good at half-truths, isn't he? Anyway, she ended up being comforted in his arms and being talked into spending the night. On the sofa. No, really. He actually behaved himself! Go figure.

Other "miracles" were made in Port Charles in the past few days. Olivia contemplated the idea of embracing the Bensonhurst clairvoyant in her; Sonny contemplated the idea of Trey being a good guy; Tracy contemplated the idea of Joe Jr. being a BAD guy; and Elizabeth told the truth! And there's SO much more to look forward to this week. Jason shares life-changing news with Sam; Heather makes a drastic move when she is cornered; and (you ready for this?) Duke returns!

Tune in to GENERAL HOSPITAL, 2:00 ET and 1:00 PT/CT on ABC. You won't be sorry!

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Marcil Heads To HAWAII!


GENERAL HOSPITAL fans may want Vanessa Marcil's Brenda back in Port Charles, but the actress is otherwise occupied right now! She recently announced on Twitter that she'll be guest-starring in an episode of CBS' HAWAII FIVE-0!

"Humbled by best cast and crew in primetime," she tweeted. "HAWAII FIVE-0 love affair..." She also tweeted that she was starstruck by one of her fellow co-stars: "Can now die happy. On set laughing with Christina Lahti. Not only is she beyond as an actress, but she's the coolest chick ever."

Marcil's episode is slated to air in November, just in time for sweeps! So while she may not be heading back to GH anytime soon, you can still get a little Vanessa fix!

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Burton's New Gig!


It didn't take long for Steve Burton (Jason) to find work after leaving GENERAL HOSPITAL... although this is one gig that isn't likely to be televised!

"Found out last night, I'm substitute head coach for my son's football team," Burton tweeted yesterday. "Couldn't sleep a wink. Up all night designing plays for a 6yr old flag football game... I know I got problems."

Wonder if the team uniforms will be black T-shirts...

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GH's Georgie Engaged!


GENERAL HOSPITAL's ex-Georgie, Lindze Letherman, is a very lucky girl! She has a boyfriend who is so romantic that he surprised her with a very unexpected proposal while riding Space Mountain at Disneyland! Letherman tweeted this photo of now-fiancé Adam Etch proposing with the caption "Well tweeters. It happened :)"

Congratulations to the happy couple! (We can't get enough of both of their expressions in this photo! Adorable!)

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The Stars Come Out!


Vincent Irizarry (David) has rounded up some of his ALL MY CHILDREN castmates to produce a cabaret show entitled Fall In Love Again With Your Favorite Soap Stars! (As if you'd fallen out of love with them!)

The show will feature Irizarry, Bobbie Eakes (Krystal), Walt Willey (Jack) and Jacob Young (JR, now Rick on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL). In addition to the performances, cast members will also be doing a Q&A with the audience and a meet-and-greet with VIP ticket holders!

The show will be at BB King in New York City on October 28 at 8:00 pm. For more information and to buy tickets, you can visit the BB King Web site or call Ticketmaster at 800-745-3000.

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GH Fans Save Monaco!


On last night's DANCING WITH THE STARS: ALL-STARS results show, Kelly Monaco (Sam, GENERAL HOSPITAL) narrowly escaped being in the bottom two after her low-scored quick step performance the previous evening. But it seems the loyal GH fans came through in the end to keep her in the competition another week!

"They came through in a major way!" a relieved Monaco tells Soaps In Depth. "I wasn't in the bottom two. It was just absurd to have Joey Fatone and Helio Castroneves in there. I'm very thankful. I'm so happy!"

She's also grateful to GH co-star Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis), who has been tweeting up a storm to support her castmate. "She's incredible," Monaco says. "I've had Nancy, Becky [Herbst, Liz] and my little sisters all come here and show their support. I need it. I'm sure Nancy's going to think 'job well done.' She's in on this whole voting campaign."

Luckily, the actress has a few weeks off from GH so she can focus more on DANCING, but won't be training extra hours for the show. "We're actually not allowed [to train beyond a certain point]," Monaco reveals. "But I"m not going to come in [to rehearsal] in tears!"

And what can we expect next week when the contestants get to choose their own dance? A passionate Paso Doble between Monaco and partner Valentine Chmerkovskiy! "I have done that [dance], but I don't remember any of it," confesses Monaco. "Val's going to nail it. You got to choose an iconic dance, and I chose his brother and Laila Ali's dance to redo because I think he can do it better!"

Tune in next Monday night at 8:00 pm EST on ABC to find out if she's right!

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Monaco's Quick Step Stumble


Last night on DANCING WITH THE STARS, Kelly Monaco (Sam, GENERAL HOSPITAL) performed a quick step with partner Val Chmerkovskiy, and their score of 22 has them down at the bottom just ahead of Bristol Palin and Kirstie Alley. So what went wrong?

"I understood the scores," Monaco admitted to Soaps In Depth following the show. "This was something I couldn't really get into. I was just uncomfortable and that's how it looks."

Her partner is hoping that their chemistry (and the GH fans!) will push the through into next week for another chance. "We're an interesting couple to follow," Chmerkovskiy said. "She is the only dancer who has shown improvement since she won. No one else is doing anything different. A lot of people are doing the same thing with the same dancers doing the same choreography. For me, Kelly's the only one who's showing improvement."

Playing the emotional final scenes with Steve Burton's Jason on GH certainly didn't help when it came time to rehearse her DANCING routine. "I was completely delirious this week from working 15 hour days," Monaco confessed. "I cried like a baby. Steve said a lot of really wonderful things to me and I couldn't speak."

Don't forget to tune in to the DANCING WITH THE STARS results show tonight at 8:00 pm EST and see if Monaco makes it through to another round!

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Blair's Back Again!


Not that things are going smoothly for Todd right now on GENERAL HOSPITAL, but it's going to get a lot rockier because it seems like Blair is coming back to Port Charles for another visit! "I received a call from GH's executive producer, Frank Valentini," Kassie DePaiva (Blair) wrote on her blog. "And he said there is something coming on the canvas for Blair."

There's no details on any plot points yet for this stint, but after Laura Wright (Carly) tweeted "Super excited!!!!" in response to the news of Blair's return to the canvas, DePaiva responded with "Hopefully this time Carly and Blair will have some real airtime!"

And considering how Todd feels about Carly, and how Blair feels about Todd... well, those are going to be some scenes not to miss!

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