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The Baby Truth Comes Out!


Awkward! That's the only way to describe what Maxie and Spinelli will be facing on Monday's GENERAL HOSPITAL. Maxie looked skyward Friday, praying that she had the strength to make it through Baby Connie's baptism not as her mother, but as her godmother. Spinelli was in similar pickle, as the little tyke's godfather. But if God heard Maxie's prayer, He must've forgotten to mention it to Brad! Wanting to prove to Felix that he was a decent guy, Brad crashed the christening prepared to tell Dante and Lulu "something." And what could that "something" possibly be? A reminder not to miss the season premiere of SCANDAL Thursday, October 3?

While waiting for the church service for her grandbaby to get underway, Olivia had another one of her freaky visions, and this time it was "interactive," which made it even freakier! She saw Luke lying in a coffin! "Is he dead?! Check for a pulse!" Tracy shouted, pushing Olivia towards the casket that wasn't really there. Olivia touched his neck, and his eyes opened and his lips like he was trying to say something. Olivia leaned in close to hear his whisper. "He said 'I need Spanx.' Why would Luke need a girdle? He's as skinny as a rail!" Tracy looked like she was going to jump out of her skin. "That's my nickname! Luke needs ME!"

Tracy was right. Tracking down Jerry across continents weakened his already frail condition, but he didn't know how frail he really was... until Helena appeared before him! "So tell me, Luke, if I'm dead, what does that make you?" she said cryptically. His face dropped. He wasn't dead, but she assured him he would be soon enough. Like Beelzebub himself, Helena tried to lure him to join her "by the fire." As she slithered away, he was hit with a debilitating pain and collapsed. Did he hallucinate Helena or is she really alive?

Beginning Monday on GH, Luke gets another visitor, Brad's got some baby news for Dante and Lulu, and where her mother is concerned, Britt doesn't pull her punches! Don't forget: 2:00 ET and 1:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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Cast Your Vote #41


Once again, it's time to express your opinions for our Readers' Poll. In the comments section for this article, please respond to the question, and feel free to explain your answer, but remember that any comments here may be considered for publication in the magazine. Any extra comments you have that have nothing to do with this week's poll question should be directed to the Message Boards section of our Web site!

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Should Sam and Silas pursue a relationship?

Please note that the cut-off date for your votes to be counted will be Thursday, October 3. And please, only one vote per person!

To vote on your favorite actor, actress and couple currently appearing on an ABC, CBS or NBC soap, please mail your choices to:

ABC Readers' Poll
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The Wait Is Over!

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GENERAL HOSPITAL has been must-see TV lately, but you're definitely not going to want to miss a moment of the upcoming episodes! Just watch this new promo and see what's in store! The truth is out! A beloved favorite is coming back! Are you excited yet?

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GH Stars Hit The East Coast!


Some GENERAL HOSPITAL stars past and present are going to be making some rare East Coast appearances, so if you're going to be in the area, you won't want to miss out!

First up, we've got An Intimate Evening With William deVry (Derek/Julian) From GENERAL HOSPITAL on Saturday, October 26, from 6:00-9:30 pm. The event will be held at Brother Jimmy's at 116 East 16th Street in New York City. Tickets are $135 and include dinner, a Q&A session, personal meet and greet time and unlimited photo and autograph opportunities. Click here for tickets.

Next, Ted King (ex-Alcazar) and Rick Hearst (ex-Ric) are coming back to Boston for a very special weekend! On Saturday, November 16, from 6:30-9:00 pm, Hearst will be hosting a very intimate dinner at one of Boston's amazing North End Italian restaurants. The $125 ticket includes a complete meal (with a menu hand-picked by the actor himself), an 8x10 photo, photo and autograph opportunities, and more!

Then, on Sunday, November 17, King will be hosting brunch at an oceanfront restaurant in Downtown Boston from 11:00 am to 2:30 pm. He will also be selecting the items for the menu, and your $125 ticket includes the spectacular meal as well as an 8x10 photo, photo and autograph opportunities, and other surprises chosen just for you by King himself!

For tickets to King and Hearst's events, you can click here to order online or send two self-addressed, stamped envelopes along with your money order made payable to "Your Number One Fan" to Debby O'Connor, PO Box 16212, Irvine, CA 92623. Any questions, you can just E-mail Debby!

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Eakes Turns The Page


Bobbie Eakes (ex-Krystal, ALL MY CHILDREN; ex-Macy, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL) is preparing to take to the stage in a special one-night-only performance called "Turn The Page."

"My good friend Jeff Trachta (ex-Thorne, B&B) has been championing for me to really pursue my own show for a long time," Eakes confides to Soaps In Depth. "HE's been doing this ever since he left B&B, and has been very successful. He said to me, this is what I was born to do."

The actress, who made a name for herself on stage and screen, is also an accomplished vocalist, with a couple albums under her belt and a tour with Kassie DePaiva (Blair, ONE LIFE TO LIVE) and Kathy Brier (ex-Marcy, OLTL) as The Divas Of Daytime.

"It'll be a big visual and audio retrospective of my musical tastes interwoven with a sort of history and background of me, who I am, where I came from," Eakes previews. "I'll talk about the pageants in Georgia, coming to LA... and I can't ignore the 21 years I spent in soap operas! It's going to be a lot of fun."

"Turn The Page" will be held on Friday, November 8, at 8:00 pm at The Anneberg Theater in Palm Springs, CA. You can click here for tickets, or call (760) 322-3554.

"The Anneberg Theater is your big theater in Palm Springs," Eakes reports. "It seats 400-plus and has a state of the art sound system. I've done a few benefits there. The theater is just the right size — every seat in the house is a great one! I'm working on getting a surprise guest. I'm not sure if we'll keep it a surprise until the end!"

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Live Better With DAYS


Have you ever wanted to look like a soap star? Or live like one? Well, check out the new book, DAYS OF OUR LIVES Better Living: Cast Secrets For A Healthier Balanced Life!

The tome covers five categories: nutrition, exercise, style, inspiration and balance. All of the recipes, workouts and advice in the book comes straight from the stars, like Alison Sweeney (Sami), James Scott (E.J.), Deidre Hall (Marlena), Kristian Alfonso (Hope), Lisa Rinna (ex-Billie), Wally Kurth (Justin; ex-Ned, GENERAL HOSPITAL), Mary Beth Evans (Kayla; ex-Katherine, GH) and more!

The hardcover contains over 300 pages of behind-the-scenes, original and exclusive never-before-seen images of the cast. Written by DAYS' co-executive producer Greg Meng and Eddie Campbell, DAYS OF OUR LIVES Better Living is due in bookstores and online retailers on Tuesday, September 24.

There will also be a massive book signing tour, a full schedule of which you'll find after the jump!

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Sonny Loses It!

SonnyThrottlingMorgan.jpg Every party GENERAL HOSPITAL's Sonny Corinthos attends unintentionally becomes a "surprise" party. You know, "Surprise, your new bride's limo blew up!" Or "Surprise, I know you hired the guy who shot my son!" The latest party he attended was meant to celebrate Morgan and Kiki's marriage but instead turned into a "Surprise, I knew the truth that Michael and Kiki weren't cousins but didn't say anything... because Morgan asked me not to!" Blame Sonny's candor on him being off his meds and, therefore, more manic and than depressive that night or just his conscience catching up with him. Any way you look at it, Morgan is outta luck and you can bet he's not going to be happy with dear ol' dad! And as far as Kiki's concerned, Morgan is gonna have some explaining to do!

Two of the hottest people in Port Charles, Sam and Patrick, finally had "that" talk. We're talking the "I'm a single parent who can't get past the idea that my spouse is really dead and so are you" talk. Not that Patrick needs another woman in his life, but there was some pretty fabu bonding happening, even though she kept shoving him around like a third grader with her first crush. Sam might want to keep her options open, considering what she saw at Morgan and Kiki's party -- Silas locking lips with Ava! That's right. Silas is gonna have some explaining to do, too!

Patrick is no better off. Sabrina's old boyfriend, Carlos, is in town and his lips very quickly found his way to Sabrina's! Sure, she pushed him away with a "Patrick is my boyfriend and we're in love" declaration, but Carlos didn't seem to be the least bit threatened by that... or rattled by the huge explosion of Sonny's incoming shipment. Maybe because it was Carlos' handwork!

This coming week, Sonny loses total control of his faculties at the party, Luke needs a miracle fast, and a surprising twosome ends up in bed together! Don't forget: 2:00 ET and 1:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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Don't Miss The DEVIOUS MAIDS Season Finale!


Lifetime's primetime sudser DEVIOUS MAIDS has been renewed for a second season, so you don't have to worry that this Sunday's season finale cliffhanger will never be resolved! "I'm so excited that we are going to season number two," says an enthusiastic Susan Lucci, who portrays Genevieve on the series. "I am thrilled to death because this has been just a joy on every level. I am so thrilled and proud to be a part of DEVIOUS MAIDS."

But what can we expect from the first season finale? "You can imagine I can't tell you much!" laughs the actress. "But I can tell you that the big finale show largely revolves around this very lavish black tie event. And of course, at that event lots of stuff happens. On the face of it, it looks very beautiful, but of course there's a lot of jealousy, lust and revenge bubbling right beneath the surface. All the mystery around Flora's death comes to the boiling point and these very smart women have hatched a plan to ensnare the murderer."

Will the murderer be caught before someone else kicks the bucket? Don't miss the season finale of DEVIOUS MAIDS this Sunday, September 22, airing at 10:00 pm on Lifetime!

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Exclusive: Film Legend's Son Joins GH!


Jason Connery -- the son of film legend Sean Connery -- will be popping in at GENERAL HOSPITAL as Sebastian, Franco's art dealer. Look for James Bond's son to first appear on Wednesday, October 2, and then return for a second go-round the first week of November.

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GH's Richmond Stars In New Film


GENERAL HOSPITAL's Tequan Richmond (T.J.) stars opposite Isaiah Washington in the harrowing new thriller Blue Caprice, now in limited release. The film is based on the true story of the Beltway snipers who terrorized several states in 2002, and Richmond portrays Lee Boyd Malvo, one half of the duo.

The film debuted at the Sundance Film festival this year, and opened in New York City on Friday, September 13. You can click here to view a complete release date schedule for Blue Caprice and see if the critically-acclaimed film will be playing in your area.

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McClain Goes Behind The Camera!


You know Cady McClain (Dixie, ALL MY CHILDREN) as one of daytime's most talented actors. Now, she's stepped behind the camera to create Flip Fantasia, her own short film. "I wrote, directed, and produced it," she says proudly. "It's an urban love story: a dark comedy about friendship, letting go, and growing up." It's Napoleon Dynamite crossed with The Pineapple Express... except even quirkier!

We won't spoil the fun by revealing the story, but McClain does hope to share a message with the movie. "Kids today are partying harder than ever — the pressure to partake and be wild is pretty intense," she observes. "I think it's something that's worth having a nod to. It's part of our culture now, and maybe it's not so cool."

Visit this link starting on Tuesday, September 17, to be among the first to view the piece (Warning: Contains adult language and situations). "I made this film for real people and an online audience," McClain offers. "I want them to be able to see it." For more from the actress, including her thoughts about the next season of AMC, check out her upcoming feature in Soaps In Depth.

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Who Is Franco's Mystery Visitor?


GENERAL HOSPITAL's Jason may be "gone" but he certainly hasn't been forgotten. On his birthday, Monica broke down, Alexis shared insight into her murdered son-in-law the Mob hitman with Derek, and Sam spent the afternoon telling Silas that a friend convinced her that she was living in limbo by thinking Jason might still be alive. You think Michael Easton (Silas) adlibbed a little something for the blooper reel? Like, "that friend being 'he who shall not be named because of court order,' John McBain, who looks a whole lot like me... oh, wait..."

As Jason's best bud, Carly didn't forget him either. She was down in the dumps all day thinking about him. Franco tried to change that. She needed to celebrate Jason's birthday and Franco needed someone to celebrate his, what a perfect match, eh? Cholocate cake, candles and a wish. That's all Franco needed. Although when Carly stepped out of his hotel room, his wish stepped out with her. Bummer for him. Maybe that knock on his door that evoked an "oh my God" greeting from him was Carly in a French maid costume. Uh... no. But who was it? As if we'd tell!

While Duke and Anna were coming face-to-face with Derek for the first time (will they recognize him as Julian Jerome?), Ava was making herself at home in Sonny's abode, like most people seem to do lately. Mr. Congeniality he was not. His greeting: "Listen, lady. I don't know you from Adam." She extended her hand and introduced herself as "family" and added that she had Connie's blood on her hands. THAT got his attention. If looks could kill she'd be a goner! She explained that she saw how drunk A.J. was the night of Connie's death and she did nothing to stop him. Seeing the fire in Sonny's eyes, she suggested he put a bullet in A.J. And there you have it -- the seed was planted!

This week on GH, Connie's burial, a stranger in town asking about Sabrina, a party that does not go without incident, and the Jeromes strike! Don't forget: 2:00 ET and 1:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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Easton's A Dad (Again)!


Congratulations to GENERAL HOSPITAL's Michael Easton (Silas) and his wife Ginevra, who delivered little Jack Boru Easton into the world this past Saturday, September 7, at 8:07 am. The little boy weighed in at nine pounds, nine ounces. "Thank you for your kind wishes and God Bless," the actor posted on Facebook. The couple already has one child, two-year-old Lilah Bell. Best wishes to the happy family!

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Cast Your Vote #39



Once again, it's time to express your opinions for our Readers' Poll. In the comments section for this article, please respond to the question, and feel free to explain your answer, but remember that any comments here may be considered for publication in the magazine. Any extra comments you have that have nothing to do with this week's poll question should be directed to the Message Boards section of our Web site!

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Should Scotty and Laura call it quits?

Please note that the cut-off date for your votes to be counted will be Thursday, September 19. And please, only one vote per person!

To vote on your favorite actor, actress and couple currently appearing on an ABC, CBS or NBC soap, please mail your choices to:

ABC Readers' Poll
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Multiple mail-in votes during the same voting period will not be counted, so don't waste our time, your time, or the postage!


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Is GH's Teenage Luke DAYS' New Will?


Although DAYS OF OUR LIVES hasn't confirmed the casting yet, Jen Lilley (Teresa; ex-Maxie, GENERAL HOSPITAL) spilled the beans on the Blog Talk Radio series Lather Up With Littany that Guy Wilson will be taking over the role of Will from the already-departed Chandler Massey. Wilson has made appearances on various primetime series, but DAYS won't be his first stab at daytime. Back in 2006, he actually played a teenaged Luke in some GH flashbacks!

Having temporarily stepped in for Kirsten Storms as GH's Maxie, Lilley knows firsthand what it's like to don the shoes of a popular actor. "I hope people will be nice to Guy Wilson," she said on the show, "because there is a scary thing built into being a recast because of the audience, and the awesome fan base. You guys are so loyal!"

Wilson has been keeping quiet on social media himself, but DAYS is likely to make an official announcement shortly. Of course, because the soap shoots so far ahead, Massey will be seen as Will until the end of the year, meaning Wilson won't make his debut until 2014.

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OLTL Actress Books New Gig


While ONE LIFE TO LIVE fans are waiting on pins and needles to see if their soap will return from hiatus, the actors aren't going to be lounging around waiting for Prospect Park to make a decision. Nope, they're going to be lining up other work for themselves!

According to, Amber Skye Noyce (Michelle) has already booked a three-episode arc on BEAUTY AND THE BEAST over on the CW. She'll play Tori, the daughter of a powerful beast rescued by series leads Kristen Kreuk and Jay Ryan, who makes some shocking discoveries about her life. We'll let you know when her episodes are scheduled to air. And also if we hear of any other ONE LIFE-ers getting work elsewhere!

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GH's New Taylor


GENERAL HOSPITAL's Felix might notice his little sister looking a little different in a few weeks! Pepi Sonuga is taking over the role of Taylor from Samantha Logan. "Just want to thank the GH fans for their incredible love and support during my time in Port Charles," Logan posted to Twitter. "Taylor lives on. I wish my successor all the best!"

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Suicidal Sonny Prepares To Die!


We've seen Sonny down, and we've seen Sonny out, but we've never seen Sonny down and out quite like THIS! If you missed Friday's episode of GENERAL HOSPITAL, log into or Hulu or whatever you fancy and watch it! Seriously. Connie's death pushed Sonny off an emotional cliff. With loaded gun in hand pointed at his own heart, the only thing stopping him from suicide was another hand reaching for his. CONNIE'S hand! In a truly heartbreaking scene, Sonny imagined Connie's return from the great beyond to finally exchange wedding vows with him. It was a ten tissue episode, folks!

While Sonny was wrestling with his guilt, Diane was wrestling with Franco's. Or, to be more specific, Franco's LACK OF guilt. You have to hand it to the devious defender. If there's a way around a crime, she's a regular Mapquest, who'll find the speediest detour around it. In Franco's case, she got the judge's attention by presenting Franco's humungous brain tumor in a jar filled with formaldehyde and, basically, called IT the kidnapper/arsonist/serial killer! Couldn't you just imagine her defending Faison and Obrecht?!

Speaking of which, their very pregnant daughter, Britt, got an earful from the increasingly feisty Sabrina, who stood up for her man. She trashed the Britch for hurting Patrick and Emma by having them plan a life with a baby in the family, only to announce that Brad was the baby's father. Forget long walks, spicy foods or castor oil. Apparently nothing start early labor like name-calling! Britt doubled over in pain and, the next thing she knew, she was on her back on the floor in Wyndemere... with Sabrina delivering her baby!

This week on GH, childbirth doesn't go well for Britt, Franco and Ava have it out, Sonny gets an offer he cannot refuse, and Dante and Lulu name "their" baby. Don't forget: 2:00 ET and 1:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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Budig's New Gig!


ALL MY CHILDREN alum Rebecca Budig (ex-Greenlee) has a new gig as co-host of THE BETTER SHOW! The talk show will begin its seventh season on Monday, September 9, with Budig joining co-host JD Roberto, and during her first week on the job, she will interview guests like country musicican Tim McGraw, supermodel Janice Dickinson, actress Jennifer Love Hewitt and even former AMC co-star Josh Duhamel (ex-Leo)!

THE BETTER SHOW airs in syndication across the country, so check the official Web site to find the station and time it airs in your particular area. And if you can't find it on one of your local stations, you only have to wait until Monday, September 30, when THE BETTER SHOW debuts on The Hallmark Channel!

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Join Melgar & Madison On Their SOAP BOX


Lilly Melgar (ex-Lily, GENERAL HOSPITAL) and Martha Madison (ex-Belle, DAYS OF OUR LIVES) have appeared together on the Web soap THE BAY, but now the two actresses are also hosting their very own talk show called SOAP BOX!

The hour-long show tapes every Thursday at 2:00 pm PST (5:00 pm EST). You can watch them live at the TradioV Web site and also call in with your own thoughts at (855) 878-4652. Over at that link, you can watch their previously recorded episodes with guests Michelle Stafford (ex-Phyllis, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS) and Chrishell Stause (Jordan, DAYS), then tune in today, Thursday, September 5, at 2:00 pm PST for special guest Kathleen Gati (Dr. Obrecht, GH)!

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OLTL Star Joins DANCING Cast!


The new cast has been announced for the upcoming season of DANCING WITH THE STARS, and naturally, there's a soap star included. Of course, Corbin Bleu is better known for his role as Chad in the High School Musical series than playing Jeffrey on ONE LIFE TO LIVE. And it's likely that his experience in the Disney musicals will give him a leg up on his competition. He might also have an advantage in that his partner will be Karina Smirnoff, who danced opposite J.R. Martinez (ex-Brot, ALL MY CHILDREN) when he won season 13!

Bleu will join fellow contestants Elizabeth Berkley Lauren, Brant Daugherty, Bill Engvall, Valerie Harper, Keyshawn Johnson, Christina Milian, Bill Nye, Jack Osbourne, Nicole "Snookie" Polizzi, Leah Remini and Amber Riley on the new season debuting Monday, September 16 on ABC.

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OLTL In Danger Again?


The OnLine Network uploaded the season finale of ALL MY CHILDREN to Hulu and iTunes this week, and according to a story in the LA Times, Prospect Park is hard at work on scripts for the next season of the soap. However, ONE LIFE TO LIVE, whose season finale aired on Monday, August 19, remains in limbo.

According to the article, the lawsuit between Prospect Park and ABC over ABC's decision to kill off OLTL characters lent to GENERAL HOSPITAL, is still ongoing, and production of OLTL has been suspended until it is resolved.

Apparently, AMC has proven to be the more popular soap on the Web despite OLTL earning higher ratings when the shows were on network television. They're hoping to go back into production on AMC this month, and hopefully the legal matters can be worked out so we can get OLTL back soon, too. Obviously, we will be following this story closely and passing on any updates we receive.

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Don't Miss The AMC Season Finale!

Angie and Jesse.jpg

The season finale of ALL MY CHILDREN goes live today on Hulu, Hulu Plus and iTunes! Will J.R. take his revenge on Brooke? Can anyone help Cassandra put her recent tragedy behind her? Can Cara keep Oliver's paternity a secret from David? Tune in and find out!

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