Emmy Nominees React!


How did GENERAL HOSPITAL's Daytime Emmy nominees find out that they'd made the final cut? What episode did they submit? Read on to find out!

Jason Thompson (Patrick): "I had a hockey game [the night before]; I got home at 12:30 [a.m.]; I was restless once I got home and I stayed up and did some work. I went to bed at 2:30. I woke up to a bunch of text messages from friends, family and colleagues. It was very nice. It was definitely a nice way to wake up.

"I submitted the episode where Patrick tells Sabrina that he's going to go back to Robin, and then he goes back to his home and tells Robin he's home. It told its own story within the episode. It represents me and the show well. It's always interesting trying to go through those episodes and find the one to send in... I was very comfortable with the one I chose."


Bradford Anderson (ex-Spinelli): "I was still in bed when I got the news. I set my phone to airplane mode when we go to sleep; have a 2 ½ year old daughter who likes to wake up (early) and a Yorkshire terrier that loves to run around. When I took my phone off airplane mode it was lit up.

"I submitted the day Ellie told Spinelli that he was the father of the baby outside the nursery. It's not every day that you get a circumstance like that. One show does not a year make. Some years you don't get those heightened scenarios. You take the best work that you can think of. I think the Emmy shows that win have to be a combination of a good actor doing good work with heightened material; what sets this day apart from every other day? That was the most dramatic moment I had."

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