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The Wedding Crasher!


"The bad luck has already started!" Little Emma hit the nail on the head! GENERAL HOSPITAL's usually smiley-faced little lassie turned gloomy Gus the day of her dad and Sabrina's wedding. The bride had something old, new and borrowed, but the "blue" thing (Ellie's bracelet) was MIA, basically, because Ellie was, too. Cause for concern got worse before it got better when Lucy showed up and said she could officiate the ceremony because she couldn't talk about the virtues of marriage when she couldn't make her own work again! Felix's magical way with words got Lucy over that crisis and assured her that Patrick and Sabrina were going to beat the odds and live happily ever after. As if.

Luke, meanwhile, captured and handcuffed Faison in the Wyndemere stables, where Nikolas had been given a nasty beating by one of Faison's goons. Luke thought he had the situation under control, since he was the one with the gun pointed at the F-man! He thought wrong. Another baddie came up behind Spencer and now he was the one held prisoner! Faison wanted off the island, but he also wanted a hostage. Would it be Luke or Nikolas? One man would go with him; the other would be paying St. Peter a visit at the pearly gates. Faison flipped a coin. Luke was outta luck... until Anna barged in. Faison's guys trained their guns on her, but Faison demanded they not shoot. She pointed her gun at her own chest and said she'd shoot herself if he killed Luke and Nikolas!

Back at the church, Patrick stopped in to clear the air with Sabrina before they exchanged vows. "I can't wait to be your husband. So get that dress on and let's do this," he smiled. Moments later, the music played as Liz walked down the aisle, followed by a cute-as-a-bug Emma and, finally, Felix, with the beautiful bride on his arm. As he gave Sabrina's hand to Patrick, the church door flew open. It was Robin!

While all THAT was going on, Bobbie arrived in Port Charles for the wedding and stopped by the Metro Court to pick up Luke. Instead, she found Jerry handcuffed to Luke's bed! Jerry begged his former love to let him out of the restraints so he could get the one last dose of the polonium cure at GH. To make a long story short, Bobbie ended up with a knife held at her throat! At the same time, Maxie's heart was getting squeezed, stomped on and put in a blender by Spinelli, who not only gently told her that she couldn't see her baby daughter, he shut the door in her face! That really hurt!

Don't forget, Thanksgiving Day ABC will run an encore Halloween episode and there's a full network pre-emption on Friday. But, come Monday, Emma spots Robin, who is, at last, reunited with her family! Don't forget: 2:00 ET and 1:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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Relive The 2013 Nurses Ball On SOAPnet!


For those of you whose television providers are still offering SOAPnet, once you've finished stuffing yourself silly on Thanksgiving, you can tuck into their delicious GENERAL HOSPITAL marathon featuring this year's Nurses Ball!

On Thursday, November 28, SOAPnet will run six episodes that cover the 2013 return of the beloved Nurses Ball. From 7:00 pm EST to 1:00 am EST, relive Brenda's return, a tribute to Steve Hardy, Frisco's proposal, Rick Springfield (ex-Noah) Richard Simmons, Britt's shocking revelation and a whole slew of fabulous musical performances from your favorite characters!

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Stars from GENERAL HOSPITAL (Kelly Monaco, Sam) and ALL MY CHILDREN (J.R. Martinez, Brot) have won the coveted mirror ball trophy on DANCING WITH THE STARS — is it ONE LIFE TO LIVE's turn tonight? It could happen given that Corbin Bleu (Jeffrey, OTL) and his pro partner Karina Smirnoff performed a spectacular freestyle routine on Monday's show that not only earned a perfect score of 30, but also got a standing ovation from stern judge Len Goodman.

"Any number of things could have gone wrong," Bleu told Soaps In Depth after the show about the intricate Michael Jackson-inspired freestyle routine. "The fact that I could have seriously injured my partner was very scary! Then, we went into the lean, which took tremendous strength to get out of. It was one thing after another. We made it through each one. When it was over, I looked at Karina and said, 'We did it!'"

And Bleu even has a connection to the late King Of Pop! "Yes, I did meet Michael," says Bleu, who's so enthralled by the superstar singer that he still speaks of him in the present tense! "It was probably the highlight of my life. He's such a presence. He's extremely tall and has big ol' hands. He came to the High School Musical Concert in Vegas. When I went and did my bit in the concert, [director] Kenny Ortega, who directed all [Michael's] tours, told me that Michael leaned over to him and said, 'Who's that?' Kenny said, 'That's Corbin Bleu.' Michael said, 'He's good!' I still get goose bumps thinking about that."

Has the actor allowed himself to imagine what it might be like to win the mirror ball trophy? "I'm trying not to even think about that," he says. "We got a perfect score on our freestyle, but I'm already focusing on the fusion dance we're doing [in the next episode]. Then, I'm focused on Thanksgiving and eating — and sleeping! And chill with my family!"

Couples were allowed to select routines for their competitors for the finale tonight. Rather than choose a dance combination that his fellow finalist Jack Osbourne might not be good at, Bleu actually chose one (paso doble/salsa) believing his opponent would do well. Now, that is sportsmanship!

"I love Jack," Bleu says. "I love his improvement throughout this entire time. When he finished his freestyle, I was standing up cheering saying he should get '10's.' He's an incredible person, and so is Cheryl [Burke, his dance pro partner]."

What's up next for the actor? "Right now, I'm working on this anti-bullying film The Day I Died," he says. "I want to get more into producing. Even if I don't win, I'm going to be celebrating because I made it into the top three! This has been an incredible experience!"

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Is Katie Cancelled?


Today, Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo announced that Katie Couric is joining Yahoo as their "Global Anchor," leading a growing team of correspondents at Yahoo News. However, she does note in her welcome to Couric that she will continue to host her daytime talk show, KATIE.

But how much longer will she have a daytime talk show to host? Disney/ABC TV originally signed Couric to a two-year deal, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, KATIE seeing a third year is looking more and more unlikely as time goes on.

With weak ratings, a big budget and reported internal strife, KATIE could be on the chopping block, and Couric's deal with Yahoo could be a backup plan in case of cancelation. A decision on KATIE's future should be made very soon, and the axing of the chat show would likely please the multitude of soap fans who resented the program's taking GENERAL HOSPITAL's time slot in most markets, bumping the soap to an earlier hour.

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The Long-Awaited Scorpio Reunion!

AnnaRobert.jpg Any episode of GENERAL HOSPITAL that begins with a shirtless Nikolas evoking a giggle out of the character-formerly-known-as-Britch and ends with Robert kicking in a door and getting a huge, cheesy grin on his face upon seeing a very much alive Robin is an okay day by our standards!

Britt continued to travel the road to redemption, freaking out in concern for her mother, the masterfully maniacal Obrecht. Nikolas calmed her rattled nerves and said that he could relate to loving the unlovable. After all, he was no stranger to crazy people dangling from his family tree! Although their dramatic pauses were silent, you know darn well that what they each were thinking was, "Kiss me, you fool!"

In the dark and dank Wyndemere tunnel, Duke and Obrecht were tied to verticle beams, arguing like an old married couple about who was to blame for their predicament. How they got there was less of a concern for Duke than how he was going to get back to Anna. "If I have to listen to one more man fawning over that beanpole, I'm going to show you what scary really is!" Dr. O barked. Duke made it clear that they only way they'd both make it out alive was if they set aside their hatred for each other and worked together. As if.

Robin was particularly melancholy, seeing it was the day her husband was going to become a bigamist and all. It also put her in a rather foul mood, sassing Faison, even going as far as to call him "pathetic." That did not make him happy. Telling her she had become more trouble than she was worth, Faison pulled his gun! Just then, Britt and Nikolas barged in with his gun drawn! Unwilling to let Robin out of his sight, Faison ordered Britt to go to GH to pick up Luke's cure. While Robin waited with Faison, Nik headed into the tunnel to make good on his promise to Britt that he'd find her mother... and he did! But just as Nik was about to untie Obrecht, Faison barged in and knocked him out!

Back on the mainland, Liz was dealing with a nasty hangover from a night out with Patrick and Felix delivered a wedding gown to the bride. Sabrina was grateful for his hard work in finding something beautiful and unique, but anything short of the dress that her mother wore was a disappointment. Meanwhile, Anna, Robert and weakening Jerry surprised Luke with a visit. Handcuffing Jerry to the bed, the trio headed to Wyndemere to save Robin!

When they arrived at the mansion, Luke had a standoff with Faison, Anna walked in on Obrecht about to shoot Duke and Robert came face-to-face with Robin! Monday, Sabrina's cousin Juan comes bearing gifts, the Scorpios reunite on Patrick and Sabrina's wedding day, and Luke shoots Faison! Don't forget: 2:00 ET and 1:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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Cast Your Vote #49


Once again, it's time to express your opinions for our Readers' Poll. In the comments section for this article, please respond to the question, and feel free to explain your answer, but remember that any comments here may be considered for publication in the magazine. Any extra comments you have that have nothing to do with this week's poll question should be directed to the Message Boards section of our Web site!

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Who would you like to see Julian paired with?

Please note that the cut-off date for your votes to be counted will be Wednesday, November 27. And please, only one vote per person!

To vote on your favorite actor, actress and couple currently appearing on an ABC, CBS or NBC soap, please mail your choices to:

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GH's Maxie Strikes Back At Lulu!


With her back against the wall, GENERAL HOSPITAL's Maxie gives Lulu a taste of her own medicine!

GENERAL HOSPITAL fans were warned that the custody battle between Lulu and Maxie for little Connie was going to get downright dirty and, boy, the "powers that be" were not kidding! Abortion, mental illness, kidnapping, perjury, murder! Any and every opportunity that arose for the women to sucker punch the other was not passed by. After Lulu accused Maxie of being responsible for Robin's death (ouch), Maxie swung back... twofold! "If anyone in this custody trial is a murderer, it's you," Diane said, staring down Lulu on the witness stand.

Dumbfounded, Lulu was, "Excuse me?" Yes, Diane went "there," referring to Lulu's abortion when she was a teenager. And there was also that unfortunate incident with killing Logan Hayes. But what really pushed it over the edge was Diane asking her if she tried to persuade Dante to flee the jurisdiction with the baby. Lulu's denial was a big, fat lie, and Dante squirming in his chair was a clear sign he was not happy with his wife's choice to fib. After all, he'd be lying under oath if he said she wasn't lying!

In the catacombs beneath Wyndemere, Faison wasn't caught telling a lie; he was caught telling the truth! Fearful that Duke's escape would mean their ruin, Obrecht encouraged Faison to "eliminate" him. Duke knew better, pointing out that Faison needed to keep him alive in order to get to Anna. "He's going to blackmail her. She has to be with him or I pay the price," Duke said. Obrecht faced dropped and, in manner of nanoseconds, her expression went from hurt to thoroughly and totally hopping mad! But it wasn't until Faison said she was "loyal like a dog" that she pulled a knife and charged at him!

After being locked in lab on Cassadine Island for what seemed like forever, Robert and Anna were out of escape options, out of bullets and with nothing to thrown at Jerry other than a dirty look and bad language. Waiting for the cavalry to arrive was a waste of time, and if they wanted freedom, they'd have to put on their WSB thinking caps! And that they did! Tape, salt, chewing gum and a little ingenuity was all it took to open the door! Now, to get off the island!

While Nikolas was confessing his growing feelings for Britt and sealing it with a kiss (!), Robin was hiding under a desk in GH's lab, listening to the sounds of Patrick and Sabrina smooching! Although Patrick came very close to spotting Robin, someone actually did... Carlos! He had been trying so very hard to get Sabrina to cancel her wedding. Telling her that her future groom already had a very much alive bride would certainly do the trick!

Starting Monday, the judge's ruling in the custody hearing threatens more than one relationship, Carlos has words of warning for Sabrina and Heather's life is threatened... by Franco! Don't forget: 2:00 ET and 1:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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GH Alumnus Gets Revenge!


Gregory Zarian had fans in stitches when he played Kate's sidekick, Julius, back in 2008. Now, he's set to stir the pot on ABC's REVENGE when he makes his debut as a person with intriguing ties to Emily's past. How will the revelation affect Victoria, who's made it her mission to get the goods on Emily? Zarian, who appears in the episode titled "Secrecy" airing Sunday, November 17, at 9:00 pm EST, had a blast finding out. "Madeline Stowe (Victoria) was perfection to work with... she was so charming, kind and personable." he says. "She paid attention to knowing who and where I was, even when I was off camera giving lines."

Because he was involved in a party scene, Zarian got the opportunity to work with the entire cast, including series star Emily VanCamp (Emily), whom he was able to steal some time with. "I told her, 'I have the biggest crush on you. I've been a huge fan of yours since BROTHERS AND SISTERS,'" he grins. "She was both lovely and a doll." Zarian, who shares most of his scenes with fellow guest star Anil Kumar, is hoping to return. "There were some really lovely moments that they just let us play with," he previews, adding. "I would love to come back — that would be terrific!"

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Tristan Rogers Out At GH... And In At Y&R?


Rumors have been flying fast and furious since Daytime Confidential first posted that Tristan Rogers (Robert, GENERAL HOSPITAL) would be leaving Port Charles to return to Genoa City, reprising his role of THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS' Colin. And while neither soap has officially confirmed the news at this point in time, GH headwriter Ron Carlivati has essentially confirmed it on Twitter.

"I had no idea Tristan Rogers was leaving," he posted. "I found out last night. Now I have one day to write him out of a big February Sweeps storyline."

As to whether or not Rogers will be returning to Y&R and reunite Colin with Jess Walton's Jill, we'll be sure to let you know as soon as we hear anything official. But in the meantime, Carlivati promises "you will see a lot of Robert between now and February." The scribe also called for fans not to start trying to throw blame around. "Please respect Tristan Rogers and his decision," he wrote.

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Prospect Park Files New Complaint Against ABC!


Prospect Park will not comment on the status of ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE, but the company filed additional papers today in Los Angeles in its lawsuit against ABC. The Hollywood Reporter has the new legal documents, which allege that ABC signed OLTL actors to secretive, multi-year contracts without Prospect Park's knowledge, foiling their future returns to OLTL, as well as blocking cast members from appearing on the networks' shows to promote the reboots. With the amended lawsuit, Prospect Park seeks more than $95 million in damages for breach of contract and promissory fraud. They also claim that they should no longer have to pay licensing fees to ABC, but are entitled to an extension of the licensing agreement.

To read the complete story, visit The Hollywood Reporter here.

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GH's Jackson Lands Record Deal!


GENERAL HOSPITAL fans already knew that Jonathan Jackson (ex-Lucky) was a talented musician, but now thanks to his role as Avery on ABC's primetime drama NASHVILLE, he's landed a record deal! According to Billboard, Jackson has been signed to Loud & Proud Records. The actor's songs from NASHVILLE have been released as singles, and he's continued to perform in his band, Enation, but now Jackson will be working on his own solo album.

Obviously we'll keep you updated on its progress, and when you can expect to buy it in the near future!

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Spend The Holiday's With Cameron Mathison!


When ALL MY CHILDREN was revived by Prospect Park, fans were eager to learn which of their favorite castmembers would return with it. Amongst the biggest surprises was the fact that Cameron Mathison (ex-Ryan), who'd been enthusiastic about joining when the idea was first proposed, wasn't amongst them. The actor explains that he'd said goodbye to Ryan after negations broke down. "Part of me isn't rushing back to play him again because of that," he said at the time. "It was kind of like dating somebody and getting dumped. Then getting a tease about getting back together, only to get dumped again!"

With AMC once again a part of soap history, Mathison will no longer have the chance to reprise his role. But that doesn't mean you won't be seeing him on your TV screens, because he's in a trio of upcoming holiday movies!

In The Christmas Ornament, premiering Saturday, November 16, at 8:00 pm EST on the Hallmark Channel, Mathison plays opposite ER's Kellie Martin as a broken-hearted Christmas tree lot owner who finds new meaning and a new friend. Then on Saturday, November 23, at 8:00 pm EST, catch him opposite GREY'S ANATOMY's Chyler Leigh and singer Naomi Judd in Hallmark's department-store themed picture, Window Wonderland. Finally, he'll team up with Jennie Garth in ABC Family's hilarious romantic comedy, Holidaze, premiering Sunday December 8 at 8:00 pm EST on ABC Family. For more details about Mathison's exciting new projects, check out his Keeping Track feature in the new issue of Soaps In Depth, currently on newsstands!

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Slezak Responds To Accusations Of Racism


In the recently-published book, Llanview In The Afternoon: An Oral History Of ONE LIFE TO LIVE, actress Ellen Holly (ex-Carla) accusing former castmate Erika Slezak (Viki) of getting her fired off the soap in the '80s. According to Holly, at an anniversary party at Tavern On The Green, Slezak told the soap's creator Agnes Nixon, "Get those two black bitches out of my face," referring to Holly and Lillian Hayman (ex-Sadie).

This past weekend, Slezak posted an update to her official Web site announcing that she had contacted author Jeff Giles to refute the tale and now her response will be edited into future editions of the book.

"Let me begin by saying that never happened," Slezak writes. "I have never, in my entire life, used such language, nor would I have ever said that; especially about two ladies who I greatly admired and respected. I have no idea why Ellen has chosen to blame me for her being let go from One Life to Live. Not only is that an absolute fabrication on her part; it was never in the power of any actor or actress to make such a decision and anyone who has worked on One Life to Live would know that. We were owned and run by ABC; this was their decision alone. Furthermore, I would like to add that Ellen Holly was a wonderful actress, a beautiful woman and an essential and vital character on One Life to Live and there was nothing to be gained by her leaving the show. In fact I felt that her absence was detrimental to the show. Agnes Nixon had put together an amazing, multi-racial cast, which was groundbreaking at the time, and by losing two very important black actors, ABC was robbing the show of its diversity. I am very sorry that she has deluded herself into believing that I was in any way instrumental in her being fired, but more than that, I am appalled that she would accuse me of using racial slurs."

You can purchase your own copy of Llanview In The Afternoon: An Oral History Of ONE LIFE TO LIVE at

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SOAPnet Switched Off For Good


How much more bad news can soap fans take? Back in 2011, Disney announced plans to pull SOAPnet from the air and replace it with Disney Junior, a channel aimed at toddlers. That channel launched as planned in early 2012, but many soap fans found that their cable providers were still offering SOAPnet. However, Disney has now notified cable operators that they will no longer provide programming for SOAPnet after December 31. Which means that when 2014 gets underway, soap fans will have to find another way to watch their favorite shows.

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The End Of AMC & OLTL (Again)


Fans of ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE were on pins and needles last week as rumors were flying that Prospect Park was due to make a big announcement regarding the future of the two soaps. Unfortunately, while there has been no official word from the company, a source close to actors from the shows tells Soaps In Depth, "It's over." Debbi Morgan (Angie, AMC) essentially confirmed as much when she responded to upset fans on Twitter. "Well we're all pretty much sad now for real since we've definitely been told it's a wrap," she posted. "My manager was given the news that we were officially done by PP's lawyer. Yeah, we've been canceled."

Prospect Park originally bought the rights to AMC and OLTL following their cancelations on ABC, but struggled to bring them to air online immediately following their network runs as originally planned. Fans were elated when financing was eventually secured, cast and crew were hired, sets were built in a studio in Stamford, CT and was set to air the episodes. The OnLine Network originally planned to broadcast daily half-hour episodes, but within weeks, that number was cut back to just two episodes of each soap a week, leading to rumors of production difficulties. Still, both AMC and OLTL were regularly among the top ten most-watched shows on, and many viewers were thrilled to watch as many shows as they were willing to broadcast.

However, while fans assumed the soaps would again be ongoing series, Prospect Park announced in August that both AMC and OLTL would instead have season finales after which production would take a break before beginning a second season. Viewers immediately worried the shows would never return, and after production of OLTL was shelved indefinitely due to the ongoing lawsuit with ABC, it seemed those fears were justified.

And now it seems that this grand experiment to bring the soaps back to life online has come to an unfortunate end. And sadly, because there was no notice or time to plan for the grand finales these venerable soaps deserve, this time they will not be ending with a bang, but with a whimper. And despite returns from the dead being commonplace on soaps, another resurrection for AMC and OLTL seems highly unlikely.

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Franco: That's My Mama?


GENERAL HOSPITAL's wackadoodle sandwich lover, Heather Webber, sure knows how to suck the life out of a party!

Gussied up guests at Franco's comeback art show were mingling and downing champagne, oblivious to the gigantic lie he was perpetrating. He wasn't the creator of the so-called works of art; Heather was. And when they failed to see the meaning of each painting, she had what can only be described as a hissy fit! "You call yourselves art lovers, yet you fail to see that this painting immortalizes the bacon, lettuce and tomato?" she barked. She then proceeded to, explain the other works of "art." Peanut butter and jelly. Meatball sub. The reuben. "All hung wrong!" she snapped, repositioning them horizontally. Judging by the "whatchu talkin' 'bout out, Willis?" look on Franco's face, that was startling enough. But Heather wasn't done just yet.

Scotty was out to prove that he, as Port Charles' new D.A. (by default), was going to clean up the town, starting with making sure Heather went back to her rubber room and Franco was prosecuted as a fraud. Heather insisted that she be punished but that Franco go free. Why? " You're my son. Come to mama!" she smiled widely, with outstretched arms. Hearing that Heather and Scotty Baldwin were his parents rendered Franco speechless. The artistic has-been was more than a little worried that he got mommy dearest's "crazy gene." Heather's words, " you're just like me" rang loud, clear and repeatedly in his head. Although Carly had been giving him the cold shoulder, she could see how upset he was by the revelation and followed him to his Metro Court room to offer him a comforting soft shoulder to lean on. But how "comforting" will she be? He can only hope that his day ends better than it began!

Sonny, meanwhile, was having a crisis of his own, and it was a beaut! "My son. My own flesh and blood," he said looking heavenward, realizing that Morgan betrayed him by bugging his office for the Jerome family. Sonny was angry at Julian before, but after learning that Julian recruited Morgan to his side, he was beside himself. "It's got to end tonight!" he asserted.

The week of November is going to be a whopper! Sonny makes an effort of give Julian a piece of his mind, but there's yet another surprise revelation that rattles a few souls. Plus, will Carly's new understanding of Franco have her hopping into his bed? And the courtroom battle for Baby Connie begins! Don't forget: 2:00 ET and 1:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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Cast Your Vote #47



Once again, it's time to express your opinions for our Readers' Poll. In the comments section for this article, please respond to the question, and feel free to explain your answer, but remember that any comments here may be considered for publication in the magazine. Any extra comments you have that have nothing to do with this week's poll question should be directed to the Message Boards section of our Web site!

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Do you like Carly and Franco together?

Please note that the cut-off date for your votes to be counted will be Thursday, November 14. And please, only one vote per person!

To vote on your favorite actor, actress and couple currently appearing on an ABC, CBS or NBC soap, please mail your choices to:

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Is AMC Cancelled Again?


Prospect Park had already shelved ONE LIFE TO LIVE due to the lawsuit with ABC, but had claimed that ALL MY CHILDREN would return for a second season online. But as the months have gone on, the idea that AMC would resume production has seemed less and less likely.

Now we're hearing rumblings from insiders that AMC is also no more, and TV Guide's Michael Logan tweeted "I'm hearing big announcement planned for this Friday."

While we'd love to hope that Prospect Park would be announcing a date to resume production on AMC or OLTL, that seems unlikely. But whatever the announcement is, we'll be sure to bring it to you as soon as they pass the information along!

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What Happened To Sean Donely?


For any GENERAL HOSPITAL fans wondering about Sean Donely's fate, the soap's headwriter, Ron Carlivati, tweeted that in yesterday's episode a line was cut that would have revealed how he was doing.

"Luke and Tracy stopped in Ireland on the way home to give Sean Donely as much temporary cure as they could carry," he posted. He also posted a photo of the scene in question that you can view here.

It's a shame when dialogue like this gets cut from a show, but at least GH has a headwriter active on social media to keep fans in the loop about what they might be missing!

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Win A Christmas Story!


As we head into the holiday season, it's the perfect time for you to click this link and win yourself a copy of the classic film A Christmas Story in our special contest!

Then make sure to pick up the next issue of ABC Soaps In Depth that's on sale soon to read our special feature where we suggest what your favorite soap characters should probably have on their holiday wish lists!

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Robin, Is That You?!


Through the years, whether it's kids being born (Maxie), kids being conceived (Cameron), people getting married (Lucky and Liz), couples "returning" (Luke and Laura) or heroines being murdered (Emily), GENERAL HOSPITAL knows how to do Halloween! This year was no different. If the sight of Faison and Obrecht dressed as Beetlejuice and Heidi weren't enough to hold your interest -- although it's hard to fathom how they couldn't -- Emma's chance encounter with her disguised mother evoked a sizeable tug on the heartstrings.

As a cloaked Robin snuck in under everyone's radar (except Epiphany's), the normally chummy Spencer and Cameron were at odds over a girl. Yup, little Emma secured her status as the show's vixen when she hits puberty by giving eyes to both boys. She's learning early and she's learning fast. Papa Patrick better stock up on antacid tablets because it looks like he's going to need them. Anyway, Emma got all mopey when they spilled punch on her, and a masked Robin rushed to clean her up. All was fine and dandy until Emma introduced her new faceless friend to Sabrina as "she's going to be my new mommy." Crushed like a bug, Robin scurried off to ease her emotional pain privately in an exam room... it was private, that is, until Patrick reached for the doorknob!

Apparently forgetting that Nikolas is a father and that trick-or-treating with his son would trump hanging out alone at gothic mansion on a deserted island, Duke stopped by to ask about Anna. And, low and behold, she showed up. Or maybe not. Well, it looked like Anna, but that trench coat and scarf, not to mention the over-annunciated words all screamed Obrecht! Duke meandered to the moved bookcase that opened to the tunnels within the walls. There, Faison waited with a gun!

Catwoman almost kissed Andy Warhol. Or, actually, Carly almost kissed Franco, before, that is, she said, "You need to go." What a buzz kill. The mood having been totally ruined, he headed back to his Metro Court room. When he answered the knock on the door, he assumed the knee-wielding "wolf" in a granny nightgown was an overgrown kid looking for candy... until she pulled out a huge chef's knife! "You are really craving sugar!" he said, unfazed. When she whipped off the mask to show that it was Heather, he kicked in screamed like a little girl scared by the Boogie Man! Furious that she was following him and even more furious that she was bad-mouthing Carly, he assumed Heather was being so possessive of him because she was interested him romantically. In fact, she made a yuck-poo face at the mere mention. "Someday, you'll understand," she said. Hmm.

Next week, Duke inadvertently puts lives in danger, a public brouhaha reveals some shocking news and Patrick walks in on Robin! Don't forget: 2:00 ET and 1:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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November Sweeps Is Going To Rock GH To Its Core!


Now that Halloween is over, it's time for soap fans' favorite time of year: November Sweeps! And GENERAL HOSPITAL is teasing some major shake-ups in Port Charles in the month to come!

  • Someone's keeping an eye on Franco, and lives hang in the balance, including those of Duke and Michael!
  • Sonny is ready to move against his enemies, but will Morgan's betrayal give his foes an advantage?
  • Franco and Diane take advantage of Carly's confusion to put their scheme into motion.
  • Major revelations will occur at Ava's gallery exhibition, with a special appearance by the always-unpredictible Heather, and the aftermath will lead to major changes in the relationships of Olivia & Sonny, Carly & Franco and Sam & Silas.
  • As Patrick and Sabrina go full steam ahead in planning their wedding, Robin struggles with her desire to run them off the rails. But even as someone close to Robin discovers she's alive, it's someone else getting closer to the truth who could blow everything!

Don't miss a single episode, and be sure to pick up the current issue of ABC Soaps In Depth for more November Sweeps details and coverage!

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West's Son Follows In Her Footsteps!


Maura West (Ava, GENERAL HOSPITAL; Carly, AS THE WORLD TURNS) and husband Scott DeFreitas (Andy, AS THE WORLD TURNS) have some very talented kids who are following in their footsteps, especially son Joe West. Having previously appeared on Broadway in A Christmas Story and in a production of Sleepless In Seattle, Joe has now been cast as Kurt in NBC's telecast of The Sound Of Music Live! (That's him sitting on the right side of the couch in the photo above.)

The three-hour live telecast is scheduled to air on Thursday, December 5, at 8:00 pm EST. The Sound Of Music Live! stars Carrie Underwood as Maria and TRUE BLOOD's Stephen Moyer as Captain von Trapp.

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