Bennett's December To Remember!


On ALL MY CHILDREN, Jonathan Bennett played JR Chandler during the long-running character's teens. Now grown up, the seasoned actor is set to make you swoon in a slew of new movies.

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Holiday Heartthrob
In the long-awaited musical comedy, Holiday High School Reunion, Bennett will help get you in the Christmas spirit when he stars opposite WITCHES OF EAST END's Rachel Boston. "We play best friends from high school who meet up 10 years later and realize that we were in love with each other," he relates. "My character helps her find herself and find her true love. It's great because Rachel and I have such good chemistry -- we have been good friends since our New York days." The Lifetime TV movie, which also stars Harry Hamlin and Marilu Henner, airs Tuesday, December 24, at 12:00 pm EST.

He's A Villain...
Then on Saturday, December 28, at 6 p.m. EST, catch Bennett in the feel-good flick Sweet Surrender on the PixL Movie Channel. "It's about a unique bed and breakfast that people go to in order to make a wish on a coin, throw it in a fountain, and fall in love," he relates. "I play a guy from a big corporation that wants to tear it down and build another property there, and Haylie Duff plays my cohort."

Bennett relished the opportunity to be the Snidely Whiplash of the story. "It was so funny, because I never get to be the bad guy that comes in and causes trouble," he laughs. "I'm usually the guy who comes in to save the world!"

... And A Hero!
Then at 8 p.m. EST that same night, switch over to Lifetime to catch Bennett in the legal thriller The Wrong Woman. In it, a mother (THE WONDER YEARS' Danica McKellar) faces life in prison for killing another woman in a parking garage. "I play a lawyer who, after watching [the defendant] from afar, sees her as being wrongfully accused," Bennett relates. "So I commit to trying to help win her case."

After working with McKellar in the intense drama, Bennett says that he's become a fan. "She's such a talented actress that when she goes on the stand during the court scenes, your heart falls out of your chest," he relates. "You feel so much for her!"

For more from Bennett, including the scoop on his latest gig as the host of MTV's new daily Karaoke singing competition, COPYCAT, catch his Keeping Track feature in an upcoming issue of Soaps In Depth.

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