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Is Liz Out At GH?!


A rumor circulating on the Internet has Jonathan Jackson (ex-Lucky) returning to GENERAL HOSPITAL for a few weeks as a way to usher Rebecca Herbst's Elizabeth off the show. But before fans fly into a tizzy, the actress would like to nip this particular rumor in the bud!

"This is news to me!" Herbst tells Soaps In Depth. "I wasn't aware this rumor was circulating, nor have I heard anything about Lucky coming back to town for a few weeks." As for what's going on in Elizabeth's current storyline, Herbst shares with a smile, "All I can say is, it's gonna be interesting!"

With the reveal that Jake Doe is really the back-from-the-dead Jason, it's certainly not the time to be writing Liz off the canvas! So let's file this particular rumor under "F" for "False."

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Tyler's Baby News!

TylerRonWifeSwap.jpg (176x176Preview)

Congratulations to GENERAL HOSPITAL's Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) and his wife, Brienne, who welcomed a baby daughter into the world today! "7lb 11oz! Finally here!" he told his Twitter followers. The couple's son, Greysun James, is five.

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GH Friday Recap: 'Jake IS Jason!'


What would GENERAL HOSPITAL's Nurses Ball be without 1) getting a glimpse of Lucy in her undies and 2) a relationship catastrophe? This year's gala to benefit the treatment, prevention and awareness of HIV/AIDS was on its way to history repeating itself yet again!

Brad's evening began with a jumping-for-joy reunion with his BFF, Britt, who came out of hiding for one reason and one reason only -- to watch red carpet arrivals with him. With a half-gallon of ice cream and two spoons in hand, the besties poked fun at the dazzlingly dressed folks of PC, waiting -- hoping -- for a blooper, fall or a wardrobe malfunction. Maxie did just fine filling that order! Upon hearing of Spencer's accident, Britt ran to Wyndemere, gave the tyke a pep talk and told him to stop sulking and get his little behind to the ball!

After guests filed into the Metro Court ballroom, the show began. Lucy, looking as lovely as usual, kicked off the evening by introducing the nurses of GH, who welcomed the crowd with song and dance. Then, with a clap of thunder, the stage darkened and Obrecht appeared. Dressed in head-to-toe red, she strutted around the stage, bursting balloons as she sang "99 Red Balloons."

Lucy took the stage and shut her down faster than lanes on the George Washington Bridge and moved right on to the next act. Ric. He looked at Liz and told her to open the box Molly had given her moments earlier. In it, a diamond engagement ring. As a montage of his and Liz's beautiful times together flashed on a giant screen, he looked at her and sang, "[I Wanna] Marry You."

Suddenly, guests gasped as Hayden and Pete's wedding photo was projected behind Ric. Carly and Pete waltzed onto stage and, well, to sum it up, "outted" Ric's scheme. Both furious and humiliated, Liz ran out, and Ric quickly followed. He, of course, used his standard, "I did it because I love you" speech." This time, there was no way she was going to fall for his lies. That was it; they were finished, done, through, kaput.

Meanwhile, Lucy asked Brad up to the stage and save the party like he did last year. With the tempo jacked up a little, he finished Ric's song. The lyrics got the best of him because when he was done, he walked up to Lucas and proposed!

After her part in Ric's plan had been revealed, Hayden ran out with Jake close behind. She confessed everything to him and was even somewhat apologetic. Carly ordered both her and Ric to leave the premises or she'd have security throw them out! At the same time, a frantic Liz ran into a dressing room. She felt like a fool for trusting Ric again. But, more importantly, she realized that Jake's marriage to Hayden was a lie. That meant Liz could be with him. Nikolas did his best to calm Liz, but to no avail. Until, that is, he said those shocking words: "Jake... is Jason!" Liz froze.

Monday on GH, Spencer takes his pursuit of Emma too far, Anna and Duke don't see Lucy coming, and Magic Milo and the Magic Wands! Don't forget: 3:00 ET and 2:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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Jack Wagner Visits HOME & FAMILY

Jack Wagner (ex-Frisco, GENERAL HOSPITAL) appeared on the Hallmark talk show HOME & FAMILY on Friday, May 1, to talk about his primetime series WHEN CALLS THE HEART which just premiered its second season last weekend. You can catch WHEN CALLS THE HEART Saturdays at 8:00 p.m. ET on Hallmark Channel, and you can watch HOME & FAMILY weekdays at 10:00 a.m. ET on the same network!

And if you missed Wagner's appearance, you can watch his segment above!

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Thiebaud Talks Britt's Return!


Some things are worth risking jail time for, and one of them is to watch Nurses Ball red carpet arrivals with your bestie! GENERAL HOSPITAL's Britt, who has been in hiding since late last year to avoid child endangerment charges, shocked the socks off of Brad when she showed up at his door. It was the perfect return at the perfect time!

"It was good being back," portrayer Kelly Thiebaud (Britt) grins. "It was just a case of getting used to that [taping] speed again. I didn't have a lot of time to work on the material, so it was [a little] like the first time I set foot in there just trying to find my feet again."

For Thiebaud's beau, Bryan Craig (Morgan), a Britt/Brad reunion was the way to go! "People like seeing Kelly and Parry [Shen, Brad] together," Craig says. "People really like them as a fun pairing. It was a good idea that they thought of bringing her back for that and that she decided to go back for a day."

And it could be just the beginning! "It's like my family away from my family," she says, and one that she wouldn't mind visiting — and working with — again in the future! "I would love that. And I told them when I decided not to re-sign that I'd love to recur. But I don't know if they would do that."

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Genie Francis Returns To GH!


Looks like reuniting GENERAL HOSPITAL legends Anthony Geary (Luke) and Genie Francis (Laura) at the 42nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards wasn't just a tease, because it has just been revealed that it's going to be happening in Port Charles!

"Hey GH fans: I have awesome news..." tweeted GH executive producer Frank Valentini, "Genie Francis is coming back to GENERAL HOSPITAL!"

In a press release issued shortly after his Twitter announcement, Valentini said that "Genie is a part of our GH family and the door has always been open for her to return when the timing and story are right. Lucky for us, the stars have aligned and we are thrilled to welcome Genie back home."

At this point, that's all we know, though, so stay tuned as we get more information from everyone involved about when we can expect to see Laura back on our TV screens, and how long her visit in Port Charles will be!

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Tweet With The QUEENS!


During tonight's episode of QUEENS OF DRAMA, you can do more than just watch the drama... you can be a part of it! The cast of the reality series will be live-tweeting during the airing starting at 8:00 p.m. ET, and you can interact with them by tweeting to the page at @QueensOfDrama and using the hashtag #QueensOfDrama!

Need another incentive to tune into tonight's episode? How about an appearance by the legendary Joan Collins! Watch the preview below!

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Daytime Emmy Prank Rakes In The Dough!

Ellen DeGeneres and Matt Lauer launched this year's Daytime Emmy Awards ceremony with another installment of their ongoing prank war against each other, this time with DeGeneres using special effects to make it appear that Lauer was stripping down for the camera.

However, her challenge that any time an Emmy winner thanked Lauer in their speech, he would donate $1,000, raised some very serious money because by the end of the evening,16 people had thanked him. DeGeneres matched his donation with $16,001, so he one-upped her a bit more, donating $16,002 to charity. The money raised will be split evenly between UNICEF and Doctors Without Borders.

You can watch Lauer's reaction to the whole experience in the video above!

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Renée Elise Goldsberry (Evangeline, ONE LIFE TO LIVE) is appearing in tonight's episode of YOUNGER, airing at 10:00 p.m. ET on TV Land. In the episode titled "Shedonism," Goldsberry will be playing a former crush of Debi Mazar's Maggie, and the two cross paths again at an out-of-control book launch party!

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Monaco Dances Again!


Fans of GENERAL HOSPITAL's Kelly Monaco (Sam) know that she was the first celebrity winner of DANCING WITH THE STARS back in 2005. Tonight, Tuesday, April 28 at 8:00 p.m. ET on ABC, the Emmy-nominated actress returns to the ballroom and reunites with pro dancer Valentin Chmerkovskiy on DANCING WITH THE STARS: 10TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL for a routine that is not to be missed!

"It gives 'taking it all off' a new meaning," Monaco previews to Soaps In Depth about her dance with Chmerkovskiy, her pro partner in DWTS' All-Stars season. For viewers, the dance — which is one that the couple has done before — will be highly entertaining. For Monaco, it means getting to have a creative do-over.

"When we did our 'surfer' dance in the All-Stars season, I was wired not to take it all off," she recalls. "Val took one for the team. I felt that hindered our experience. I felt that there was one thing that I did wrong during the All-Star season, and now I got to do it again the way I wanted to do it. Life doesn't often let you do that and I got to do it again."

Monaco says she knows how lucky she is to have been part of the dance competition reality series. "I feel like I've been struck by lightning a few times," she acknowledges. "I don't know why. This time, I felt like I did the dance justice, and that we even did it better. Don't miss this show!"

Does the former mirror ball trophy winner think that this will be the season that Chmerkovskiy, partnered with Rumer Willis (daughter of Demi Moore, ex-Jackie, GENERAL HOSPITAL), will win? "For sure!" Monaco exclaims. "If he doesn't win, there's something seriously wrong with the world. No one else can win this season, in my eyes."

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