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GH's Gati Flies The Scary Skies


Kathleen Gati's Obrecht may be a powerful, take-no-prisoners character on General Hospital, and hopefully her stewardess character on the Web series FEAR THE WALKING DEAD: FLIGHT 462 is the same way! The internet spinoff of the popular THE WALKING DEAD and FEAR THE WALKING DEAD shows follows the ill-fated passengers of a commercial airline flight at the height of the zombie outbreak.

New episodes of FLIGHT 462 can be found both on and during commercial breaks during each new episode of THE WALKING DEAD airing on AMC every Sunday night at 9:00 p.m. ET. So make sure to catch them and see how Gati's stewardess fares... because if a zombie attacks in the air, there's nowhere left to run!

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GH Friday Recap: Trapped At Wyndemere!


Hayden recalled overhearing Nikolas say that he tried to have her killed. The odd thing was, it didn't evoke a worried frown on her pretty little face; she smirked! When Nikolas asked what was up, she answered, "I've got big plans for you." Uh, huh. Hey, Nik, if you know what's good for you, call your guards!

Jake and Sam spent time hanging out at Kelly's, talking about his desire to find out his true identity as a wedding gift for Liz. They concluded that their best leads were Nikolas and Hayden, who, as luck would have it, walked into the diner carrying numerous bags after an apparent shopping spree. Sam pointed out to Jake that since Hayden and Nikolas were at Kelly's, that meant they weren't at Wyndemere. Now was the perfect time to for them to snoop through the gothic castle for clues, Scooby and Shaggy-like!

After Jake and Sam left, Hayden revealed to Nik that she couldn't resist wearing a sexy teddy out of the store. After one quick flash of Hayden's cleavage and her signature "if you want this, come and get it" look, Nik paid the check, and they were out the door faster than you can say, "What's for dessert?"

Like the two super sleuths they are, Sam and Jake dodged the Wyndemere security system, guards and house staff to sneak into the main house. They were successfully downloading the contents of Nikolas' computer onto a flash drive when they heard commotion outside in the corridor. It was Nikolas and Hayden, who were feeling frisky. Scrambling for a place to hide, Jake and Sam, climbed out the window and onto a second floor balcony. While Nikolas and Hayden shared a hot kiss and prepared to do the deed on a vacant desktop, Jake and Sam were trapped outside!

Liz was counting the days till she was a bride. As she slipped on a wedding veil, she looked in the mirror and said in disbelief, "This is really happening. Jason and I are getting married." That peaceful smile was about to be wiped off her face because there was a knock at the door. It was Laura. "As somebody who cares about you, I think you're making a terrible mistake," she told her former daughter-in-law. Laura urged Liz to come clean about the secret of Jake's identity, but Liz had her own logic that also had some validity. Laura suggested a psychiatrist for Little Jake, who must be traumatized after being held captive for four years. "Jake is Little Jake's father, and I am his mother, and we are giving our son everything he needs," Liz said firmly... unaware that her young son heard every word!

Assuming that the pregnancy test Nathan found was Valerie's, Dante came down hard on her. She, like the Spencer she is, fought back, blasting him for the accusation. It shouldn't come as a surprise that Dillon heard the conversation. Meanwhile on the Haunted Star, Maxie told Lulu that Dillon was in love with her. Just then, Dillon arrived, armed with what he believed to be the possibility that Valerie was pregnant with Dante's child. He planned on making Lulu aware of her husband's infidelity but, before he could say anything, Lulu told him that she knew he was in love with her. He wanted to prove to her that he -- not Dante -- was the man she deserved. To do so, he pulled her into a passionate kiss!

Monday on GH, Lulu reacts to Dillon's pass, Nina shows Franco a side of her he's never seen, and Jake and Sam attempt an escape from Wyndemere? ! Don't forget: 3:00 ET and 2:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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