GH's Todd Davis Passes Away


The Black Spectrum Theater Company posted on its Facebook page on July 27 that actor Todd Davis, 61, had passed away. Davis played Bryan Phillips, a social worker, who was Scotty's best pal and former roommate on GENERAL HOSPITAL from 1978-87. "One time, Laura was kidnapped by Robert Davi (Fish), and Scotty and Bryan were running around like Pete and Linc from THE MOD SQUAD trying to find her," recollects Kin Shriner (Scotty). "Todd and I shared a dressing room back then and we were pretty close. I ran into him in New York about ten years ago. Bryan and Claudia [played by Bianca Ferguson] were a supercouple! I wish the show had had them back on for the 50th anniversary. Todd was a great guy, always very professional." Davis' other credits include BOARDWALK EMPIRE, L.A. LAW, and ONE LIFE TO LIVE, on which he succeeded Laurence Fishburne in the role of Josh.

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