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GH's Castillo Expecting Again!


Some eagle-eyed GENERAL HOSPITAL viewers noticed that actress Teresa Castillo (Sabrina) spent most of an episode last week sitting on the back porch of the Quartermaine mansion holding a pillow in her lap. And when Sabrina and Michael went swimming in the lake, she was reluctant to take off her cover-up and go swimming. And their suspicions were confirmed today when Castillo posted on Instagram a photo of the entire happy family, including husband Shane Aaron carrying daughter Victoria, and her carrying her baby bump! "Someone's getting a little brother..." she wrote in the photo's caption.

There's no word yet whether this pregnancy will be written into Sabrina's storyline on GH as it was with her first child. Would you like to see Michael and Sabrina start a family? Sound off in the comments with your thoughts and your best wishes for the expectant mother!

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GH Friday Recap: Luke And Bobbie Share Goodbyes!


A soft, wistful smile still lingered on Luke's face from his otherworldly chat with his dearly departed mother, Lena, when Bobbie walked in the old Spencer house on Elm Street. The gun on the table immediately concerned her, but Luke set her at ease. Although he had considered ending his life, he instead decided to leave Port Charles in search of his future. Bobbie agree that he needed to "find himself," but couldn't he do that without leaving town? The thought of not seeing him again brought her to tears. After they agreed to not say goodbye, but merely arrivederci, he kissed her on her cheek and she left. Luke turned back into the room and saw a young man. They sat and talk for a while, then Luke patted his teenage self on the shoulder and said, "Are you ready to hit the road? With that, together, they exited the Spencer house for the last time.

Laura ran into Scotty at the Metro Court and told him that she didn't run off on a romantic adventure with Luke, but rather they were rescuing Lucky, Ethan from Frank and Jennifer Smith. Scotty was thrilled that they also found Little Jake alive and well, but he was surprised to hear that Lucky left town, considering his son wasn't dead! Laura confessed that there was more to the story. And it was evident that she was itching to tell someone the secret. Scotty offered to let Laura unburden herself, and, boy, was she tempted to do just that! But before she could reveal what she knew, Bobbie interrupted and announced that Luke was leaving town.

Nathan and Maxie were just about to enjoy dinner when Madeline joined them at their table. Nathan introduced his "mother" to his girlfriend, which did not go well. Madeline felt the need to needle Maxie about tripping in front of the cameras on the Nurses Ball red carpet and how she must learn to make graceful entrances. Nathan was about to escort Maxie away when Madeline explained that she was worried about his sister. She detailed Nina's hallucinations and expressed her concern that Nina really did kidnap Avery. Madeline begged Nathan to keep an eye on her.

Meanwhile, Nina was in shock to find a crib in her hotel room. Upon closer inspection, there was a creepy doll covered with Avery's monogrammed blanket inside! Panicked, Nina ran into the bedroom just as Ric was in the hall, paying off a hotel employee to remove the crib. When Ric walked in the suite, music was blaring. Nina came out of the other room and was stunned to see the crib gone. Ric reached into his pocket, switched on the recorder with the baby crying and pretended he didn't hear it. Nina freaked and sank to her knees. After Ric calmed her, Nathan arrived to check on her. He didn't just see Nina; he also saw the blanket that Avery was supposedly found in when she was kidnapped!

Franco's arrival had Ava hopeful that he had found the taped of her confession in Scotty's office, but her partner in crime admitted that the D.A.'s office was surrounded by security. After prodding, he finally got her to admit that she had been hooking up with Morgan. A lot. "What kind of mother would sleep with her daughter's boyfriend?" Franco shouted. Yes, she hated lying to her daughter, but she and Morgan had an unbreakable connection. Franco had an easy solution: He would tell Kiki the truth!

Monday on GH, Luke says one final farewell, Franco makes a not-so idle threat, and Madeline tells Maxie exactly what she thinks of her! Don't forget: 3:00 ET and 2:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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GH Headwriter Out!


GENERAL HOSPITAL headwriter Ron Carlivati has been let go from the ABC soap. The scribe had moved to GH, along with executive producer Frank Valentini, upon the cancelation of ONE LIFE TO LIVE in January 2012. During his tenure at OLTL, Carlivati's team won the 2008 Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series Writing Team.

Daytime veterans Shelly Altman and Jean Passanante have been named co-headwriters, effective August 10. "We are pleased to welcome back two esteemed writers to our GH family," said Vicki Dummer, executive vice president current series programming, in the announcement. "Shelly and Jean's combined talents and experiences promise to continue the show's legacy of compelling storytelling that will resonate with our impassioned viewers. We're delighted with what they have in store for the show as they continue honoring the rich, diverse environs of Port Charles."

Both scribes come to Port Charles with plenty of soap experience -- and Daytime Emmy Awards. Altman's writing credits include OLTL, ANOTHER WORLD and headwriter at THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS. She was previously co-headwriter for GH back in 2012. Passanante, who joined the GH writing staff a few months back, has held the headwriter or co-headwriter position at AS THE WORLD TURNS, Y&R, ALL MY CHILDREN and AW, and also served on the OLTL writing staff.

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Video: GH's Geary On NIGHTLINE


In case you missed it, NIGHTLINE did a segment about Anthony Geary leaving the role of GENERAL HOSPITAL's Luke after nearly four decades. They talked to Geary and co-star Genie Francis (Laura) about the iconic Luke and Laura romance and then Jane Elliot (Tracy) about being the most recent woman in Luke's life. It's full of classic clips and photos that every GH fan will love! Watch it below!

ABC US News | World News

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GH's Barash Moves To Melrose Place!


Brandon Barash (ex-Johnny, GENERAL HOSPITAL) has a new role: He's been cast in the upcoming Lifetime film, The Unauthorized Melrose Place Story! Barash will play actor Thomas Calabro and his MELROSE PLACE alter ego, Michael Mancini, in the tell-all movie, which is the latest installment in the cable network's Unauthorized series. Scheduled to air on Saturday, October 10, the film will take viewers behind the scenes of the popular 1990s primetime soap.

And just in case you'd like to get even more nostalgic, Lifetime will air The Unauthorized Beverly Hills, 90210 Story on Saturday, October 3. The Unauthorized Full House Story will debut on Saturday, August 22, starring Justin Gaston (ex-Ben, DAYS OF OUR LIVES) as John Stamos/Uncle Jesse. (Stamos, of course, once played Blackie on GH.)

Check out a cast photo from The Unauthorized Melrose Place Story below, and let us know in the comments if you think Barash will make a good Michael Mancini!


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Did You Order Your DVD Yet?


Soaps In Depth recently told you about a special collaboration that photographer Jim Warren did with GENERAL HOSPITAL icon Anthony Geary (Luke), a 25-minute travel documentary with a twist titled Amsterdam: On The Move With Anthony Geary. The limited-release movie was filmed several months ago in Geary's adopted city, Amsterdam, while Warren was visiting his friend -- and the first 50 people who mentioned Soaps In Depth while ordering the DVD received their copy autographed by the beloved Emmy winner. Since those first 50 copies went so quickly, Warren is now including a bonus photo of Geary for readers who mention In Depth in their order.

For details on how to order your copy of the film, check out the poster below!

Tony CDV Ams.jpg

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OLTL Fan Fave Is Pregnant Again!


Erin Torpey (Jessica, ONE LIFE TO LIVE) is expecting her second child with husband Hamilton Von Watts! In several recent Instagram posts, the actress revealed that she is halfway through her second pregnancy with another boy. The couple's son, Izaiah, celebrated his fifth birthday last month. (He's pictured above at age 2.) Congratulations to the Von Watts family on the new addition!

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The Pecks Have Added To Their Pack!


ONE LIFE TO LIVE stars Terri Conn (Aubrey) and husband Austin Peck (Rick) welcomed their second child together over the weekend! The couple announced on Twitter that Conn had given birth to Morgan Theresa Peck on July 18. (You can see an adorable pic of the newborn here.)

The new addition joins the couple's daughter, Keira (2 1/2), as well as Conn's daughter, Julia, and Peck's sons, Aidan and Roman. Congratulations!!

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Baby On Board!


Matthew Ashford (ex-Tom, GENERAL HOSPITAL; ex-Stephen, ONE LIFE TO LIVE; ex-Jack, DAYS OF OUR LIVES) and actress/teacher Lana Buss are expecting their second child in November. "It's gonna be a girl," he reveals to Soaps In Depth. The new addition will join big brother Henry (2) and Ashford's daughters, Grace and Emma, with his former wife, Christina Saffran.

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What's Next For Laura?

GenieFrancis.jpg Genie Francis is back as GH's Laura, and it looks like she just might be here to stay! In the current ABC issue of Soaps In Depth, the much-loved actress candidly shares her hopes and desires for the character she originally brought to life 39 years ago, including her thoughts on sticking around past her currently-slated six-month gig!

With Luke off the canvas, the show has a unique and exciting challenge ahead as it crafts the next phase of Laura's story. Who is Laura without Luke? From her career path to her romantic future, the world is Laura's oyster... and Francis, for one, is excited to find out in which direction the winds of fate will blow the character! "It's an exciting time for her," says the superstar, "and for me, as well!"

To read more of Francis' thoughts about Laura's future, pick up the new ABC issue of Soaps In Depth on sale now!

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