Daytime Emmy Awards Preview!


Fans have lots of questions now that it's been announced that the 41st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards are going to be broadcast not on a network or cable outlet, but rather streamed via the Internet at beginning at 5:00 p.m. PST on Sunday, June 22. Soaps In Depth spoke to David Michaels, Senior Executive Director, Daytime Emmy Awards for The National Academy Of Television Arts & Sciences, about what viewers can expect on the big day!

Soaps In Depth: Will the format be different? Will the show have a time limit?
David Michaels: As I understand it, the plan is for the show to go straight through — there will be no commercial breaks. We're treating it like a live show. It'll run for two hours.

In Depth: There tend to be fewer rules on the Internet about what people can do. Might we see more of a party atmosphere for this show?
Michaels: I'm not sure. It's the same setting room and people, the same party. I don't know if people will feel that they can take advantage of the "no-holds-barred" rules of the Internet or not.

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In Depth: There were rumors the show would go to the TV Guide Network.
Michaels: That's for next year. There's already talks for next year with a number of different places. We're very confident that it'll be back on television next year.

In Depth: There could be some pluses from the show being on the Web as opposed to a traditional broadcast network. Is that something that played a factor in the decision?
Michaels: There wasn't a broadcast deal turned down, if that's what you're asking. In my perfect world for the future, I'd love to see it on TV and streamed. I think that's the way to be current and reach the most people. Younger fans are into streaming [content]. Older fans would be more into television. I'd like it to be something for everyone.

In Depth: What are the advantages to having no commercial breaks?
Michaels: We're doing 24 categories now. That's substantially more than we'd do on a [regular] broadcast. All the [regular] soap categories will be there. The new category for Web soaps will be there. So will the Special Class Special category. One of the nominees for that is the Jeanne Cooper (ex-Katherine) tribute episode that THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS did. It was amazing.

In Depth: Any word on who's going to host the show?
Michaels: I know there are offers out, but I don't believe anyone is signed yet.

In Depth: Will the show being on the Web allow for clips to be shown more easily?
Michaels: I made it clear that everyone wants to see clips. [The production company that's doing the show] has had our office send out a call for video to everybody. I know you're going to see a lot more video than you saw last year. I'm pushing hard to get the actor clips in there.

In Depth: So we might see more clips than we have in past years?
Michaels: Yes. Two hours is a lot of time without commercials. It's two hours!

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