Give ALL MY CHILDREN alum Jamie Luner (Liza) a good piece of drama to work with, and she'll deliver! In the premiere episode of HEARTBREAKERS, Investigation Discovery's (ID) new re-enactment series (airing Wednesday, August 13, at 10 p.m. EST), she'll bring to life a real-life crime so outrageous it could have come from a soap opera! And fortunately for her, co-stars Jack Wager (ex-Frisco, GENERAL HOSPITAL; ex-Nick, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL) and Rob Estes (both of whom she worked with on MELROSE PLACE) were also more than up to the task.

"It's about a woman [Teresa Stone] who was living in small, very faith-based town and unhappy in her marriage," Luner says of her character. "She got a lot of joy from listening to her pastor [David "Brother" Love, played by Wagner], and they sparked an interest in each other."

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The Preacher's Mistress
That "interest" turned into a longtime affair that in 2013, famously ended in the murder of Stone's husband, Randy (Estes). The way in which it all went down may seem crazy to viewers, but Luner found compassion for her character.

"What was so well done about this program is that they walk you through how it could happen," she suggests. "When the manipulation is so thick and so deep and people are seeking love without being really centered... they can get sucked into all sorts of things that they never would have thought of before."

While Luner had to work to emulate her real-life character, sharing scenes with Wagner and Estes was a walk in the park. "It was great working with both of the men!" she enthuses. "It was just very comfortable and a very sweet reunion."

Might she have found that same feeling from her next role, an appearance in the second episode of AMC's highly anticipated mid-season drama, BETTER CALL SAUL? Not on your life! Luner teases that the role called for her to reinvent herself. "You will see me in a way that no fan has seen me yet!" she laughingly previews. "I did a lot of dress up for this character, and I look very different... Saul's picking me up in a bar, and it's really fun!"

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