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Sexypants Is One Of People's Sexiest!


People Magazine has named actor Chris Hemsworth Sexiest Man Alive for 2014, but quite a few familiar daytime faces made their other hot lists!

Over on the "Sexy At Every Age" list, GENERAL HOSPITAL's Ryan Paevey (Nathan) joined lots of other hunks including Mario Lopez (ex-Christian, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL). Over on the "Hottest Guys From Around The World" list, they included ALL MY CHILDREN alum Mark Consuelos (Mateo) under Spain and Nathan Fillion (Joey, ONE LIFE TO LIVE) under Canada.

And on the "Men of the Year" list, you'll find AS THE WORLD TURNS' Billy Magnussen (Casey), AMC's Michael B. Jordan (Reggie), OLTL's Teddy Sears (Chad) and GUIDING LIGHT's Matt Bomer (Ben).

It's no surprise that daytime has the sexiest men out there! Who do you think should've made the list? Sound off in the comments!

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GH Recap: Sonny Pleads Guilty!


Upon discovering that Ava had fled the hospital, Michael took his frustration out on Kiki. "Not only are you a liar," he barked, "but you're an idiot, too!" Morgan tried to prevent Michael from trash-talking Kiki, but wound up joining her on the receiving end of his brother's anger. "You two are a regular brain trust," Michael spat, "aren't you?" Determined to find Ava, Anna had Julian dragged — quite literally — down to the station. Ava, meanwhile, turned up on Silas' doorstep. Before he could even say, "Hey, they found your baby yet?", Ava demanded that he hide her. (Ava must be saving a fortune on rent with all this couch surfing!)

Heading into court, Diane told Sonny and Carly to keep their lips so zipped that the only words that could escape were "not" and "guilty." Despite this, the judge denied Carly bail. Sonny struck a deal, agreeing to plead guilty if the charges against Carly were dropped. Jordan and Shawn told T.J. that they'd had an affair behind his father's back. In the understatement of the year, Jordan declared that the tryst had been "a mistake." Shawn insisted that Thomas had pulled a gun on him, and that he'd killed him in self-defense. Shawn and Jordan insisted that T.J. was definite Thomas' son. (The look on Jordan's face, however, indicated she might have told a whopper where her son's paternity is concerned!) Sam and Patrick overheard Larry talking to Jerry and, when not talking louder than they probably should have from a few feet away, heard him mention a safe deposit box. While Patrick distracted Larry (with booze... smart man!), Sam made a copy of the key to the safe deposit box using Danny's Silly Putty!

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GH Star Expecting!


Congratulations to Lisa LoCicero (Olivia, GENERAL HOSPITAL), who has something extra-special to be thankful for this holiday season! The actress and husband Michael Patrick Jann are expecting their second child! The couple already have a son, Lukas, who is 13.

The actress announced her exciting news as part of the cast's Happy Thanksgiving video posted today at Best wishes to the happy family!

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GH Recap: Michael Seals Sonny's Fate!


Obrecht told Patrick he could have his job back, but reprimanded him for responding by hugging Sam. "Take your display of affection elsewhere!" she snapped. Obrecht later met with Britt and, after greeting her with a slap, blackmailed her daughter. How? By threatening to tell Nikolas the truth about Britt's involvement in Spencer's disappearance unless she helped Agent Sloane bring down Anna for Faison's murder.

Michael declared himself a Quartermaine and made it clear he wasn't about to let Tracy or Larry take over the family business. Despite Diane's pleas that he not, Sonny had Shawn give Michael the tape proving he killed A.J. and Ava killed Connie. Playing the tape, Michael and Monica finally knew that A.J. had been innocent. Well, of Connie's murder, anyway. Monica and Ned went to give A.J. the best possible birthday present — word that he'd been exonerated. Of course, this birthday present would have been way more awesome were A.J. still, you know, alive. Kiki called her mama out for having killed Connie. (Ava's response, "I know it was wrong," may have been the understatement of the week, at least so far!) She ran into Michael at GH just as he was handing the incriminating audiotape over to Anna. After listening to it, Anna went to arrest Ava only to find her hospital bed empty.

Nikolas and Spencer had a long chat about honesty and chocolate. For a second, it looked as if Spencer might throw Britt under the bus, but he changed his mind at the last minute. Shawn and Jordan sat T.J. down and prepared to tell him the truth about his father. Sam and Patrick snuck up to the conveniently-unlocked patio door of the Quartermaine living room and opened it enough to overhear the phone call on which Larry warned Jerry that they had a problem. With it looking as if Duke and Carly were going to be sent to Pentonville, Alexis told Sonny, "You are going down, and you are taking everybody with you!"

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Cast Your Vote #49


Once again, it's time to express your opinions for our Readers' Poll. In the comments section for this article, please respond to the question, and feel free to explain your answer, but remember that any comments here may be considered for publication in the magazine. Any extra comments you have that have nothing to do with this week's poll question should be directed to the Message Boards section of our Web site!

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Can Michael ever forgive Sonny for killing A.J.?

Please note that the cut-off date for your votes to be counted will be Friday, November 21. And please, only one vote per person!

To vote on your favorite actor, actress and couple currently appearing on an ABC, CBS or NBC soap, please mail your choices to:

ABC Readers' Poll
c/o Soaps In Depth
270 Sylvan Ave.
Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632

Multiple mail-in votes during the same voting period will not be counted, so don't waste our time, your time, or the postage!


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Franco's Mom Returns!


James Franco is no longer playing Franco on GENERAL HOSPITAL, but his mother, Betsy Franco, is still going to be playing the character's mom! The soap has confirmed that the actress will be returning as Betsy Franco/Karen Anderson, although at this time we don't have a first airdate or any idea how long her stint will be. How do you think Betsy will react to Franco's latest crimes?

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GH Recap: Michael Changes His Name!


Jake moved in with Liz. He felt as if there was something familiar about a photo of Jason, and later bonded with Cameron over the youngster's homework. Patrick headed to the hospital to find out whether or not he would be reinstated. Agent Stone hoped Britt would help him bring down Anna for the murder of Faison. Following another showdown with Anna, Obrecht was approached by Sloane. Michael visited his jailed parents and made it clear they were basically dead to him. He did, however, want one thing from Sonny: the tape proving that Ava, not A.J., killed Connie. Despite knowing it would seal his fate, Sonny promised that he'd have Shawn deliver the tape. Sonny and Carly declared their love for Michael, but he spat that neither of them knew the meaning of the word. Larry suggested that Tracy should be put in charge of ELQ. As Tracy said they needed to boot Michael from the company, the troubled young man entered and told everyone that from now on, he'd be going by Michael Quartermaine!

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Making A BOLD Move?


Is Kelly Thiebaud jumping ship as GENERAL HOSPITAL's Britt to tackle the role of Steffy on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL?

While ABC does not comment on actor contracts, sources tell Soaps In Depth that Thiebaud had opted not to sign a new deal with GH, and has been on recurring status with the soap until her character could ultimately be written out. Rumor has it that B&B swooped in and made the actress an offer she couldn't refuse!

Alas, the rumor is exactly that, and nothing more. A spokesperson for the CBS soap tells In Depth that there is no truth to it, and that Thiebaud will not be joining the cast of B&B as Steffy Forrester.

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Sonny Faces The Music!


Miss Friday's GENERAL HOSPITAL? We'll catch you up. Read on...

Carly and Sonny always made the best of their alone time together. It usually included some kind of heart-to-heart conversation, which would, invariably, lead to their bodies doing the talking! This time around, only half of that was possible, as two sets of jail cell bars separated them. "I lost him, Carly. I lost our son," he mourned. "He has every right to hate me."

Sonny listened attentively as Carly recounted the look on Michael's face when he saw and heard Sonny's taped confession of killing A.J. And then there was that hideous necklace with the hidden camera that Franco gave her as an engagement present. If only she trusted her sense of fashion and hadn't worn it every second of every day, Franco wouldn't have had the documented evidence used to destroy their family.

"It's not really Franco's fault. It's all my fault," Sonny lamented. He knew that pushing Franco was like poking a stick at a caged lion, but he did it anyway. "I was just too headstrong, too arrogant and too afraid to lose what we had," he said of his and Carly's relationship. It was now over between the two of them, not because he wanted it that way, but rather because the devastation was too great. "I love you, Sonny," she said softly. "I love you, too," he answered, "but sometimes love just isn't enough."

Despite knowing everything Franco had already done and was capable of doing, Carly defended him until the moment he showed the video at their wedding. For that, she apologized to Sonny, and he accepted. Now they had to worry about Duke and if he'd give Scotty Baldwin the ammo needed to seal Sonny's fate. At the PCPD, Duke conferred with Alexis, his attorney in the matter, courtesy of Lucy Coe. Alexis told him that the way to get the charges against him dropped was simple -- testify against Sonny. Duke adamantly refused.

While Duke was refusing to roll over Sonny, Michael was just about to roll over Rosalie... again... and in a much more pleasant way! Kiki, however, let herself into Michael's apartment and walked in on them about to the do the nasty. Rather than march out horrified, she stuck around.

"We'd like to get back to what we were doing, so if you don't mind," Michael said, shooing away his girlfriend and snuggling up to his bed buddy. Awkward! Rosalie gathered her clothes and made a hasty retreat. Michael was in no way about to forgive Kiki for keeping it from him that Sonny killed A.J. "I don't love you. Not anymore," he said coldly.

While Jake was finding something oddly familiar about photos of Alan, Edward and Lila on a wall of honor at GH, Nikolas and Britt were visited by Agent Sloane, an investigator with the justice department looking into corruption at the WSB. One file they found while Victor was in command was on Faison. As it turned out, Obrecht was right. Faison was not at Steinmauer. In fact, the file suggested that Robert and Anna murdered him! The only way to prove that case required Britt's assistance!

Monday on GH, Michael has a request of Sonny, a look at a photo of Jason brings up new questions for Jake, and Patrick learns his future at the hospital! Don't forget: 3:00 ET and 2:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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Johnny's Back! Is Britt Out?


As first reported by Daytime Confidential, Brandon Barash will be returning to GENERAL HOSPITAL as Johnny! A rep for the soap has confirmed his appearance, but with no details. But it would seem to be a short arc, so it's more likely someone will be visiting Johnny in Pentonville instead of the mobster being released from prison!

We're also hearing that Marc Anthony Samuel (Felix), John J. York (Mac) and Kelly Thiebaud (Britt) are being dropped to recurring status with the show. This isn't terribly surprising, as GH does have a lot of contract players — more than it can find time for on-screen. However, there is additional buzz that says that Thiebaud is actually on her way out of Port Charles permanently. We'll keep you up to date on any new information as we get it! Stay tuned!

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