Slezak Speaks Out On New OLTL!


We already announced that Erika Slezak had joined the new online version of ONE LIFE TO LIVE to ensure that Viki remains a presence in Llanview, but now the actress herself has spoken out about this revolutionary undertaking via her fan club.

"I am pleased to officially announce that, pending the final contract, I am joining the revival of One Life to Live which will be produced by Prospect Park and aired on Hulu and iTunes on the internet," Slezak says. "We expect to begin production near the middle of March and the air dates are yet to be announced. This will be an exciting and groundbreaking adventure and we hope that you will all join us as we bring back all the characters you loved and possibly some new ones."

And as soon as firm dates for the start of production and a debut of the new episodes is announced, we'll be sure to let you know!

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