GH's Former Kristina Books A Pilot!


It didn't take Lindsey Morgan long to score a couple of bookings after being let go as GENERAL HOSPITAL's Kristina! "I booked a pilot for Fox Digital [Studios] and a guest star role on [TNT's] FRANKLIN & BASH," she tells In Depth. "Maybe GH was a good luck charm. I miss it already but am grateful to have found work so quickly!"

Fox's new media pilot, EXTR, is about an electronic dance music DJ intrigued and eventually obsessed with a machine that channels energy and turns it into sound. Is this contraption actually tapped into the universe? That's the big question. Morgan plays a street-smart young woman who's always got an angle... and is always up for a little partying! "My role is very vixen-like and, let's just say, I'll be stretching myself as an actress," Morgan hints.

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