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GH's Delia Sings!


"Singing" on GENERAL HOSPITAL can sometimes mean ratting out the mob, but that's not the kind of tunes that Ilene Kristen (Delia) has been working on. The Emmy-nominated actress has completed her first CD titled I'm Not Done With U, now available on iTunes and

"It's a collection of my own original songs, and I'm really excited to share this more personal side of myself with my friends and fans who've been with me through my career," Kristen says. "Of course, I love acting and soaps and stage, but music is where it all began for me, dancing backup starting at the age of 9 at the beach clubs in Long Beach."

Kristen adds that it was in Southern California where she was "bitten by the Latin groove, and over the years, jazz, rock and blues melded in, and the result is a sound and style that I feel truly represents me.

"I hope you'll listen to some of the tunes and decide to buy the album," she adds. "I'm really proud of it, and so delighted to give you the opportunity to share in my perhaps lesser-known but equally fervent passion for music."

You can check out Kristen's music on iTunes and!

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GH Friday Recap: Brad and Rosalie Cooper? Huh?


Lucas was clearly furious with Brad after learning he was already married. Brad wanted to work through it, but that wasn't going to happen if Lucas wouldn't even talk to him. A little later, Rosalie met Lucas and thought he was quite the looker. Who doesn't think that? Any way, she hit on him and his was response was, "Uh. Um." She asked, "What? Engaged? Gay?" Actually, all of the above, Rosalie. She was a wee bit surprised and made a hasty retreat. After she stepped out of the room, Brad stepped in. Then Rosalie returned. She looked at Brad; Brad looked at her. "Brad?" "Rosalie?" Yes, Brad was married to, of all people, Rosalie!

Hayden's condition improved enough that Patrick released her from GH. He asked her if someone would be taking care of her. Cue Nikolas and the ominous, foreboding music! Nik invited her to recoup at Wyndemere, which was an offer she couldn't refuse for many reasons. "If you can't trust a prince, who can you trust, right?" she asked. Oh Hayden, you can't trust a prince either, my dear. She smiled at Nik and thanked him, saying, "As soon as I get my memory back, I will not be your problem anymore." That might be true because, at that point, Nikolas will probably have her killed!

Valerie had Dillon helped her move out of Wyndemere so Hayden could move in. Dillon wasn't much of a Nik fan. He didn't understand how the man that once loved Emily so deeply could spit on her grave by seizing her family's company. It's okay, Dillon. GH viewers don't understand that either. Meanwhile, Lulu gave Dante the good news and the bad news. The good news was that she was going to be bringing in some extra income. The bad news was that she was going to be working with Dillon. After exchanging "I trust you" with each other, there was a knock at the door. Behind it: Olivia. She was back!

Jake stopped by Sonny's place and told Carly how he and Sam were working for Michael to find leverage to blackmail Nik into returning ELQ. "Excellent!" Carly said, flashing her pearly whites. But what really made her day was when Jake said that she was his best friend. That elicited a giant hug, at which time, of course, Sonny walked in. He warned her that Jake's mysterious past would inevitably spell danger down the road, and he didn't want her to get caught in the blowback.

Sam interrupted Liz's pensive state by bringing Danny over to meet Little Jake, a visit that gave Liz that "just sucked on a lemon" look. Sam and Liz introduced the tykes to each other, saying they were brothers because they had the same Daddy. Liz mentioned to Sam that she accepted Jake's marriage proposal, prompting a forced smile from Sam and a turn away while biting her lip. Definitely not a "woo HOO!" When Jake returned and after Sam left, Jake got down on bended knee and presented Liz with an engagement ring. She was thrilled, and he happily slipped it on her finger. Little did she know, their happiness was being threatened back at Wyndemere, where Hayden's memory was beginning to return!

Monday on GH, Brad explains his past to Lucas, Olivia updates Dante and Lulu about her baby, and Jordan interrogates Sonny about the increasing Mob violence! Don't forget: 3:00 ET and 2:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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Lisa LoCicero Returns To GH!


Nine weeks and a beautiful baby daughter (Verity) later, Lisa LoCicero is back on the screen as GENERAL HOSPITAL's Olivia. Will Julian finally learn that he has a son? "What Olivia is dealing with is wanting know whether or not Julian is, in fact, out of the Mob," LoCicero teases. "That's the big dilemma right now." Tune in to find out — and be sure to get the new ABC issue of Soaps In Depth, where we pick LoCicero's brain about her character's baby dilemma!

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Jason Talks Sam... And Robin!

thompson.jpg Fans of GH's Patrick Drake are wondering if he's going to be the odd man out when Sam finds out that Jake Doe is actually her beloved Jason. Soaps In Depth sat down with the Emmy nominated Jason Thompson to talk about Patrick's loves, his losses and fan uproar over the Robin situation. The good doctor's life is in flux, indeed. But Thompson is taking his character's fate one day at a time!

"Patrick's life has been all over the place for the last two years," Thompson says in the current ABC issue. "So I feel like, within that, I'm able as an actor to make more rash decisions, in a way. 'Nothing's going right. I may as well go down a 'wrong' path and see what happens!' It might be interesting see where he comes out on the other end."

For more with the sexy doc's portrayer, pick up the current ABC issue, on sale now!

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Cast Your Vote #35


Once again, it's time to express your opinions for our Readers' Poll. In the comments section for this article, please respond to the question, and feel free to explain your answer, but remember that any comments here may be considered for publication in the magazine. Any extra comments you have that have nothing to do with this week's poll question should be directed to the Message Boards section of our Web site!

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Should Laura tell everyone the truth about Jason?

Please note that the cut-off date for your votes to be counted will be Thursday, August 20. And please, only one vote per person!

To vote on your favorite actor, actress and couple currently appearing on an ABC, CBS or NBC soap, please mail your choices to:

ABC Readers' Poll
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Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632

Multiple mail-in votes during the same voting period will not be counted, so don't waste our time, your time, or the postage!


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GH Switches Sloanes Again!


When Anna returns to GENERAL HOSPITAL, Sloane will be back on the canvas as well... but Soaps In Depth has learned that Grayson McCouch is out and Robb Derringer will be reprising the role!

A spokesperson for the soap confirms that the actor -- who was ousted shortly after Anna and her former mentoree shared a kiss on New Year's Eve and replaced by daytime vet McCouch -- "is returning in the role of Kyle Sloane and will be back for a short story arc." Look for Derringer to appear in early September.

Tell us below, which actor did you like better as Kyle Sloan, Derringer or McCouch?

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On The Road To Recovery!


After seriously injuring his hand in a motorcycle accident (just as GENERAL HOSPITAL's recent three-week hiatus had commenced), Ryan Paevey (Nathan) tells Soaps In Depth that he's well on his way to a full recovery. "My doc is impressed with how quickly my tissue has mended," the actor reports. "All the 'road rash' is gone. The bones have fused, and my body's not fighting the metal. The surgical side is fine."

However, there are still a few obstacles to overcome. "My range of motion is still really limited," he confides. "It'll probably be a while before I'm on the bike or in the gym again."

Paevey credits his pal Mike Viruet, a trainer/nutritionist, with helping him heal. "He came over and totally re-hauled my refrigerator and prepared all these meals for me. He designed a plan especially engineered to aid in the recovery process. So it's pretty cool — I had three microwavable meals from a buddy for a while!"

The GH hunk is right-handed — which is the one he injured — so his life has gotten a little more complicated. "Elastic and I have become good friends," quips the performer. "Buttons are a nightmare!" The good news is that because Paevey's injury occurred at the beginning of GH's hiatus and his recovery has been going so well, the accident didn't have to be written into Nathan's storyline. "[GH executive producer] Frank Valentini was really supportive when I called him both after the accident and surgery. I told him I can't pick anybody up or punch anybody. But that's it."

The actor hasn't had to call in sick a single day of taping because of his rough spill, either. "If I miss a day of work then something is terribly wrong," he quips. "It's because I either don't know that I'm working or I'm dead!"

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Easton's Fan-Conducted Exit Interview!


Yesterday we posted a good-bye message from Michael Easton (ex-Silas, GENERAL HOSPITAL) to his fans, but that wasn't all he had to say. The actor also conducted an exit interview by answering questions posted to his Facebook page.

Because of the number of questions, Easton is promising that he'll answer as many as he can, and in the first part, responds to 25 questions about GH, ONE LIFE TO LIVE and PORT CHARLES (and one mentioning his popularity on the ABC Soaps In Depth Readers' Poll!) with wit, grace and charm.

You can read the first part of the interview here, and make sure to friend Easton on Facebook to see the follow-ups and stay up-to-date on what the actor gets up to next!

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Easton's Good-Bye Message To You!


GENERAL HOSPITAL fans were reeling after Friday's cliffhanger, especially fans of Michael Easton's Silas! But the actor took to Facebook to thank fans for their love and support.

"It always hurts to say good-bye," he posted. "The sting is lessened because of the time I was able to spend with all of you. Not sure when our paths will cross again, but in the meantime, my family and I extend our heartfelt thanks and blessings for all the support and kindness you showed us over the past three years. You made us feel loved and we send our love back to you."

Share your own feelings about Easton and his shocking GH exit in the comments!

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Join Sonny & Sons!


The day that Corinthos fans have been waiting for is almost here! Join GENERAL HOSPITAL's Sonny & Sons -- that would be Maurice Benard (Sonny), Chad Duell (Michael) and Bryan Craig (Morgan) -- at their event during the GH Fan Club Weekend this coming Saturday!

The trio will take the stage on Saturday, August 8, at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Glendale, CA, at 4 p.m. PST (immediately following the main GHFC luncheon). Tickets are $105 and will be available during the GHFCW or at the door.

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