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There are lots of options for where to get your Oscar coverage this Sunday, but ALL MY CHILDREN'S Cameron Mathison (Ryan) just might have the most unique perspective. He's co-hosing the Emmy Award-winning Oscar second screen experience, BACKSTAGE PASS, on and the official Oscars app. "I believe this is the only opportunity to see things backstage, as it's happening!" Mathison enthuses. Clad in his favorite Gucci tuxedo, he'll be taking viewers along for those breathless first moments with the award winners. "You can see them crossing off the stage, going in to the cameras where they thank the people they forgot to thank, taking photos with their Oscars, being interviewed by the press... you get all of that!" Mathison reveals. "I think it's a very unique opportunity, and a fun way to spend the evening." Add in the fact that he'll be trading quips and behind-the-scenes observations with funny lady Sherri Shepherd (THE VIEW), and it's sure to be an extra good time. BACKSTAGE PASS will be available for the first time on Android, including Samsung's Galaxy Note II, Galaxy Note 10.1, and Galaxy SIII.

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He's Primed For A Fright
Then, set your DVRs to Saturday March 2, in order to catch Mathison in the Lifetime Original, The Surrogate. In it, he plays an author who together with his wife (Annie Wersching, ex-Amelia, GENERAL HOSPITAL), wants to start a family. However, the woman who steps up to carry their baby is actually a diabolical fan. "She's a complete whack job, and it turns into a nightmare," Mathison grins. "And because she's carrying your child, basically you'll do whatever she asks you to do." Things are about to get tense, and for Mathison's character, that means real trouble! "I was chained in a basement to a big post and in order to break out, I had to find a saw," he previews. Tune into Lifetime at 8 p.m. EST to find out how he gets out of it!

The Miracle Man
Next, the actor stars in The Carpenter's Miracle on GMC TV. In this inspirational story, Mathison portrays a very private man who gets dragged into the limelight. "He's a carpenter who tries to rescue a boy who's fallen into an icy pond, but the boy dies in his arms," Mathison reveals. "But when he later comes back to life, it looks like it's the result of something the man did." Whether or not it's a miracle is something to be seen, as is Mathison's performance in this very different role. "I'm used to playing charming, confident leading men like Ryan, and this guy is not at all like that," the actor explains, adding that he enjoyed the new challenge. "He has a tough time making any kind of eye contact; he's very shy and introverted. It was fun for me as an actor." The movie airs Easter weekend (both Saturday, March 30, and Sunday March 31) at 7, 9, and 11 p.m. EST.

Might Mathison, who also continues his work as a correspondent on ABC's GOOD MORNING AMERICA, find time in his schedule to reprise Ryan on Prospect Park's AMC? Pick up the upcoming issue of Soaps In Depth to find out!

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