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Will The Dance-Off Keep Ingo Dancing?


On last night's DANCING WITH THE STARS, Ingo Rademacher (ex-Jax, GENERAL HOSPITAL) and professional partner Kym Johnson found themselves earning three extra points in a dance-off that pushed them ahead of rivals Sean Lowe and Peta Murgatroyd. "We had more connection in our second dance," Rademacher told Soaps In Depth following the show. "We had a more romantic song the second time. I tried to apply the judges' notes, especially with the hips. You want more fluid, baby — I can do that!"

And the actor was delighted to take Johnson to the GH set to learn the sexy, romantic dance. "I spent 18 years on the show," Rademacher explained. "I said, 'Let me show you where I learned to be that guy.' It was a nice way to tie into the show. It was my home there."

Executive producer Frank Valentini was there, but Rademacher admits that they didn't have time to swing by casting to see if they could find a role for Johnson. "You never know," Rademacher teased, with Johnson adding "I'd have fun!"

Make sure to tune in tonight at 9:00 pm EST on ABC to see if Rademacher earned enough votes to keep him dancing for another week! And as a bonus, his son, Peanut, will be making a special appearance! "He's got his own thing going on," the proud papa laughed. "I don't know what he did. He just went without me. 'See ya, Dad!'"

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Another GH Actor To Y&R!


THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS has snatched up yet another actor from GENERAL HOSPITAL! This time it's Erin Chambers, who will be going from playing the late, lamented Siobhan to Genoa City paralegal Melanie Daniels. And seeing how so many characters on Y&R are often in trouble with the law, she should be kept pretty busy, even though the role is currently only recurring. Look for Chambers to debut on Wednesday, June 5. Daytime Confidential first reported the news.

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Will Light Bring Home Another Tony?


Congratulations to ONE LIFE TO LIVE alum Judith Light (ex-Karen), who was nominated for a Tony this morning for Best Performance By An Actress In A Featured Role In A Play for The Assembled Parties. She has been nominated twice before, bringing home a Tony for Best Featured Actress In A Play for Other Desert Cities. The Assembled Parties co-stars Jake Silbermann (Noah, AS THE WORLD TURNS) and was also nominated for Best Play.

The Tony Awards are scheduled to take place on Sunday, June 9 in New York City, and will be aired live on CBS.

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GH's Former Kristina Books A Pilot!


It didn't take Lindsey Morgan long to score a couple of bookings after being let go as GENERAL HOSPITAL's Kristina! "I booked a pilot for Fox Digital [Studios] and a guest star role on [TNT's] FRANKLIN & BASH," she tells In Depth. "Maybe GH was a good luck charm. I miss it already but am grateful to have found work so quickly!"

Fox's new media pilot, EXTR, is about an electronic dance music DJ intrigued and eventually obsessed with a machine that channels energy and turns it into sound. Is this contraption actually tapped into the universe? That's the big question. Morgan plays a street-smart young woman who's always got an angle... and is always up for a little partying! "My role is very vixen-like and, let's just say, I'll be stretching myself as an actress," Morgan hints.

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Will Ellie Learn Maxie's Secret?


There are bad days and then there are BAAAAAD days. GENERAL HOSPITAL's Maxie was having the latter. In one morning, she learned Lulu was missing, Ellie was hacking into her medical records and she lost her job at Crimson on her first day back. And that was all before lunch! Maybe that June Cleaver Easter Sunday outfit she was wearing triggered a string of bad luck. Who knows? After some rather effective begging and pleading, Connie reinstated her. But that break in the bad vibe was punctuated by someone else doing some kicking and screaming... her bouncing baby bump!

Score one for Britt. Her insincere "I can't do this alone" plea had a guilt-ridden Patrick skipping out on his first official date with Sabrina to join her royal "britch" for her abortion appointment. "There really isn't anyone else [to turn to]," Dr. W moaned, flapping her long lashes at doormat Dr. D. It worked. Britt won the battle but the feisty fighter in Sabrina has yet to emerge. The war is far from being over, especially with Carly giving her pointers on how to handle men!

Duke turned on the charm, adding new meaning to the phrase "room service" when he showed up at Anna's hotel suite (shouldn't she have an apartment by now?) with a fancy meal and a single white rose. She loosened up and they finally, FINALLY made it to the bedroom! A.J., meanwhile, is about to feel the wrath of messing with a Cassadine! His possessiveness toward Liz not only made her give him the brush off, it also fired up Nikolas, who decided to partner with Tracy to destroy A.J.'s Pickle-Lila plans!

Get ready for a fun week ahead. Johnny summons Connie to share something of grave importance, Sonny and A.J. face off... and Ellie gets her hands on Maxie's medical files! Don't forget: 2:00 ET and 1:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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AMC & OLTL Will Be Eligible For Emmys In 2014!


While there won't be any ONE LIFE TO LIVE actors nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award when the contenders are named next Wednesday -- even though the show did have three weeks of eligibility from the 2012 calendar year before their final ABC broadcast last January, none of their stars made the pre-nomination list -- castmembers from the soap, as well as ALL MY CHILDREN, will be able to compete next year!

David Michaels, senior executive director of the Daytime Entertainment Emmy Awards, tells Soaps In Depth that the beloved soaps (set to relaunch on Monday from The OnLine Network), will be eligible for consideration in 2014... it's just a matter of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences deciding in which category to place them! "In May, we have an awards committee meeting. We're going to start discussing that now," Michaels reveals. "There are a bunch of different ways to go. They are obviously going to be eligible for the contest; we're just trying to decide how they should be eligible."

Nominations for the 40th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards will be announced on Wednesday, May 1, so check back here that day to see who made the cut! And then tune in to the live broadcast on Sunday, June 16, on HLN to see who takes home the gold.

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Tuc Talks To Marie!

Tuc Watkins (David, ONE LIFE TO LIVE) is going to be on Marie Osmond's talk show MARIE on Monday, April 29, where he discusses the return of OLTL as well as his newest role -- Daddy! That's right, single pop Watkins has four-month-old twins, Catchen and Curtis, which were delivered through a surrogate. He's also joined on the show by his sister, Courtney, who is a teacher and host of the Disney Web series THE POSSIBILITY SHOP. Watch the clip above, and then tune in to MARIE on Monday, April 29, at noon EST on the Hallmark Channel!

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Cast Your Vote #19



Once again, it's time to express your opinions for our Readers' Poll. In the comments section for this article, please respond to the question, and feel free to explain your answer, but remember that any comments here may be considered for publication in the magazine. Any extra comments you have that have nothing to do with this week's poll question should be directed to the Message Boards section of our Web site!

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Can Britt keep Patrick and Sabrina apart?

Please note that the cut-off date for your votes to be counted will be Thursday, May 2. And please, only one vote per person!

To vote on your favorite actor, actress and couple currently appearing on an ABC, CBS or NBC soap, please mail your choices to:

ABC Readers' Poll
c/o Soaps In Depth
270 Sylvan Ave.
Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632

Multiple mail-in votes during the same voting period will not be counted, so don't waste our time, your time, or the postage!


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Bassey Checks In To GREY'S ANATOMY Tonight!


Emmy nominee Jennifer Bassey (ex-Marian, ALL MY CHILDREN) checks in to Seattle Grace tonight when her three-show arc begins on GREY'S ANATOMY in the episode titled "Sleeping Monster." Bassey plays Nancy, a grandmother whose family is facing a medical crisis in the ABC primetime medical drama, which airs at 9 p.m. EST.

"Darling, I tell you, it all starts at the top -- [creator/executive producer] Shonda Rhimes puts together the greatest group of people," Bassey raves to Soaps In Depth of her GREY'S experience. "The writer is on the set as the show is being filmed. It's all about the writing and the writers know the characters so well. They write for them beautifully. It's a beautifully put together show!"

The actress warns that her fans may not recognize her immediately. "I wear not a stitch of makeup," she reveals. "It's a wonderful, wonderful group of people. Kevin McKidd (Owen) is just the sweetest man on the planet. I had the best time."

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Head Back To THE BAY!


On hiatus since last September, Emmy-winning Web soap opera THE BAY is at long last returning to production. What secrets and lies will be revealed? Will they pick up from where last summer's foray into Bay City's seedy scene left off in the "Darkside Of The Bay" special? Soaps In Depth was the first to know about the series' brand-new promo for the third season, featuring Mary Beth Evans (Sara), Matthew Ashford (Steve), Nicolas Coster (Mayor Madison), Jacklyn Zeman (Sofia), Kristos Andrews (Peter) and more. The spot was shot just last weekend in beautiful Marina Del Ray, CA, on Coster's personal boat. The show's creator, Gregori J. Martin, says that THE BAY is "expected to return by late summer or early fall." To catch up on what you might have missed, visit

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Maura West Joins GH!


Rumors circulating that Maura West (ex-Carly, AS THE WORLD TURNS, ex-Diane, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS) would be joining GENERAL HOSPITAL in a new role were totally on the money! The Emmy winner is reportedly already on set taping, and should debut as Ava Jerome sometime in May (just in time for sweeps... convenient!).

Longtime fans might recognize the name Jerome from Port Charles history. The Jerome clan was a Mob family that Duke and Anna found themselves wrapped up with. (Remember Tonja Walker as the Duke-obsessed Olivia?) Of course, the last name might just be a coincidence, but then again, headwriter Ron Carlivati is a big fan of GH history!

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Our In Depth Review Of AMC and OLTL


Soaps In Depth was lucky enough to get an early screening of ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE's first episodes, so we thought we'd give you our take — spoiler free, of course!

Right off the bat, the shows look great and any worries fans may have over "cheap looking Internet shows" should be dispelled within the first minute. The sets are all new but you can easily recognize landmarks like the Chandler mansion or the Lord library. Both shows have a definite younger vibe and what feels to be a quicker pace to them and both contain some cheeky, self-referential nods to the soap genre, the move to the Internet and even their younger feel. There was humor and mystery and sadness and love — yes, sweet and steamy love in the afternoon! (Or morning, or evening or whenever you choose to watch.)

AMC has enough new faces to keep viewers busy getting to know them, but this shouldn't come as a surprise as we were told that the show would heavily feature the next generation. And don't panic because they've got their vets too and from what we've seen, it certainly doesn't look like they're all relegated to supporting roles.

OLTL's younger crowd is prominent as well, but it feels like more of a mixture, with the next generation and the previous one interacting more, so right off the bat each show has its own feel. With OLTL, it's more familiar faces forging new relationships and sometimes taking off in new directions.

Fans should be happy to see their old favorites return and the set-up to some exciting storylines — one episode in and they've both got their share of surprises and intrigue! They may not be your grandmother's soaps, but they didn't reinvent the wheel — it's still rolling along just fine!

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Ingo Tangos Into Next Week!


GENERAL HOSPITAL's Ingo Rademacher (ex-Jax) had his best week ever on DANCING WITH THE STARS, performing a tango with partner Kym Johnson that scored them three eights from the judges. "It feels amazing," Johnson told Soaps In Depth after last night's results show. "It's a great confidence boost."

And that confidence looks ready to keep the pair going strong with next week's dance. "We're getting towards the end," Rademacher admitted to us. "It's like a sprint towards the line. It's going to be harder in a way, but I think my fitness level has improved a little bit now because we've been dancing for so long. I've had a little bit of a break, actually, with this dance because it wasn't as physically demanding as some of the other dances."

Johnson is sure that the actor can handle the sexy and romantic side of next week's dance, the rumba. "Yeah," Rademacher said, "I've been doing that for 18 years on GH!"

Be sure to tune in next week on Monday, April 29, at 8:00 pm EST to see how he does with it! (And be sure to keep voting to keep him on the show!)

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ABC Deems Lawsuit "Baseless"


Five days after Prospect Park filed a breach of contract lawsuit against ABC for misuse of ONE LIFE TO LIVE characters on loan to GENERAL HOSPITAL among other charges, the network has responded with a statement: "ABC remains very supportive of the on-line launch of both 'One Life to Live' and 'All My Children.' With respect to Prospect Park's lawsuit, we believe the claims are baseless and we will defend them vigorously in court and not the press."

Both OLTL and ALL MY CHILDREN are set to launch via Prospet Park's The OnLine Network on Monday, April 29, on Hulu, Hulu Plus and iTunes.

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Will Tracy CHEW Out A.J. On GH?


Oh dear, it looks like the relish war between Tracy and A.J. on GENERAL HOSPITAL is about to escalate, and on a very familiar daytime show! According to TV Guide, Tracy enlists Nikolas to help her crash A.J.'s appearance on daytime talk show THE CHEW to promote Pickle-Lila. The GH episodes featuring the climax to the relish storyline are set to air Monday, May 13, and Tuesday, May 14, and will feature CHEW hosts Mario Batali, Carla Hall, Daphne Oz and Michael Symon. Soap viewers may not be big fans of THE CHEW, which took over ALL MY CHILDREN's time slot on ABC, but it's still a rather clever crossover idea!

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The In Depth AMC & OLTL Viewing Guide


Soap fans are excited for the returns of ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE on Monday, April 29, (us included!) but some of them are still a little hazy on how exactly they'll be able to watch their shows. Don't worry, we've got you covered with a handy viewing guide that should answer all your questions! Just make the jump and we'll break it all down for you...

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Students To Pen AMC Episode


ALL MY CHILDREN creator Agnes Nixon graduated from Northwestern University, and Prospect Park Chairman and CEO Jeff Kwatinetz, who is spearheading the online revival of the soap (alongside ONE LIFE TO LIVE), is also an alum of the same school. And now, according to the Chicago Tribune, some Northwestern students will also be contributing to AMC's legacy!

Prospect Park has commissioned three finalists from the university's annual Agnes Nixon Playwriting Festival to write an upcoming episode of the soap. In addition to the real-world scripting experience, the students will be paid $1,500 for their episode and receive a professional credit! New episodes of AMC will begin airing on Monday, April 29, but there's no word yet on when exactly this particular episode will air.

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Soap Stars Visit CENTER CITY


A staged reading of the pilot for a new television project called CENTER CITY will be held next week, and a couple of soap stars are going to be playing parts in it! Lisa LoCicero (Olivia, GENERAL HOSPITAL) will be playing the role of matriarch Anna Fontana DeMarco, owner of the Italian restaurant where the action is centered. And ONE LIFE TO LIVE alum Don Jeffcoat (ex-Joey) will be reading the character of Mike Sheehan. Dominic Zamprogna (Dante, GH) has also announced he'll be along for the ride, though we don't know which character he'll be playing.

The reading of the soapy drama will be held on Monday, April 29, at the Celebration Theatre in Los Angles, California from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Admission is free, but donations are appreciated to support the theater. For more information, you can visit the Center City Facebook page!

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Sonny Gets Dumped!

SonnyConnie.jpg Hotel operations manager, baked ziti chef, seer of the future... and now GENERAL HOSPITAL's Olivia thinks she's a psychiatrist? Mama mia! Her cousin, Connie, was determined to live a healthy life as one personality and knew the only way to do so was to say arrivederci Sonny. But did Olivia put the mental health of her flesh and blood over hurting Sonny's wounded heart? Nope. She even told Connie, "Forget what the doctors are saying." Thanks, Liv, for nothin'! Good thing Connie's got her head screwed on tight. For now. Or so we think.

If Carly ever loses her enthusiasm for running Metro Court, she should think about a career as Sonny's new enforcer. She's got one nasty temper, that woman has. All this ranting and raving about Brenda doin' the deed with Michael; even if she did, so what? He's a big boy. No laws were broken. No one was hurt. Hear that, Sonny? "No one was hurt." Sonny went on and on to Carly about how Brenda hurt Michael. Says who? Says you, Sonny? They call that "psychological projection." It hurt, YOU, not Michael. But wait. Brenda has a confession to make on Monday. Hmm. Wonder what THAT could be.

A.J.'s testosterone was showing. His glee that his son supposedly scored with a model had him doing all but a happy dance and screaming, "That's my boy!" Then he saw Liz hug a bare-chested Nikolas in the hospital and he got all, "Hands off my woman!" First, we can't say that we blame Liz for wanting to wrap her arms around Nik and not let go. Just look at the guy. Second, we love it when A.J.'s dark and dangerous side comes out. In fact, here's hoping he gets a little darker.

This week, Ellie turns to Spinelli for help in uncovering the secret Maxie is keeping about Dante and Lulu's baby, Brenda has a proposition for Sonny, and Liz gives A.J. a piece of her mind! Don't forget: 2:00 ET and 1:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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King's Little Princess!


Ted King (ex-Tomas, ONE LIFE TO LIVE; ex-Luis/Lorenzo, GENERAL HOSPITAL) has a new little lady in his life! The actor and his wife, Maya, welcomed their second daughter into the world on April 17. Vivienne Aurelia weighed in at an even 8 pounds, and joins her big sister, Ava Celeste, 2. Congratulations to the King family!

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Headed To Court!


The behind-the-scenes drama between ABC and Prospect Park just keeps getting crazier and crazier! With a little over a week to go before Prospect Park's The OnLine Network relaunches ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE, the production company is suing ABC for breach of contract over the licensing agreement. In papers filed yesterday requesting a jury trial, Prospect Park claims that ABC has been breaking the agreement and sabotaging their efforts to continue AMC and OLTL on-line.

Prospect Park's complaint isn't just about ABC borrowing several OLTL characters to appear on GENERAL HOSPITAL and the recent battle over Kristen Alderson (ex-Starr), Roger Howarth (ex-Todd) and Michael Easton (ex-McBain). The suit claims that in a gesture of good will, Prospect Park lent seven OLTL characters to ABC for temporary use on GH with the agreement that PP retained approval rights over those characters, which ABC failed to do. Aside from signing the three above-mentioned actors to long-term contracts and then offering them new characters when Prospect Park attempted to negotiate their OLTL returns, GH killed off the OLTL characters of Cole and Hope, and effectively killed off the OLTL character of Tomas Delgado (who wasn't even licensed to ABC) by making him an existing GH character, Lorenzo Alcazar. first broke news of the $25 million lawsuit filed by Prospect Park. For full details on the complaint, check out the Hollywood Reporter here.

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Lind Dances With The Mob... And A President!


If you are in the Connecticut area and looking for something to do this weekend, check out soap alums Christina Bennett Lind (ex-Bianca, ALL MY CHILDREN) and Paul Anthony Stewart (Danny, GUIDING LIGHT) in their last few performances of Ride The Tiger at the Long Wharf Theatre in New Haven. Written by William Mastrosimone -- who spent a year interviewing Frank Sinatra to write the Golden Globe-winning television series SINATRA -- the play is based on a revelation made during one of their conversations and explores the theory that the assassination of President John F. Kennedy was at the hands of the Mob. Stewart takes the stage as the beloved crooner, and Lind plays Judith Exner, who had a two-year affair with JFK while simultaneously dating Chicago Mob boss Sam Giancana. "She was basically an unwilling go-between between the two men," explains Lind. "They used her to relay messages between them."

While Exner is the first historical person Lind has played, she didn't find a whole lot of background information. "I did some research on-line, but there's very little of her. She wrote a biography about her experience with this situation about 15 years later, which I read," she says. "But she denied knowing a lot about what was going on with these men at the time... likely protecting herself. She was afraid to be caught, especially by the Mob."

The more that Lind found out about Exner, the more intrigued she became by the person she's been playing. "Before I auditioned, I didn't know who this woman was. I've heard of JFK, but I've never heard of this woman, who was very influential and possibly linked him to some very bad men who did some bad things. The media did a very good job, at the time, of protecting JFK from any kind of flaws," notes the actress. "Judy was sleeping with JFK while he was married to one of our most well-known and iconic first ladies. A lot of people would look at her as weak; she could have been considered someone who was climbing her way up, and trying to influence all these powerful men. But the way I see it, look at all these incredibly powerful men who fell for her! What kind of power did she possess that we don't give credit to? She was a powerful, beautiful woman who was able to play ball with these men."


Head over to to read our interview with Stewart about the show. For tickets and more information on Ride The Tiger, visit Performances run through Sunday, April 21.

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AMC's Amanda Joining DAYS!


Stories are flying around the internet about ALL MY CHILDREN alum Chrishell Stause (ex-Amanda) joining the cast of NBC sudser DAYS OF OUR LIVES in an unspecified role. And the actress herself has confirmed it via Twitter!

"So happy that they finally announced it — I couldn't be happier! My bags are packed — moving to Salem!"

Of course, DAYS has not confirmed the casting, and likely won't until much closer to when the actress will first air on the soap. (Which won't be for quite a while as DAYS films episodes months in advance!) But stay tuned, because as soon as we find out more about the character she'll be playing and when she'll be showing up on screen, we'll let you know!

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Minshew's Going To A Big Gay Italian Wedding


If Alicia Minshew's brief appearance as Kendall on the online reboot of ALL MY CHILDREN wasn't enough for you, you'll have the chance to catch her on stage in the side-splitting Off-Broadway comedy My Big Gay Italian Wedding!

Fans in the New York City area can click here to buy tickets for the shows on Saturday, May 4, and Saturday, May 11. Minshew will be playing the role of Aunt Toniann, which ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Ilene Kristen (Roxy) once took a turn at. It's only for two performances, though, so don't miss out!

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Now You're Getting MORE AMC and MORE OLTL!


When The OnLine Network announced plans to bring ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE to and iTunes, it was revealed that both shows would be airing four half-hour episodes each week from Monday to Thursday. But now they have revealed what to expect from the Friday "recap" show!

The half-hour Friday installments, MORE ONE LIFE TO LIVE and MORE ALL MY CHILDREN, will be hosted by former KAB correspondent and anchor Leslie Miller and feature exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of AMC and OLTL as well as interviews with the stars. Plus, they're planning to implement real-time interaction with the actors through Twitter and Skype. They're also including some lifestyle segments featuring fashion, beauty and relationship advice that will relate to that week's episodes in Pine Valley and Llanview.

"We are truly excited about the opportunity to offer our passionate and loyal fans with yet another vehicle to connect with their favorite stars," said Prospect Park founders Rich Frank and Jeff Kwatinetz in a statement. "Creating relevant content that matters to our viewers has always been our goal. This series, produced by some of the best in the business, will be anchored by entertaining segments that will be conversation starters and will be another way for our audience to get up-close and personal with these two beloved series."

With AMC and OLTL debuting on Monday, April 29, we'll only have to wait until the first installment of the new recap shows on Friday, May 3!

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Berman's Back On TV!


Are you a GENERAL HOSPITAL fan already missing Julie Marie Berman (ex-Lulu)? Well, you'll be able to see her again in just a few weeks! She'll be guest-starring on TWO AND A HALF MEN on Thursday, May 2! The actress was unable to give us any specifics on the hush-hush role, but did tell us: "It's a fun opportunity to work with some talented people." So mark your calendars and set your DVRs!

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GH's New Morgan!


Sonny's life has been pretty complicated lately on GENERAL HOSPITAL, but things are about to get worse, because his boy Morgan Corinthos is on his way back to Port Charles, and will be bringing trouble in his wake!

Last played by Aaron Sanders, a rep for the soap has confirmed that the role will now be played by daytime newcomer Bryan Craig. At this point, we don't have an airdate for his first appearance, so stay tuned!

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AMC Preview Video!

Remember when The OnLine Network released the preview video teasing the return of ONE LIFE TO LIVE? Well, fear not, ALL MY CHILDREN fans, because now there's one for that soap, too!

So take a sneak peek at all the returning favorites and the new actors! What brings David back to Pine Valley? What trouble is Jesse in now? And who did J.R. shoot that fateful day five years ago?

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Is Maks Staying On GH?


Kelly Monaco's (Sam) turns on DANCING WITH THE STARS got professional hoofer Maksim Chmerkovskiy a part as Anton during the GENERAL HOSPITAL Nurses Ball, but it looks like his cameo appearance isn't quite over yet!

"I had a blast," he says of his stint on the soap. "But you know, this relationship is not over. We've talked about our future and... just watch GH."

Aside from that tease, Chmerkovskiy won't say much more except how much he loved the cast and crew at GH. "I was welcomed," he reports, adding with a laugh, "I'm easy to get along with. Acting is something I definitely want to do and this is an amazing step."

So stay tuned and see if Anton comes back... and why!

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Rademacher's Double Jeopardy


On last night's DANCING WITH THE STARS, Ingo Rademacher (Jax, GENERAL HOSPITAL) was disappointed in the scores he received for his cha-cha with partner Kym Johnson. But while Johnson worried they could be going home after that dance, the actor was more optimistic.

"We're not going anywhere tomorrow night," he told In Depth following the show last night. "We're not even going to be in jeopardy. We have a lot of fans out there. And I told them they have to vote extra hard."

Rademacher also blames their disappointing results on being the first couple to hit the dance floor. "I think we would have gotten better scores if we'd come out later," he admitted. "It's a 50/50 chance that you're going to get [a lower score] if you come out first."

Dancing alongside professionals Tony Dovolani and Emma Slater to "Lady Marmalade" also added an extra challenge. "It makes us work harder," Rademacher said. "We needed a little more rehearsal time with them. Physically this wasn't so bad. This one hurt the knees a lot from all the small steps, but otherwise it was good."

Is he right to be confident in the support of all the GH fans voting for him? Or could Rademacher be in jeopardy this week? Tune in to the results show tonight at 9:00 pm EST on ABC to find out!

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AMC & OLTL Will Air In Canada!


Canadian fans worried about how they were going to watch the new online reboots of ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE due to region lockouts on and iTunes need worry no longer! The two soaps will be carried on the television network FX Canada!

"ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE are a unique addition to FX Canada's slate of provocative and critically-acclaimed dramas," said Scott Moore, President of Broadcast, Rogers Media in a statement. "As the only television channel in North America broadcasting these new series, FX Canada continues its commitment to deliver exclusive, premium content to its viewers."

The soaps will still debut on FX Canada on Monday, April 29, with AMC airing at 12:00 noon EST and OLTL at 12:30 pm EST.

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More AMC & OLTL Preview Videos!


The OnLine Network has released another pair of videos previewing the Monday, April 29, debuts of ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE, and this time they're going back to school! The two clips, titled "First Day Of School" are available on the iTunes pages for both AMC and OLTL for download. Just click those links to get them for yourself.

They're just shy of three minutes apiece, but each behind-the-scenes video offers some emotional scenes of the casts and crews of both soaps coming back together for the first time in over a year and filming the very first scenes for the new shows. And we defy you to not get a little emotional yourself watching these!

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Luke Gives Stavros "Cold Feet"!


The face of GENERAL HOSPITAL has changed time and time again over its 50-year history. For example, 32 years ago, Luke and Laura were being terrorized by a super villain on Cassadine Island, only for Luke to save his family by locking the bad guy in a freezer... oh, wait.

Ironically, Stavros met the same end as papa Mikkos did back in 1982. Starvos' screams of "No! No! Turn it off! Turn it off!" when he realized he was locked in had the pitch of the Wicked Witch crying, "I'm melting!" Then again, Stavros HAS been defrosted once before and lived to be a perfectly splendid looking fellow with a phone sex voice. Who's to say there's not a Snuggie and a Hot Toddy hidden in that 210-below steel-trap room?

Back in Port Charles, news of Dante's possible death scared Olivia silent. "What? Olivia silent? How can that be?" you ask. It wasn't for long, though. After Sonny comforted his baby mama, she rattled off another one of those Rose from St. Olaf stories (shout out to GOLDEN GIRLS fans), that had her remembering Dante when he was a kid. Gotta give it to Sonny. He makes a darn good friend to women he's seen in their birthday suits.

With Frisco off on another adventure, Maxie made it perfectly clear she was daddy's little girl, "daddy" being Uncle Mac, that is. At the same time, Monica was making A.J. look like a mama's boy! Saying she spied on him smooching with Liz at the Nurses Ball, Monica actually asked him if Liz was going to be her daughter-in-law! A kiss is just a kiss, Monica! Beside, Liz's attentions were elsewhere, like in flirting with a hospitalized Nikolas. He may have lost some blood with that bullet wound to the chest, but blood was most definitely flowing now!

This week, Connie makes a return (it is Connie, right?), Scotty kisses someone who is NOT Laura, Tracy pulls a surprise on A.J. and, will Stavros' "cold shoulder" have a lasting effect on Lulu? Don't forget: 2:00 ET and 1:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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Snoop Returns To Llanview!


Snoop Lion (also known as Snoop Dogg) has appeared on ONE LIFE TO LIVE before, so naturally he's going to want to be there to help kick off the new online reboot! But not only will the musical superstar be appearing in new episodes to promote his new indie film, Reincarnated, but he'll also be producing and performing on the new OLTL theme song!

"We're thrilled to have the support of such an iconic artist, like Snoop Lion," said Jeff Kwatinetz, Chairman and CEO of Prospect Park. "To have him write and produce the theme song for this series and to have the amazingly talented Iza Lach on board, is just incredible. We are extremely grateful and excited for fans to hear the new theme song and of course catch Snoop Lion in upcoming episodes."

OLTL debuts on and iTunes on Monday, April 29. And keep an eye out for the music video for the song that was shot on the OLTL set!

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Confirmed: The GH Three Are Back!


A spokesperson for GENERAL HOSPITAL confirms that Kristen Alderson (ex-Starr), Roger Howarth (ex-Todd) and Michael Easton (ex-McBain) are all returning to the ABC soap beginning Friday, May 10. "Exciting storylines full of mystery and intrigue are planned to usher in the return of these actors that will lead to the answer of one of the most asked questions in Port Charles," says the rep.

In a message posted on his Facebook page, Easton told his fans, "See you again in May... with love and thanks." On her Twitter, Alderson raved, "I'm VERY VERY excited! It's official!"

No further details regarding their characters were available.

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Cast Your Vote #17



Once again, it's time to express your opinions for our Readers' Poll. In the comments section for this article, please respond to the question, and feel free to explain your answer, but remember that any comments here may be considered for publication in the magazine. Any extra comments you have that have nothing to do with this week's poll question should be directed to the Message Boards section of our Web site!

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Could Liz and A.J. make a relationship work?

Please note that the cut-off date for your votes to be counted will be Wednesday, March 20. And please, only one vote per person!

To vote on your favorite actor, actress and couple currently appearing on an ABC, CBS or NBC soap, please mail your choices to:

ABC Readers' Poll
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Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632

Multiple mail-in votes during the same voting period will not be counted, so don't waste our time, your time, or the postage!


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New OLTL Preview Video!

The OnLine Network released another teaser video for the online reboot of ONE LIFE TO LIVE, and it's looking good! Set to the song "Hall Of Fame" by The Script, the video is a montage of all your favorites with a look at some of the new actors and characters. Are you excited yet?

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Who Is Stavros?


What's all this GENERAL HOSPITAL talk about the evil Stavros Cassadine? He can't be any worse than his momma Helena, now can he? Oh, heck, yeah! He is what you might call the Demon Seed!

Stavros' history with the Spencers goes back to 1983, when the spoiled rotten Cassadine heir became obsessed with Laura, kidnapped her, forced her to marry him and raped her. The end result was Nikolas. Helena was so jealous of her favorite son's fixation on Laura that she wanted Laura out of the picture, not by killing her but, rather, by helping her escape. A chain of events led to Stavros and Luke duking it out with Stavros tumbling down stairs and, supposedly, dying from a broken neck. Note we said "supposedly."

Fast-forward 18 years. All this time, Helena had kept her beloved Stavros "on ice" in a laboratory beneath the hospital. Okay, he wasn't really "on ice," but he WAS being kept frozen in a cryogenic chamber! With Tony Jones' unwilling help, Helena defrosted her son. He snuck around town unnoticed and planted little hints to remind Laura of him, leading her and Stavros' kinder, gentler brother, Stefan, to figure out he was alive!

When Nikolas came face to face with his chilling father (literally), he was not thrilled. Nikolas' rejection and cruel words devastated Stavros, who wanted to prove his love to his son. He did that by luring and trapping him, along with Luke, Laura, Alexis, Lucky, Stefan, Bobbie and Nik's girlfriend Gia in the underground lab and the adjoining tunnels. He and Luke, once again, battled it out, culminating in Stavros falling, supposedly, to his death in a bottomless pit. Note we said "supposedly" again!

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New Details Emerge On The Online AMC & OLTL


Prospect Park CEO Jeff Kwatinetz did an interview with where he revealed some more details about the upcoming online versions of ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE.

We already know that the soaps will debut on Monday, April 29, on Hulu and iTunes. Watching on will be free. A Hulu Plus subscription will cost you $7.99 a month, but you will be able to watch the shows on devices other than a computer, such as a tablet, smartphone or Internet-connected televisions. Episodes will be 30-minutes long and run four days a week, for a total of 210 episodes each year.

Interestingly, while Hulu will only have the current episodes available, a Hulu Plus subscription will allow you to access every single episode from the beginning. iTunes will also be archiving every single episode, which can be purchased for 99 cents each.

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Is Alderson Back At GH... In A New Role?


Is Kristen Alderson (ex-Starr) back at the GENERAL HOSPITAL set? Could the rumors be true, that she's returning to Port Charles as a different character? Based on some comments floating around the Twitterverse, she just may be!

Last night, the ONE LIFE TO LIVE transplant tweeted, "Change is one of the scariest/most exciting things ever. Tomorrow is HUGE. (In my head at least)" Several of Alderson's co-stars then responded with encouraging messages, such as Hillary B. Smith (Nora), who told the actress, "You are our Starr and star no matter what. We miss you and love you!!" And Alderson's former OLTL mom, Kassie DePaiva (Blair) wrote, "you will handle it beautifully and so will that beautiful head!! Exciting times ahead dear one."

Now 21, Alderson was just six years old when she was cast in the role of Blair and Todd's daughter on OLTL. So far, no official word from GH on Alderson's return.

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Meet AMC's Lea


ALL MY CHILDREN has added another new character, Lea Marquez, who will be played by Paula Garces, best known to daytime viewers as GUIDING LIGHT's Pilar. Lea is described as "a smart, savvy, beautiful woman who's devoted her life to a career of fighting crime and bringing down the bad guys. Lea's career takes up most of her days and nights, which leaves little time for a personal life. That is, until a man challenges her safe, controlled existence and threatens to open up the part of her she'd long since put to rest, her heart."

But which Pine Valley hunk will be the lucky guy? Could it be Griffin, played by her former GL "cousin" Jordi Vilasuso? Or perhaps someone else?

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Rademacher's Best Year On DANCING


This week on DANCING WITH THE STARS, it was "Best Year Of Your Life" week, and GENERAL HOSPITAL's Ingo Rademacher (Jax) chose the year he met his wife, scoring 23 points for the Viennese Waltz he performed with partner Kym Johnson.

"Kym knows me now with what I can and can't do," he told In Depth after the show. "Kudos to her." Then he admitted, "Our dance could have been better. We had some better ones in rehearsals.

"There are a million things to think about out there on the dance floor," Rademacher continued. "Keep your head to the left, keep your elbows up, watch your shoulder blades... and then remember all the steps... there's a million things. What you want to get to is remember all those things, dancing and smiling."

But the actor credits the GH fans for keeping him in the competition so far. "A lot of them out there are voting," he said. "They're getting groups together to vote. You don't know how many people are voting, but I get the sense it's a lot."

And he's pretty sure it's not just the GH fans, but soap fans in general. "They're really an awesome bunch, the daytime fans," Rademacher marveled. "When they want something they go after it. They will get together and rally behind you big time. We saw that with ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE which were canceled and now they're back because of the fans."

So don't forget to tune in next Monday at 8:00 pm EST on ABC and keep voting for your favorites!

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