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GH's Reel Life And Real Life Pregnancy!


It's true: GENERAL HOSPITAL's Sabrina Santiago is pregnant... and so is her real life counterpart, Teresa Castillo!

A big congratulations to Castillo and her husband of five years, Shane Aaron, who are expecting their first baby in May. "We're having a girl!" she tells Soaps In Depth exclusively. The happy couple, along with the rest of their families learned the gender of their unborn bundle of joy all together by opening a sealed envelope from her doctor on Christmas Day.

"Shane and I were actually surprised it was a girl!" Castillo says. "We were certain it was a boy. But we're both completely thrilled. I'm one of three girls and I have two nieces, no boys. So our families weren't surprised at all. Everyone is very excited." Certain her husband will be protective of his baby girl, Castillo adds with a laugh, "Shane is now in the market for a shotgun."

The big due date is May 24, and they can't wait! "I feel like I'm in a good place, career-wise and in my personal life, as well," Castillo says. "Shane and I have been together for quite a while now and we've always wanted a family. We're so excited to start this new chapter in our journey. And it's so awesome that GH wrote in Sabrina's pregnancy. I feel like it was appropriate for the story. It just adds to the drama, and I love it."

Pick up ABC Soaps In Depth on January 6 for more on both Castillo's and Sabrina's pregnancies!

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Will Robin Have Patrick's Baby... Or Will Sabrina?


One hopeful "I'm leaving town," an unexpected "move in with me," a surprising "let's have another baby" and a barfing jilted bride. One thing GENERAL HOSPITAL is not these days is boring!

By the magic of Daytime television, Christmas flowed into New Year's Eve overnight. Patrick was already taking down stockings that had been hanging on the fireplace mantle and talking with Robin about enjoying the normalcy of their new/old life together. Sabrina's past and present were also melding. She was nursing a wounded Carlos when Felix returned from his family holiday. He was his usual Chatty Cathy self... until he went into his room and found Carlos in his bed! Felix erroneously but understandably assumed there had been some hanky and some panky going on in his boudoir!

While Robin was off to see Maxie, back at the Drake home, Sam told Patrick the good news that her baby boy passed his 60-day biopsy. A few minutes with Sam's little moppet and Patrick was spilling that he was disappointed that Britt's baby wasn't his because he was excited about it. From that innocuous comment came Sam's suggestion he ask Robin to have another baby! Just about at the same time, Sabrina ran out of her family room and, as Felix put it, "hurled." She wondered if she was sick or if stress had gotten to her. Felix had another diagnosis: "Or maybe you're pregnant!"

Maxie summoned Mac, Felicia and Robin to her apartment to announce that she was leaving Port Charles for two or three months to "find herself." Only time and distance would give her the perspective she needed for change and growth. But before she was to leave that night before the clock struck midnight, there was one other thing she had to do before leaving Port Charles -- talk with Lulu.

Dante woke up that morning with Lulu's surprising declaration, "I want to make a baby." Yes, they had to start from scratch with the tests and in vetro and, if it didn't work, she'd be heartbroken. But with the new year upon them, she wanted to let go of the pain and focus on the future. With that, she picked up the phone and called Britt for an appointment to get things started. At the time, Britt was in her birthday suit in Nikolas' bed. He had just suggested that they move her into Wyndemere and officially become a couple!

Monday, Sabrina reacts to Felix's hypothesis, Robin has a decision to make and what does Maxie have to say to Lulu? Don't forget: 2:00 ET and 1:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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Season's Greetings!


Happy Holidays from all of us here at ABC Soaps In Depth, and a healthy and happy New Year to you and yours!

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Bennett's December To Remember!


On ALL MY CHILDREN, Jonathan Bennett played JR Chandler during the long-running character's teens. Now grown up, the seasoned actor is set to make you swoon in a slew of new movies.

Continued after the jump

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Cosgrove Moves To Salem!


Soap-hopper Daniel Cosgrove (Scott, ALL MY CHILDREN; Chris, AS THE WORLD TURNS; Bill, GUIDING LIGHT) is settling into a new daytime address, this time in Salem! Beginning in late January, the actor will be portraying DAYS OF OUR LIVES' Aiden, which will actually be the first time he'll be creating an original character from scratch instead of stepping into another performer's shoes as a recast! Will you be tuning in?

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GH's Saucedo Turns Author!


Thanks to the latest creative venture from her real-life husband, the flawless face of GENERAL HOSPITAL's Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth) now graces the cover of a serialized e-book, Liberty Strong, the first installment of which, Dead Extra, was just released. Inspired by his soap star wife, Michael Saucedo (ex-Juan) has co-written a series of episodes revolving around Liberty, a fictional daytime darling who remains unshakable even as chaos closes in on her daily life.

"The idea came about as a combination of batting ideas around with my co-writer, Nik Price, and a running joke with Becky," Saucedo explains. "She's always blaming things on her alter-ego, Liberty, which also happens to be her middle name. When someone finishes the last cup of coffee, Liberty drank it. Or if there's an In-N-Out Burger wrapper hidden in the side pocket of the truck, Liberty left it there. Actually, now that I think about it, Liberty gets my truck dirty and eats a lot of my food!

"Nik and I wanted to take what we knew about daytime television," he continues, "and write a kick-[butt] female lead. We wanted her to be strong. And Liberty Strong was born!"

Saucedo and Price opted to write episodes rather than a book, because they wanted to write the way people read! "Right before bed, on a quick break, when they can fit in a good story," Saucedo points out. "People watch daytime because they like the urgency and the drama and the quickness of it all. You can create that in episodes."

For details about Dead Extra and how to order the episodes for Kindle, Nook and Kobo, check out the Web site, Liberty Strong The Series.

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AMC's Riegel Gives Birth!


Eden Riegel (Bianca, ALL MY CHILDREN) received a very special holiday present when she and husband Andrew Miller welcomed their second child, Henry Isaac Miller into the world at 9:23 am. The infant weighed in at 9 pounds, 1 ounce, and both he and his mother are doing well. The actress shared a photo of herself and Henry Isaac on Twitter, proudly announcing that two-year-old son Jack is now a big brother! Congratulations to the happy family!

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Morgan Wouldn't Shoot Sonny... Or Would He?


Nothing says, "Merry Christmas, Pops!" quite like blowing dear old Dad's brains out. Unfortunately for Sonny, that was the Christmas miracle GENERAL HOSPITAL's Julian was hoping for courtesy of his underling, Morgan Corinthos.

Sonny And Morgan Take Aim... At Each Other!

Morgan's day hadn't gone as he had planned. He was just going to do a little holiday shopping after filling Ava's stocking. The one hanging on the mantle, that is. Anyway, Molly's arrival changed the trajectory of his mood from frisky to frightened when she mentioned Shawn, Carlos and Uncle Sonny's warehouse all in one breath. Julian took note. A "hit" was being set up and it was his right-hand man who was going down!

Meanwhile at the warehouse, Carlos got the better of Sonny's guard and attempted to make a run for it... just as Sonny and Shawn arrived and T.J. showed up! Carlos grabbed the kid, using him as a human shield. Then it was Max to the rescue! He snuck up behind Carlos and put a gun in his back, only for Julian and Morgan to charge in with their guns drawn! Carlos laughed and cheered like a man who had lost his mind. The gun in Morgan's hand was trained on his father and shaking. It was the perfect storm for a melee of Mob war proportions!

Ava Makes A Veiled Threat!

While brother Julian was dodging literal bullets, Ava was listening to Silas' rant about dodging figurative ones. He had gotten a call from an NYPD detective, apparently stirring up an issue he thought was long since dead. Nope. It was still kicking. And somehow it sounded as if that's exactly how Ava wanted it! "I'm guessing that you wouldn't want your secrets exposed, especially not to Sam," Ava said coldly. Yes sir, Ava had Silas right where she wanted him.

Patrick's Choice Is Made!

Patrick vowed to stick to his promise that he'd make his decision between Robin and Sabrina before Santa slid down the chimney. He started the wheels in motion by giving Robin keys to the house and telling her that he wanted her and Emma to move back into the Drake home for the holidays. She thought that was a sign that he was moving in with Sabrina, but that wasn't the case.

Shortly there after, Sam popped in at GH. She could see by the look on Patrick's face that he wasn't just upset, but as confused and torn as he was on his wedding day when his wife returned from the dead! "I just don't know where I belong," he told her. Sam thought the contrary. She believe that in his heart, he know exactly where he belonged, that he just didn't want to hurt either woman, both of whom he loved.

What will happen on Monday? Will that knock on Sabrina's door be Patrick with good news or bad? Will Sonny take a bullet from his own son's gun? And who was that mysterious called hounding Silas. Don't forget: 2:00 ET and 1:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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KATIE Is Canceled!


Well, it's official. ABC and Katie Couric are parting ways with the cancelation of KATIE after the final episode of its second season. Production on the syndicated chat show will continue through June 2014, but there will be no third season.

The news doesn't come as a surprise, as KATIE has been struggling in the ratings, and Couric herself recently signed on with Yahoo News as their "Global Anchor." Disney and ABC reportedly don't yet have a replacement for KATIE, though we imagine there are plenty of soap fans who would love for them to bring either ALL MY CHILDREN, ONE LIFE TO LIVE or both back to the ABC Daytime lineup!

Are you happy about this news? What would you like to see in KATIE's place?

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Cast Your Vote #1


Once again, it's time to express your opinions for our Readers' Poll. In the comments section for this article, please respond to the question, and feel free to explain your answer, but remember that any comments here may be considered for publication in the magazine. Any extra comments you have that have nothing to do with this week's poll question should be directed to the Message Boards section of our Web site!

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Should Sabrina give up on Patrick?

Please note that the cut-off date for your votes to be counted will be Thursday, December 26. And please, only one vote per person!

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How Will DEVANITY End?


The bed-hopping, back-stabbing, lie-telling DeVanity family returns for their final season this February, and we've got a first look at what to expect from the dysfunctional dynasty featured on the popular Web soap.

"Season 4 will give fans all the answers they're dying for," says creator and star Michael Caruso. It will also feature the introduction of a new character with a very familiar face as Andrea Evans (ex-Tawny, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL; ex-Tina, ONE LIFE TO LIVE) joins the cast as Vivian Price.

"She was a dream to work with," says Caruso, whose alter ego, Jason, is Vivian's son. "She was gracious and excited and the kind of actress that any producer would dream to work with! We were all blown away by her talent!"


Caruso admits that he himself was a little star-struck by the soap vet. "We were clearly dealing with a star, but she acted like the girl next door! We all fell in love with her instantly!"

To check out the trailer for Season 4 (or catch any of the previous episodes), head to but be warned, this ain't your grandma's soap. (Translation: The DeVanity's sometimes use bad words!)

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GREY'S Star Visits GH!


Soaps In Depth has learned exclusively that GREY'S ANATOMY's Chandra Wilson will be doing a guest spot on GENERAL HOSPITAL set to air on Wednesday, January 29!

"I've watched GH for 35 years," Wilson reveals. "I grew up with it. It holds such a place in my heart. Even though we've shared the same lot for 10 years I can't talk to anybody on the lot... it's weird to see them because they're supposed to be in Port Charles! I have that kind of fan disconnect."

As for how the GREY'S/GH crossover came to be, the actress is completely in the dark. "I've been talking about this for years!" she confesses. "Roger [Howarth, Franco] was visiting the GREY'S set and we talked about it. Then, the following Friday, I got the call. I asked Frank [Valentini, GH's executive producer] if this was because of Roger and he said, 'No. This has been in the works before.' So I don't know! But I'm glad it's happening!"

Is Wilson going to be playing her GREY'S alter ego, Bailey, visiting Port Charles? Our lips are sealed, but we can reveal that she'll be a patient of Kevin's. And let's just say that Wilson's GH character has plenty in common with the no-nonsense Grey Sloan Memorial surgeon! Just be sure to tune in on Tuesday, January 28!

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Spinelli And Maxie's Final Farewell!


If you're a softy who cries at Hallmark commercials or the lyrics to Adele songs, you might want to have a box of tissues handy for Monday's GENERAL HOSPITAL. It's bound to be a tearjerker!

Mac and Felicia made it their mission to cheer up Maxie, whose heart breaks a little bit every day. Stuffed reindeer antlers and a Christmas tree suitable for a pigmy just didn't cut it. Although Maxie appreciated the effort, nothing could distract her from the grief of losing Connie. Any temptation she might have to see her daughter would go unfulfilled because the tiny tot would be living on the other side of the country with his father.

Meanwhile, the news that he and Ellie would have to leave town that same night rattled Spinelli. He came up with every excuse possible to delay the move, making Ellie wonder if he was having second thoughts. But that wasn't the case. He knew it was the right thing to do. It was merely the reality of leaving a place he had called home for so many years. Saying goodbye to Sam was hard enough, but there were others he wished he could see before leaving -- Diane, Sonny, Lulu. There was one other person he knew deserved a proper goodbye, and that was Maxie. When there was a knock at her apartment door, she assumed it was Mac and Felicia returning for another pep talk, but it wasn't. It was Spinelli... holding their little girl.

Lulu's separation from Connie was also debilitating, and Dante's suggestion that they try to have another baby angered her. It took some major convincing to get her to see that it was about healing and moving on. It'd be easier this time because they wouldn't have to harvest eggs or put him in a room with a cup and a dirty magazine! There were frozen embryos sitting in a lab, so why not put them to good use? Lulu admitted she was scared of trying and failing. He finally convinced her to take the leap of faith, and they were both thrilled at the possibility. But when they later showed up at the lab, Ellie gave them some strange and unexplainable news -- the embryos were gone!

Amidst all the baby drama, Nikolas and Britt had fun with Spencer and Lesley decorating their Christmas tree. Spencer flirted up a storm with his dad's new girlfriend and, at one point, said all he wanted for Christmas was an Xbox, a train and for his dad to marry Britt! Nik and Britt did make it to first base under the mistletoe with their eye on home plate, but she stopped him as he was rounding to second. "I'm not having second thoughts," she said. "I just need to tell you something first." Does that "something" have anything to do with the missing embryos?

Next week, Britt has a confession, Spinelli says his goodbyes and Patrick makes a decision! Don't forget: 2:00 ET and 1:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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Spinelli's Out, And He's Taking Ellie With Him!


Bradford Anderson created a bit of a stir amongst GENERAL HOSPITAL fans when he decided to go on recurring status as Spinelli instead of signing another long-term contract. But last month, the actor taped his final scenes and will be exiting the show along with co-star Emily Wilson (Ellie). Be sure to check out our next ABC issue, on sale Monday, December 23, for an exclusive exit interview with Anderson!

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Lucas Comes Home!


Lucas Jones has been talked about quite a lot lately, what with his biological pop, Julian Jerome, back from the dead and all. And now, Soaps In Depth can confirm that one of the character's previous portrayers, Ryan Carnes, will be bringing Bobbie's adopted son back to GENERAL HOSPITAL! "Yes, he's coming back," executive producer Frank Valentini shares. "I got to meet him the other day. I like him a lot." Carnes, who is the second-to-last actor to have played the part, appeared on the soap in 2004-'05. There's no official word yet as to when Carnes will first air.

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Go Back To THE BAY


The Emmy-nominated Web series THE BAY is back in action, and promises to be "edgy, sexier and more scandalous than ever before"! Chapter 11 has just debuted with two installments so far featuring the show's new multi-camera look. Familiar faces from the daytime world are back for more drama and intrigue, including Mary Beth Evans (Kayla, DAYS OF OUR LIVES; ex-Katherine, GENERAL HOSPITAL), Tristan Rogers (Robert, GH), Jacklyn Zeman (Bobbie, GH), Lilly Melgar (ex-Lily, GH) and more!

Click here to visit THE BAY's Web site, and be sure to check back every Thursday for new installments. Plus, on Thursday, December 26, they'll be streaming an uninterrupted one-hour TV pilot!

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Who Is Victor Cassadine?


GENERAL HOSPITAL fans are going gaga since hearing that once again, the show is reaching into its treasure trove of rich characters and pulling out a doozy — Victor Cassadine! Here's the skinny on the Cassadine that time almost forgot!

Thaao Penghlis, who will be returning to the role in late January, originated the character back in 1981. Victor's bloodline is a rather nefarious one, with the infamous Mikkos for an older brother and Stavros and Stefan for nephews. Victor was one of Robert Scorpio's most deadly adversaries, having shot and killed his WSB partner, Brighton O'Reilly, in cold blood right in front of him. (But as you can see in the photo, Penghlis gets along just fine with Scorpio's portrayer, Tristan Rogers!)

It was through Victor that the beloved character Tiffany Hill was introduced. She was his B-movie actress girlfriend who later married Sean Donely. Victor left Port Charles with the Ice Princess and his brother, Tony, and traveled to Cassadine Island with Luke, Laura and Robert as stowaways. On the island, they joined up with their evil genius brother, Mikkos, who planned to use the stone as a power source for a weather machine and freeze the world! With the help of his friends (and Tiffany), Luke foiled their attempt, and while Mikkos and Tony froze to death in the ice chamber, Victor was sent off to prison and never spoken of again... until now!

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Lozano's New Thriller!


Catch ONE LIFE TO LIFE's Florencia Lozano (Téa) like you've never seen her before in the new thriller, 7E. Released to VOD and DVD today, the picture is about a New York man (Brendan Sexton III) who looks after his cousin (Natasha Lyonne) following the death of her roommate. But when strangers start inquiring about her well-being, the situation leading up to the roommate's demise becomes suspect. It's a story so chock full of mystery that Lozano was placed on a gag order about how her character, Sadie, plays into it. "I was told to not talk too much about the movie," she confides. "They want it all to remain a surprise."

However, if the trailer is any indication, Lozano will deliver the kind of intense performance that she became known for as Téa, but with a completely different look. "You know, the soap was definitely the glamour side of things, which is a lot of fun," she laughs. "but it is also fun to let that stuff go and play people who aren't glamorous. I love playing wild roles." What part of the truth do the characters learn is real and what part is perceived? You'll have to see the film to find out. For more about what the actress has been up to, check out her Keeping Track feature in an upcoming issue of Soaps In Depth.

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Another Cassadine Returns!


Those Cassadines keep popping back up on GENERAL HOSPITAL, but this time it's not Helena back to wreak more havoc, but Victor! The soap has confirmed that Thaao Penghlis will be returning to Port Charles to reprise the role that he originated way back in 1981.

Best known for portraying DAYS OF OUR LIVES' Tony DiMera, Penghilis' Victor Cassadine will not be returning from the dead as many of his clan have been known to do. "If you knew the history," the actor recently tweeted, "he was the only one who survived and went to prison."

Reportedly due on set in the new year to air around the end of January, it's anyone's guess what Victor will be doing in Port Charles. Maybe seeking revenge on Helena's behalf? Or is Helena really alive and manipulating his strings from behind the scenes? Stay tuned!

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Cast Your Vote #51



Once again, it's time to express your opinions for our Readers' Poll. In the comments section for this article, please respond to the question, and feel free to explain your answer, but remember that any comments here may be considered for publication in the magazine. Any extra comments you have that have nothing to do with this week's poll question should be directed to the Message Boards section of our Web site!

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Can Britt and Nikolas make a relationship work?

Please note that the cut-off date for your votes to be counted will be Thursday, December 12. And please, only one vote per person!

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GH's Robin Prevents Maxie's Suicide!


A life saved, a life threatened, a first-time sexual tryst, a murder plotted and so much more! Check out what you missed on Friday's GENERAL HOSPITAL!

Maxie sat at Georgie's grave with pills in hand. She heard a familiar voice calling her name. Looking up, she was stunned to see Robin. Maxie thought she was a ghost sent by Georgie to talk her out of doing herself in. She went on and on, pouring out her guilt that she killed Robin until, finally, Robin hauled off and smacked her! "You just slapped me! You're really here! You're alive!" cried Maxie, hanging onto her cousin for dear life. Robin told her about Jerry, Faison and Obrecht, making Maxie realize the explosion wasn't her fault, that it was staged. Robin, in turn, realized her arrival prevented Maxie from killing herself.

Carlos planted a big wet one on Sabrina... in an open doorway... just as Patrick approached. That's what we call a soap opera perfect storm (SOPS). Overcome with jealousy, Patrick barged in and pushed Carrrrrlos away from his almost-bride. She assured Patrick that nothing happened... accept the kiss he witnessed. But that didn't mean anything to her. Nah. What Patrick needed was time to think but wanted her back at home with him in the meantime. Carlos had his opinion of that and it wasn't pleasant. Provoked, Patrick gave him a well-deserved knuckle sandwich and a warning of, "You go near Sabrina, and you're a dead man."

Carly and Franco locked lips and loved every second of it! For Carly, Franco was a welcome distraction to the Jerry chaos earlier. For Franco, he was feeling sorry for himself because he was unemployed, broke and his newfound father wanted nothing to do with him. A few bites of chocolate, they were making out and then, gasp, making love! Their afterglow was interrupted by a phone call from what he thought was a serious job prospect. In fact, it was just Heather luring him away from Carly. After Franco left, Carly hopped in the shower, and Heather snuck in brandishing her trusty knife!

Ellie had a "plethora of big news" for Spinelli, as she put it. First, Robin was alive. Second, she was offered her dream job running a lab... on the opposite side of the country. He put a stunned smile on her face when he suggested he join her in the move! Meanwhile, Sonny warned Ava that if the Jeromes hit him, he'd hit them back harder. She, however, was about to do him a big favor -- testify against A.J.! When she took the witness stand, Ava spoke of A.J.'s state of mind the night Connie was murdered. It didn't look good for A.J. and it was time for the defense to present their case. But rather than call witnesses, Diane said the defense rested. A.J. protested, saying, "The defense WILL call one witness -- me!"

Next week, Robin wants her husband back and turns to Sabrina for help! Plus, Sonny and Shawn take Carlos "for a ride," and Franco gets defensive! Don't forget: 2:00 ET and 1:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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Gaskill Goes Deep!


Brian Gaskill stole our hearts playing emotional characters like PORT CHARLES' angel Rafe and ALL MY CHILDREN's Bobby. Since then, he's been pouring his own emotions into a considerable body of poetry, which he's been recording to share with the world. "When I compiled this new group of poems together, I found that they were much more cohesive and thematic than what was on my last album (Make It Real)," he says. "With this new one, every single piece really did become -- either on purpose or inadvertently -- a reflection of the title, Giving Up Time Travel For The Rain."

In the just-released collection of spoken word recordings, Gaskill shares his thoughts on the everyman quest for personal peace and life acceptance. "It's about living in the moment and not focusing on that pain in the past or your expectations of the future," the poet offers. "It's about just being present -- even if it's raining -- because as we all know, the rain cleanses things and helps them grow."

The artist has also been sharing his insightful thoughts and moving poems about this topic and more via a blog, "There's this 31-day journey that I started in conjunction with this album coming out," he explains. "It's about working to find something new each day that brings me closer to a place of believing -- in the magical, fairytale sense -- in life's possibilities."

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AMC's Morgan Takes Herself Out Of The Running


Over the Thanksgiving holiday, ALL MY CHILDREN's Debbi Morgan (Angie) saddened fans when she took to Twitter to reveal that she would not be submitting herself for Daytime Emmy consideration this year. With the recent rules changes to the Daytime Emmys, Prospect Park's versions of AMC and ONE LIFE TO LIVE will be considered equal to the soaps still broadcast on network television. But Morgan declared that she was not going to compete.

"I just really, really want to move on," she tweeted. "The many months of being told we're on hiatus but would be coming back and then snatching the rug from under us and the fans has been very emotional. So right now, the head space I'm in is just completely distancing myself from AMC with regards of an Emmy consideration."

Despite the emotional way that AMC was taken away from cast, crew and the fans once more, Morgan cherishes every moment she had with the soap. "I will forever be grateful for the years of playing Angie beautifully created by our beloved Agnes Nixon and our most amazing cast will always hold a special place in my heart. Darnell [Williams, Jesse], Sal [Stowers, Cassandra], Cady [McClain, Dixie], Thorsten [Kaye, Zach], Vincent [Irizarry, David]... just to name a few!

"And to be honest," she continued, "I don't need an Emmy to recognize how much you all loved the work I was able to bring to you. Your tweets said it all, and that's 'Emmy' enough for me... Smile!"

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