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Next Wednesday, March 5, marks the launch of an exciting new Web soap, BEACON HILL! New media pioneer Crystal Chappell (Dani, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL; Olivia, GUIDING LIGHT, etc.) is part of the team behind the drama, which centers on two Boston families at opposite ends of the political spectrum.

With political rivalries, romances gone bad, blackmail and family dysfunction, BEACON HILL has all the makings of a must-see series! In anticipation of the show's premiere, Soaps In Depth chatted up some of the top players in the drama for the scoop!

Alicia Minshew (Sara Preston)
"Sara left the love of her life, Kate, for this reporting job, and the break-up was painful. She's now come back to Beacon Hill for a job and bumps into Kate, so it's reigniting feelings. There are issues with Sara and her grandfather, whom Kate is now working with, and she has a tumultuous relationship with her mother, who is a drinker. She's trying to be a good reporter but stay true to her family. Everything kind of gets mixed up and muddled!"

Sarah Brown (Katherine "Kate" Wesley)
"When Crystal sent me the script, I read all 12 episodes and called her immediately. I originally wanted to play the character of Sara -- I understood where she's coming from. But Katherine ended up being much more of a challenge. I love every bit of this."

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Scott Bryce (Senator Tom Wesley, Katherine's father)
"I'm a conservative Republican Senator, and my daughter -- who is gay -- is running for the House Of Representatives. That's the real problem! The fact that she's a left-wing liberal is really troublesome. The game we're playing is trying to support her, be the loving dad, but control her politically and try to keep a handle on her."

Ron Raines (Senator William Preston, Sara's grandfather)
"He is a very controlling, powerful man in Washington, from the state of Massachusetts. And even though he's in bed recovering from a stroke, he has plans, politically, for his family."

Crystal Chappell (Claire Preston, Sara's mother)
"It's a fun character to play. This is the first time I've taken on something like this. Claire's husband is gone, so she's pretty isolated. My feeling is that her husband couldn't tolerate her family because her father gets what he wants."

Melissa Archer (Evelyn Preston, William's wife)
"I'm a trophy wife! Her values can be questionable, but she's as sincere as she can possibly be. She just wants to be loved and doesn't know how to find it. She comes into the show toward the end of the season. When you see her, what you think it's going to be to versus what you see when she's actually there is interesting."

Jessica Morris (Diane Hamilton, Sara's current partner)
"Diane is an actress, and feels insecure because she thinks that Sara still loves Katherine. Diane wants to support Sara [through her family crisis], but she's listening to that voice in her gut that something isn't right."

Louise Sorel (Emily Tanner) and Tina Sloan (Louise Cassell)
"We own this coffee shop where all we seem to do is gossip. I think maybe once, I served a muffin! We tend to be the voice of what everybody is up to," says Sloan. Adds Sorel, "We want to know everything that's going on!"

All 12 ad-free episodes of the first season will be available on www.beaconhilltheseries.com for just $9.99. New episodes will be put on-line each Wednesday. All major credit cards and Paypal will be accepted, and even if you subscribe after the first episode, all previous installments will be made available once you've paid.

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