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Annie Ilonzeh's (ex-Maya, GENERAL HOSPITAL) fans were devastated when CHARLIE'S ANGELS, the ABC drama that she left the soap for in 2011 was canceled after just one season. However, it turned out that primetime was indeed where she was meant to be. In the last year, she's enjoyed recurring roles on four different shows! While the fate of her character on ABC's SWITCHED AT BIRTH (she played Gilles Marini's babymama, Lana) remains undetermined, Ilonzeh is continuing on the other series.

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She's Divalicious
On Sundays at 9 p.m. EST, this fall, she can be seen as Nicole, the woman who stole Grayson's heart on Lifetime's DROP DEAD DIVA. "Their relationship is super steamy, serious, and out in the open now that Grayson has told Jane about it," Ilonzeh explains, adding they'll consider taking things to the next level by season's end. "She hasn't had the best luck with relationships — and he does have a bit of a reputation — but after careful thought, she agrees to go on a nice little weekend getaway, but there is a twist that happens!"

Her Beastly Encounter
Ilonzeh is enjoying her run on DIVA and despite knowing that the fans will always be rooting for Grayson to choose Jane, she's hoping the show will be back for a 6th season so that she can continue to be the "salt" in the story. Meanwhile, fans can pop over to The CW's BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, where Ilonzeh will debut in her latest recurring role. "I'm playing Beth, a high school friend of Cat's that witnesses the beast in an interesting tango with Cat and an evil beast," Ilonzeh previews. "She doesn't understand what she saw, but she's a reporter so she wants to turn it into a story that would be a big break for her career." Can a protective Cat convince her pal to keep mum? Tune in beginning Monday, November 4, at 9 p.m. EST to find out!

She's A Straight Arrow
Ilonzeh herself is awaiting word of when she'll be needed on set at The CW's ARROW, the sci-fi drama in which she plays Joanna, Laurel's friend and co-founder of legal aid group, CNRI. "I like everything about this character," Ilonzeh reflects. "She's a bit of a ball buster and a little uncensored — she gets to say what she thinks and also what Laurel really thinks." But with much of Starling City left in rubble last season and the series now shifting to super-hero driven drama, it's anyone's guess where things will go. "Joanna's definitely coming back at some point," Ilonzeh confirms. "But it's a matter of when."

Despite being in such hot demand, the actress remains grateful to both GH, the soap that launched her career, and Nathan Parsons (ex-Ethan), the actor whom she says held her hand. "I've always said that if they ever want to bring Maya back for a few episodes, a quick storyline or whatever, that I'll always be open to it," she confides. "I really think that the training I got on GH made me the actor that I am now."

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