Interview: Nathan Parsons Leads THE ORIGINALS Pack


To say that the past few months have been busy ones for beloved GENERAL HOSPITAL alum Nathan Parsons (ex-Ethan) is an understatement. After all, the in-demand actor was recently cast in two red-hot primetime dramas, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES spin-off, THE ORIGINALS, and TRUE BLOOD! On The CW series (which wraps its first season on Tuesday, May 6), he plays Jackson, the leader of the Crescent werewolf pack -- but the versatile thespian will be playing a different kind of beast when he takes over as hunky vampire James when the HBO hit returns on Sunday, June 22, for its final season.

"I got THE ORIGINALS first and actually shot an episode back in December," he tells Soaps In Depth. "I was home on vacation in Texas and thought I was going to stay there and fly out to Atlanta whenever I needed to."

But the universe had other plans for the rising star! "Then I was getting phone calls to fly out to L.A., and suddenly I had the job on TRUE BLOOD," he recalls with a laugh. "I had to fly back to Texas, get my car, get my dog, drive to L.A., start work on TRUE BLOOD, fly to Atlanta for THE ORIGINALS. It's been that way ever since! Both taped simultaneously, so I was flying back and forth."

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In the new ABC issue of Soaps In Depth, the handsome hunk fills us in about Jackson's motives for teaming up with New Orleans' badass original vampires. "Jackson wants is to get his pack home. Out of the swap and back to where they belong, in the city," he shares. "The vampires have been pretty awful to the werewolves the past few years. Not Klaus directly, but through Marcel. At this point, Jackson's trying to do anything to get his people home, and really protect them."


Who Will Win The War?
While GH viewers will agree that Parsons was quite the charmer when he played Luke's grifter son, what was it about the talented heartthrob that caught the eye of the ORIGINALS team? According to co-executive producer Michael Narducci, "while obviously handsome and charming and certainly capable of playing rough and dirty in the inevitable werewolf/vampire conflicts, Nathan has an innate intelligence in his eyes, a quality that bespeaks his ability to lead his people. Rather than come off as a power-mad egotist, it's quite clear that Jackson wants what is best for his pack and would lay his life on the line in order to bring them justice. Nathan conjures that quality of leadership in a convincing way."

With just two episodes of THE ORIGINALS left for this season, Narducci tells In Depth that the Mikaelson brothers will find themselves caught in the middle of a war zone as they prepare for the birth of Klaus and Hayley's child. "Alliances between the various factions will lead to an all-out war in the French Quarter and a massive body count that will include both allies and enemies," he teases.

Be sure to tune in to THE ORIGINALS on Tuesday, April 29, and Tuesday, May 6, at 8 p.m. EST to see which faction wins the supernatural war! And to read more from our chat with Parsons, pick up the new ABC issue of Soaps In Depth, on sale now!

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