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Sneak Peek: Lucci Goes To CLEVELAND!


Are you ready for the return of Susan Lucci (Erica, ALL MY CHILDREN) to HOT IN CLEVELAND? The daytime doyenne guest stars on tonight's episode of the TV Land hit comedy, playing herself... and rival of Wendie Malick's washed-up soap queen character, Victoria Chase.

Check out our sneak peek of Lucci's appearance in "The Undead," where she roasts her nemesis at Victoria's fake funeral. Then be sure to tune in tonight at 10 p.m. EST on TV Land to catch the whole show!

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AMC Hunk Takes Over At DAYS!


Just three months into playing DAYS OF OUR LIVES' Ben, Justin Gaston has been replaced by former ALL MY CHILDREN hottie Robert Scott Wilson (Pete) on the NBC soap. Due to the accelerated taping schedule on DAYS, Wilson was actually on-set doing scenes before Gaston had even made his late-February debut as Jordan's brother.

After Prospect Park shuttered the AMC reboot, Wilson returned to his gig as a male model on THE PRICE IS RIGHT, but today marked his final appearance on the CBS game show, as acknowledged by host Drew Carey. "Thank you ALL for your love and support! @PriceIsRight will always have a place in my heart and my journey," Wilson tweeted after the news broke. "Many new things on the horizon!"

Look for Wilson to make his DAYS debut --- opposite fellow AMC alumna Chrishell Stause (Amanda), who plays his alter ego's sister, Jordan -- in late May.

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First Look: Lucci Returns To CLEVELAND!


Susan Lucci (Erica, ALL MY CHILDREN) returns to the TV Land hit comedy HOT IN CLEVELAND tomorrow night, Wednesday, April 15! Once again, La Lucci will be playing herself, making her fifth appearance as Victoria's soap opera rival.

In the episode titled "The Undead," Elka throws a fake funeral for Victoria so that she can join her fugitive husband in hiding... and naturally, Susan attends to get the last laugh in their rivalry! Come back right here tomorrow for an exclusive sneak peek of the episode, then tune in at 10 p.m. EST on TV Land to see the hysterical show!

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Branson's Baby!


Congratulations are in order for Jeff Branson (Jonathan, ALL MY CHILDREN) and longtime love Jaimie Foley on the birth of their first child, son Van James. The infant certainly took his time coming into the world, waiting until well past his due date, but now that he's here, the parents couldn't be happier. You can see a pic of the happy family on Twitter by clicking here!

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AMC Star Gets Gone!


While awaiting the birth of his first child this year, Jeff Branson (Jonathan, ALL MY CHILDREN) has been keeping himself plenty busy! This weekend, he'll turn up on Lifetime in the thriller, Zoe Gone. "It's about Jennifer, a 16-year-old girl who has a baby (Zoe) with the support of her boyfriend, but the pressure is too much for him and he runs away," Branson offers. "Her mother is a divorcée who's got a boyfriend, which is where I come in. He's the guy who wanted the woman, but not necessarily the child, but took on the role of helping to raise her anyway. But when his gal becomes a grandmother, that wasn't in his plan. There are some moments of him not understanding and lashing out a bit."

The teenager's struggle to acclimate to motherhood and the drama that entails is further complicated by an unexpected twist: Baby Zoe goes missing! "That kicks in the young lady's maternal instincts," Branson relates. "Then the storyline becomes about finding the baby and [Jennifer] proving to herself the mother that she can be."

While Branson is reluctant to give away much more, he did want to praise the film's young star, Sammi Hanratty. "She knew exactly what she wanted to do with the role, and she ran with it right from the beginning!" he enthuses. "I think [the problem of] high school girls having babies and not knowing what to do or not having the support that they thought they would is a relevant topic. The soap fans will relate to it."

Zoe Gone premieres on Saturday, March 29, at 8 p.m. EST on Lifetime. Then you can keep an eye out for Branson's upcoming guest appearances on TNT's PERCEPTION and CBS' NCIS.

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Bruno Goes Bad!


Chris Bruno, who played gay teacher Michael Delaney on ALL MY CHILDREN and the grown-up, arrogant version of Dennis Carrington Wheeler on ANOTHER WORLD, is returning to television this weekend in the world premiere of Lifetime's Sorority Surrogate. In the soapy tale, a broke college co-ed (THE L.A. COMPLEX's Cassie Steele) agrees to carry a couple's baby for money. But when the parents-to-be are in a fatal accent prior to the birth, a battle for the unborn child ensues between the surviving family members, including the would-be grandparents: A congresswoman (Mimi Kuzyk) and her dangerous second husband (Bruno).

"It was super fun torturing Cassie since she's pretty tough and has a good sense of humor about it," Bruno recalls, adding, "[And it's] really fun playing a bad guy because you have to apply psychology to justify actions, and I was a psych major in college."

Bruno's character will to stop at nothing to get what he wants, including getting physical. "I got to do a number of stunts," Bruno reveals, grinning. "Matthew Bennett (BATTLESTAR GALACTICA) and I had fun fighting each other and hanging out after work."

Will the pregnant sorority girl be ale to protect herself and the child that she's carrying? Tune in to the premiere of Sorority Surrogate on Saturday, March 22, at 8:00 p.m. EST on Lifetime to find out!

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Larson Talks Y&R And First Kiss!


Jill Larson (Opal, ALL MY CHILDREN) is returning to soaps for a two-day stint on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS beginning Monday, April 14. The actress will play Connie, a stage manager who'll try to keep things running smoothly during Chelsea's fashion show. The gig reunites her with Pine Valley pals Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea, Y&R; Annie, AMC) and Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe, Y&R; Frankie, AMC).

"Connie's in the middle of all the action," Larson tells Soaps In Depth. "It's a real fun role and when it came along, I said, 'Oh, yeah!' I'm in touch with [Y&R headwriter] Jean Passanante via E-mail, so maybe that's what triggered the idea."

Larson's getting buzz not only for her upcoming Y&R gig, but also for her appearance in the short film First Kiss, which was directed by Tatia Pilieva. Larson was one of 20 artists cast in the indie project, which captures a series of first kisses among strangers.

"I met a man who was working for the clothing company [providing outfits for the film]," Larson recalls. "We got to talking, and I kept looking around wondering who did they call in for me to kiss? Then, I realized it was him! It was very sweet."

First Kiss has gone viral on the Web. Why? Larson believes it's because the film touches on the universal themes, fears and joys that are related to locking lips. "Sometimes when you kiss someone for the first time, you think, 'Do I like this person?' 'Should I get out now?' 'Are we going upstairs?''Do I like him?' 'Does he like me?' 'What are our children going to look like?'" she muses. "The film resonates with people because of its tenderness. It expresses things that we all feel, but don't have the courage to say anymore."

Watch First Kiss by clicking here!

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ABC Files Suit Against Prospect Park


And the ABC/Prospect Park drama continues! Deadline reports that on March 7, ABC filed a countersuit against Prospect Park Networks (PPN) for failure to pay the licensing fees owed for the rights to ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE. "ABC sues to recover all unpaid Series Fees owned up to and through the date of the trial of this action as a result of Prospect Park's failure to pay in breach of the License Agreement," reads the filing.

In their Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing earlier this week, PPN claimed that they owed ABC $1.7 million, but the network says that the fees arrangement for multi-seasons series entitles them to more than $145 million, and that they were only paid a portion of the $4.5 million Season 1 fee owed for AMC, and the $4 million owed for OLTL.

For the full story from Deadline, click here.

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Watch Soap Life


Daytime dramas have seen an uptick in ratings, but in recent years have gone through quite a bit of turmoil. And over those years, the documentary Soap Life examined the plight of the American soap opera. Now, Soap Life is being released worldwide today on a host of platforms like iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Vudu. The feature features interviews from fans, directors, producers and actors like Rick Hearst (Ric, GENERAL HOSPITAL), Bobbie Eakes (Krystal, ALL MY CHILDREN) and more!

For a preview, you can watch the trailer below!

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Prospect Park Files For Bankruptcy


In a move that should come as no surprise, Prospect Park Networks has announced that it is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. After ceasing production on the on-line versions of ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE last summer, PPN entered into a lawsuit with ABC regarding the rights to the soaps, but in a statement they declared "The Chapter 11 filing in no way impacts PPN's litigation against the American Broadcasting Companies, Inc." So it would seem this continuing drama isn't quite over yet.

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Soap Stars Sing!


You already know that many of your favorite stars have talents that go far beyond their acting abilities, and a half dozen of them are preparing to wow you with their vocal stylings with Soap Stars Sing!

The event will showcase the talent of Anthony Geary (Luke, GENERAL HOSPITAL), Bobbie Eakes (Krystal, ALL MY CHILDREN; ex-Macy, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL), Ronn Moss (ex-Ridge, B&B), Eden Riegel (Bianca, AMC), Kristen Alderson (Kiki, GH) and Vincent Irizarry (David, AMC), with more talent to be announced as the show grows closer.

Soap Stars Sing will be held on Friday, April 11 at 7:30 p.m. at the Fred Kavli Theater in Thousand Oaks, CA. Tickets are currently available on-line at varying price points, including a VIP Package that includes a post-show meet-and-greet and photo op with the actors. For more information and to order tickets, visit the show's Web site by clicking here!

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McClain & Lindstrom Wed!


As Soaps In Depth first reported in our issue that went on sale this week, Cady McClain (Kelly, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS; Dixie, ALL MY CHILDREN) and Jon Lindstrom (Kevin, GENERAL HOSPITAL) have come forward to publicly announce that they've tied the knot!

The couple became man and wife on Friday, February 14, meaning that Valentine's Day is going to be extra-special from now on! McClain and Lindstrom had a small, intimate ceremony, and in keeping with their low-key attitude, hadn't made a big announcement until now.

Congratulations to the happy couple, and best wishes for the future!

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Daytime Emmy Pre-Noms Announced!


The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, in cooperation with the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, have announced the pre-nominees in the acting categories for the 41st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards. Due to a rule change, the on-line versions of ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE were able to join GENERAL HOSPITAL, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS and DAYS OF OUR LIVES in the broadcast categories; However, they only scored pre-nominations in the younger performer slots.

An on-line ballot featuring all entrants in each of the six categories were sent to judges who viewed clips of their work before selecting their top ten performers in each category. However, due to ties, Outstanding Lead Actress contains 12 performers and Supporting Actor has 13. The candidates who received the highest number of votes will now advance to the blue ribbon screening round set to begin on Wednesday, March 26. This will determine the final nominees and ultimate winner.

The final list on nominees will be announced on Thursday, May 1, but you can find the full list of all the pre-nominations after the break. Did your favorites make the cut? Who would you vote for?

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A Who's Who Guide For BEACON HILL!


Next Wednesday, March 5, marks the launch of an exciting new Web soap, BEACON HILL! New media pioneer Crystal Chappell (Dani, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL; Olivia, GUIDING LIGHT, etc.) is part of the team behind the drama, which centers on two Boston families at opposite ends of the political spectrum.

With political rivalries, romances gone bad, blackmail and family dysfunction, BEACON HILL has all the makings of a must-see series! In anticipation of the show's premiere, Soaps In Depth chatted up some of the top players in the drama for the scoop!

Alicia Minshew (Sara Preston)
"Sara left the love of her life, Kate, for this reporting job, and the break-up was painful. She's now come back to Beacon Hill for a job and bumps into Kate, so it's reigniting feelings. There are issues with Sara and her grandfather, whom Kate is now working with, and she has a tumultuous relationship with her mother, who is a drinker. She's trying to be a good reporter but stay true to her family. Everything kind of gets mixed up and muddled!"

Sarah Brown (Katherine "Kate" Wesley)
"When Crystal sent me the script, I read all 12 episodes and called her immediately. I originally wanted to play the character of Sara -- I understood where she's coming from. But Katherine ended up being much more of a challenge. I love every bit of this."

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AMC Star Pens Emotional Memoir


Cady McClain (Dixie, ALL MY CHILDREN; Rosanna, AS THE WORLD TURNS) is self-publishing her memoir, titled Murdering My Youth. And the actress is having a contest in which fans can vote on what the final cover will be! Click here to pick your favorite!

"The book is a series of my memories about growing up in an alcoholic environment," McClain shares with Soaps In Depth. "It is also a raw, brutally honest look at what being in 'show business' can entail for a young girl and the extremely close relationship I had with my mother."

The two-time Emmy winner says that she's been told that the book should come with a warning. "There's a lot of violence in it," she allows.

What led McClain to join the list of soap stars who've chronicled their life stories? "I was inspired by a woman who asked me to be the keynote speaker at her writers' conference in Kansas City called Write The Dream," she says. "She had followed my blogs throughout the years and offered to help me self-publish this book. Her encouragement was a huge part of me letting this story out into the world. I hope it inspires others to tell their story or at least to not feel so alone with their experiences."

McClain will be signing copies of Murdering My Youth at the Write The Dream Conference in Kansas City, MO, on Friday, March 7. Click this link for more information. And as the keynote speaker, she will be encouraging her audience to find their voice via a method she calls "dreaming your way to a great, personal story. It's basically like taking a person's psyche and putting it in the structure of a fairy tale or myth."

McClain say that she loves to teach and interact with other creative minds. Curious what else has been going on in her head? Then check out Flip Fantasia, her trippy short film about four young urban men coping with the tragic after-effects of a wild night out in New York City, when it screens as at the Macon Film Festival. Catch it at the Cox Capital Theatre in Macon, GA, on Friday, February 28 a 4:14 p.m. or you can watch it on YouTube by clicking this link!

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ALL MY CHILDREN's Natalie Hall (Colby) is headed back to high school in The CW's new drama, STAR-CROSSED, and she's okay with it. After all, she's playing that vivacious, popular girl that everyone wanted to be — with one unique exception: She's sharing the hallways with aliens! "It's raw, edgy and dark." Hall previews. "It's a little bit District 9 and a little bit ROSWELL... it's really exciting to be a part of."

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Fifth Annual ISA Nominees Announced!


The nominees for the Fifth Annual Indie Series Awards were revealed recently, and include many familiar faces from daytime soaps who have done some incredible work in Web series over the past year.

Van Hansis (Luke, AS THE WORLD TURNS) was nominated for Best Lead Actor - Drama for his work in EASTSIDERS, while his former daytime castmate Colleen Zenk (Barbara) earned a nod for Best Lead Actress - Drama for THURSTON. Alicia Minshew (Kendall, ALL MY CHILDREN) was also nominated for Best Lead Actress - Drama for her role in TAINTED DREAMS. Kyle Lowder (ex-Brady, DAYS OF OUR LIVES; ex-Rick, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL) was nominated for Best Supporting Actor - Drama for DEVANITY while Deidre Hall (Marlena, DAYS) is up for Best Supporting Actress - Comedy for DATING IN THE MIDDLE AGES.

Click here for a full list of nominees. The ISA's will take place on Wednesday, April 2 at the historic El Portal Theater in North Hollywood, hosted by Carolyn Hennesy (Diane, GENERAL HOSPITAL), who was also nominated for Best Guest Star - Comedy for SINGLE SIBLINGS. How many of the Web soaps have you seen? Are you supporting these Internet series?

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Former SOAPnet Executive Has Died


Deborah Blackwell, the former general manager of SOAPnet, has passed away at the age of 63, reports Deadline. The television executive, who built the channel for Disney ABC Cable Networks Group and ran SOAPnet from 2001-07, died following a seven-year battle with Pick's disease, a rare neurodegenerative disorder. Under her direction, SOAPnet grew to a network that not only ran same-day episodes of the ABC Daytime dramas, but acquired THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS and DAYS OF OUR LIVES, added a primetime programming slate and launched original series like SOAPOGRAPHY, I WANNA BE A SOAP STAR, the SOAP TALK chatfest and the GENERAL HOSPITAL: NIGHT SHIFT spin-off.

We send our condolences to Blackwell's family.

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Branson's Having A Baby!


Jeff Branson (ex-Ronan, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS; Jonathan, ALL MY CHILDREN) shared some big news with fans via social media, posting on Twitter that he's about to become a daddy! "Thank you for all the congrats and warm wishes," he tweeted. "My little man's due March 17. Happy St. Patty's!" Congratulations to the father-to-be!

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New Series For AMC Star?


Cameron Mathison has had his fingers in a lot of pies since exiting his role as Ryan on ALL MY CHILDREN. Most notably, he's appeared in a slew of made-for-TV movies. However, his next one, Hallmark Movie Channel's My Gal Sunday (premiering Saturday, January 25, at 9 p.m. EST) could just become a series! Based on the popular Mary Higgins Clark book of short stories, the two-hour back door pilot features the former soap star as a wealthy former U.S. Vice President who, together with his attorney-turned-detective wife, Sunday (Rachel Blanchard), attempts to solve crimes related to her cases. "Their relationship is very playful and light," Mathison previews. "It's a little bit MOONLIGHTING and a little bit HART TO HART."

The difference, however, is that Mathison's character is not the only man who loves Sunday. "Jack Wagner (ex-Frisco, GENERAL HOSPITAL; ex-Nick, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL) plays the beauty's helpful dad. "He's a very cool government security agent, which is why Sunday has all the training that she has," Mathison offers. "It was my first time working with Jack as an actor. It was super easy, and we got along well."

Should fans turn out in high numbers to see My Gal Sunday, Mathison says he's game to continue with it. "It's a very different kind of character for me," he enthuses. "It's a very light, nice, and family-friendly film — I had a lot of fun."

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Who Will Air The Daytime Emmys?


Cable outlet HLN has broadcast the Daytime Emmy Awards for the past two years, but there won't be a third. "It's fairly definite," Albie Hecht, the network's vice president and general manager, tells Soaps In Depth. "I just want to put a pause on everything and figure out what we're doing before we make any commitments. Shows like [the Daytime Emmys] need commitments in advance to plan and I don't think we can make that commitment."

Hecht, who joined HLN a little over three months ago, says that the decision has been made early so that the National Academy Of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) can make other plans. "It's only fair to let them look around and let them do what they need to do," the HNL chief adds.

This doesn't mean that the Daytime Emmys won't be on television, however. "Having the show on HLN was a wonderful experience for us," says David Michaels, senior executive director of the Daytime Emmy Awards. "We are currently exploring other avenues so that the Daytime Emmys will have a broadcast home."

For her part, THE TALK's Aisha Tyler would love to see the ceremony return to one of the big three networks. "I think it would be great," she says. "CBS is the number one daytime network. It'd be great to have the Daytime Emmys on the number one daytime network. I think that would make perfect sense!"

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Soap Stars Move To BEACON HILL


A slew of familiar faces are starring in the new Web series BEACON HILL, including Sarah Brown (ex-Claudia, GENERAL HOSPITAL; ex-Agnes, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL) Alicia Minshew (Kendall, ALL MY CHILDREN), and Crystal Chappell (Dani, B&B; Olivia, GUIDING LIGHT) The serial, filmed on location in Boston, was co-created by Jessica Hill and her wife Linda, who is the chief executive officer of Bella Books, a publisher of lesbian fiction.

"BEACON HILL is a political drama set in Boston," Jessica tells Soaps In Depth. "Alicia and Sarah are our two leads, and they play the daughters of two political families in Boston. One's Republican and the other is Democrat. Alicia's character, Sara, and Sarah's character, Katherine, were together [romantically] and they broke up. Our story starts six years later when Sara's grandfather, played by Ron Raines [Carl, OLTL; Alan, GL], has a stroke. Sara, who's living in New York, comes back to Boston and you see dynamics between her family and Katherine start to develop."

The rest of the cast — which reads like a Who's Who of daytime — includes Scott Bryce (Craig, ATWT), Ricky Paull Goldin (Jesse, B&B; Gus, GL), Louise Sorel (ex-Vivian, DAYS), Tina Sloan (Lillian, GL), John-Paul Lavoisier (Rex, OLTL), Jessica Morris (Jen, OLTL), and Melissa Archer (Natalie, OLTL). Also in the cast is newcomer Rebecca Mozo.

BEACON HILL is produced by Bella Productions, the sister company of Bella Books, in association with Chappell's production company, Open Book Productions. Goldin and Emmy-winning actress Hillary B. Smith (Nora, OLTL; Margo, ATWT) serve as producers on the show.

Chappell, who has helmed Web series VENICE and THE GROVE, plays Claire, Sara's mother. How did that work, since there's less than a decade between the two actresses? "I age myself," Chappell confides. "I went without makeup and I wear my hair severely — it's in a twist and high up on top. It's a fun character to play. Claire's husband is gone. My feeling is he couldn't tolerate her family.

"BEACON HILL is a very different show," Chappell adds. "It's a political drama with intrigue and romance revolving around two political families. Jessica and Linda are terrific people and writers. I love working with them!"

BEACON HILL begins streaming on Wednesday, March 5. For more info, check out

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EXCLUSIVE: Soap Vet Weds Oscar Nominee!


Anna Stuart (Mary, ALL MY CHILDREN; Donna, ANOTHER WORLD) shares with Soaps In Depth exclusively that she and her longtime beau, Oscar-nominated and Emmy-winning actor James Cromwell (Babe, BETRAYAL, AMERICAN HORROR STORY: ASYLUM), wed on New Year's Day at the home of Stuart's AW pal Charles Keating (Carl).

"Since our romance officially began at Charles' home two years ago on New Year's Eve, we decided to get married there," Stuart says with a smile. "Mary, Charles' wife, was 'scheming' all the while. She wanted James in a nice relationship, and she knew I was available."

Stuart and Cromwell met back in the '80s through Keating and stayed in touch, casually, over the years. "Charles was having a birthday party two years ago at Sardi's [restaurant in New York] and I was invited," the actress shares. "James and I spent the party chatting and catching up. We went out and had lunch, and it all kind of shifted from friendship to where we are today. It's pretty cool. This is a relationship I've wanted all my life."

Did the eloquent Keating say a few words at the ceremony? "Of course, he did," Stuart responds with a chuckle. "Charles has so much wonderful stuff in his brain."

Later this week, the couple is set to leave for Africa on a trip that was already planned but will now serve as a honeymoon, too! "After we get back we'll do parties [for family and friends] on either coast," Stuart adds. "We didn't want a big 'do' for the [ceremony]. We wanted to do this just for us."

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Bennett's December To Remember!


On ALL MY CHILDREN, Jonathan Bennett played JR Chandler during the long-running character's teens. Now grown up, the seasoned actor is set to make you swoon in a slew of new movies.

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Cosgrove Moves To Salem!


Soap-hopper Daniel Cosgrove (Scott, ALL MY CHILDREN; Chris, AS THE WORLD TURNS; Bill, GUIDING LIGHT) is settling into a new daytime address, this time in Salem! Beginning in late January, the actor will be portraying DAYS OF OUR LIVES' Aiden, which will actually be the first time he'll be creating an original character from scratch instead of stepping into another performer's shoes as a recast! Will you be tuning in?

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AMC's Riegel Gives Birth!


Eden Riegel (Bianca, ALL MY CHILDREN) received a very special holiday present when she and husband Andrew Miller welcomed their second child, Henry Isaac Miller into the world at 9:23 am. The infant weighed in at 9 pounds, 1 ounce, and both he and his mother are doing well. The actress shared a photo of herself and Henry Isaac on Twitter, proudly announcing that two-year-old son Jack is now a big brother! Congratulations to the happy family!

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KATIE Is Canceled!


Well, it's official. ABC and Katie Couric are parting ways with the cancelation of KATIE after the final episode of its second season. Production on the syndicated chat show will continue through June 2014, but there will be no third season.

The news doesn't come as a surprise, as KATIE has been struggling in the ratings, and Couric herself recently signed on with Yahoo News as their "Global Anchor." Disney and ABC reportedly don't yet have a replacement for KATIE, though we imagine there are plenty of soap fans who would love for them to bring either ALL MY CHILDREN, ONE LIFE TO LIVE or both back to the ABC Daytime lineup!

Are you happy about this news? What would you like to see in KATIE's place?

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Gaskill Goes Deep!


Brian Gaskill stole our hearts playing emotional characters like PORT CHARLES' angel Rafe and ALL MY CHILDREN's Bobby. Since then, he's been pouring his own emotions into a considerable body of poetry, which he's been recording to share with the world. "When I compiled this new group of poems together, I found that they were much more cohesive and thematic than what was on my last album (Make It Real)," he says. "With this new one, every single piece really did become -- either on purpose or inadvertently -- a reflection of the title, Giving Up Time Travel For The Rain."

In the just-released collection of spoken word recordings, Gaskill shares his thoughts on the everyman quest for personal peace and life acceptance. "It's about living in the moment and not focusing on that pain in the past or your expectations of the future," the poet offers. "It's about just being present -- even if it's raining -- because as we all know, the rain cleanses things and helps them grow."

The artist has also been sharing his insightful thoughts and moving poems about this topic and more via a blog, "There's this 31-day journey that I started in conjunction with this album coming out," he explains. "It's about working to find something new each day that brings me closer to a place of believing -- in the magical, fairytale sense -- in life's possibilities."

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AMC's Morgan Takes Herself Out Of The Running


Over the Thanksgiving holiday, ALL MY CHILDREN's Debbi Morgan (Angie) saddened fans when she took to Twitter to reveal that she would not be submitting herself for Daytime Emmy consideration this year. With the recent rules changes to the Daytime Emmys, Prospect Park's versions of AMC and ONE LIFE TO LIVE will be considered equal to the soaps still broadcast on network television. But Morgan declared that she was not going to compete.

"I just really, really want to move on," she tweeted. "The many months of being told we're on hiatus but would be coming back and then snatching the rug from under us and the fans has been very emotional. So right now, the head space I'm in is just completely distancing myself from AMC with regards of an Emmy consideration."

Despite the emotional way that AMC was taken away from cast, crew and the fans once more, Morgan cherishes every moment she had with the soap. "I will forever be grateful for the years of playing Angie beautifully created by our beloved Agnes Nixon and our most amazing cast will always hold a special place in my heart. Darnell [Williams, Jesse], Sal [Stowers, Cassandra], Cady [McClain, Dixie], Thorsten [Kaye, Zach], Vincent [Irizarry, David]... just to name a few!

"And to be honest," she continued, "I don't need an Emmy to recognize how much you all loved the work I was able to bring to you. Your tweets said it all, and that's 'Emmy' enough for me... Smile!"

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Prospect Park Files New Complaint Against ABC!


Prospect Park will not comment on the status of ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE, but the company filed additional papers today in Los Angeles in its lawsuit against ABC. The Hollywood Reporter has the new legal documents, which allege that ABC signed OLTL actors to secretive, multi-year contracts without Prospect Park's knowledge, foiling their future returns to OLTL, as well as blocking cast members from appearing on the networks' shows to promote the reboots. With the amended lawsuit, Prospect Park seeks more than $95 million in damages for breach of contract and promissory fraud. They also claim that they should no longer have to pay licensing fees to ABC, but are entitled to an extension of the licensing agreement.

To read the complete story, visit The Hollywood Reporter here.

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Spend The Holiday's With Cameron Mathison!


When ALL MY CHILDREN was revived by Prospect Park, fans were eager to learn which of their favorite castmembers would return with it. Amongst the biggest surprises was the fact that Cameron Mathison (ex-Ryan), who'd been enthusiastic about joining when the idea was first proposed, wasn't amongst them. The actor explains that he'd said goodbye to Ryan after negations broke down. "Part of me isn't rushing back to play him again because of that," he said at the time. "It was kind of like dating somebody and getting dumped. Then getting a tease about getting back together, only to get dumped again!"

With AMC once again a part of soap history, Mathison will no longer have the chance to reprise his role. But that doesn't mean you won't be seeing him on your TV screens, because he's in a trio of upcoming holiday movies!

In The Christmas Ornament, premiering Saturday, November 16, at 8:00 pm EST on the Hallmark Channel, Mathison plays opposite ER's Kellie Martin as a broken-hearted Christmas tree lot owner who finds new meaning and a new friend. Then on Saturday, November 23, at 8:00 pm EST, catch him opposite GREY'S ANATOMY's Chyler Leigh and singer Naomi Judd in Hallmark's department-store themed picture, Window Wonderland. Finally, he'll team up with Jennie Garth in ABC Family's hilarious romantic comedy, Holidaze, premiering Sunday December 8 at 8:00 pm EST on ABC Family. For more details about Mathison's exciting new projects, check out his Keeping Track feature in the new issue of Soaps In Depth, currently on newsstands!

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SOAPnet Switched Off For Good


How much more bad news can soap fans take? Back in 2011, Disney announced plans to pull SOAPnet from the air and replace it with Disney Junior, a channel aimed at toddlers. That channel launched as planned in early 2012, but many soap fans found that their cable providers were still offering SOAPnet. However, Disney has now notified cable operators that they will no longer provide programming for SOAPnet after December 31. Which means that when 2014 gets underway, soap fans will have to find another way to watch their favorite shows.

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The End Of AMC & OLTL (Again)


Fans of ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE were on pins and needles last week as rumors were flying that Prospect Park was due to make a big announcement regarding the future of the two soaps. Unfortunately, while there has been no official word from the company, a source close to actors from the shows tells Soaps In Depth, "It's over." Debbi Morgan (Angie, AMC) essentially confirmed as much when she responded to upset fans on Twitter. "Well we're all pretty much sad now for real since we've definitely been told it's a wrap," she posted. "My manager was given the news that we were officially done by PP's lawyer. Yeah, we've been canceled."

Prospect Park originally bought the rights to AMC and OLTL following their cancelations on ABC, but struggled to bring them to air online immediately following their network runs as originally planned. Fans were elated when financing was eventually secured, cast and crew were hired, sets were built in a studio in Stamford, CT and was set to air the episodes. The OnLine Network originally planned to broadcast daily half-hour episodes, but within weeks, that number was cut back to just two episodes of each soap a week, leading to rumors of production difficulties. Still, both AMC and OLTL were regularly among the top ten most-watched shows on, and many viewers were thrilled to watch as many shows as they were willing to broadcast.

However, while fans assumed the soaps would again be ongoing series, Prospect Park announced in August that both AMC and OLTL would instead have season finales after which production would take a break before beginning a second season. Viewers immediately worried the shows would never return, and after production of OLTL was shelved indefinitely due to the ongoing lawsuit with ABC, it seemed those fears were justified.

And now it seems that this grand experiment to bring the soaps back to life online has come to an unfortunate end. And sadly, because there was no notice or time to plan for the grand finales these venerable soaps deserve, this time they will not be ending with a bang, but with a whimper. And despite returns from the dead being commonplace on soaps, another resurrection for AMC and OLTL seems highly unlikely.

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Is AMC Cancelled Again?


Prospect Park had already shelved ONE LIFE TO LIVE due to the lawsuit with ABC, but had claimed that ALL MY CHILDREN would return for a second season online. But as the months have gone on, the idea that AMC would resume production has seemed less and less likely.

Now we're hearing rumblings from insiders that AMC is also no more, and TV Guide's Michael Logan tweeted "I'm hearing big announcement planned for this Friday."

While we'd love to hope that Prospect Park would be announcing a date to resume production on AMC or OLTL, that seems unlikely. But whatever the announcement is, we'll be sure to bring it to you as soon as they pass the information along!

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AMC & OLTL Eligible For Daytime Emmys!


The National Academy Of Television Arts & Sciences announced today that there would be two new categories added to the 41st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards.

The first is Entertainment News, which encompasses shows like ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT and EXTRA. But it's the second category that is of the most interest to soap fans! It's called Outstanding New Approaches Drama Series, which will include any drama series with less than 35 original episodes during the calendar year. So Web series like VENICE and THE BAY would be eligible for their own Daytime Emmy.

But more importantly, this means that shows that produced more than 35 episodes can compete in Outstanding Drama series, and that includes the Prospect Park productions of ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE! That's right, AMC and OLTL will still be able to compete against GENERAL HOSPITAL, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS and DAYS OF OUR LIVES! And that includes all of the actors and crafts people!

"I am very pleased to include these new categories in the Daytime Emmy® contest," said David Michaels, Senior Executive Director, Daytime Emmy® Awards. "I strongly believe that every broadcast entity should have a chance to compete for an Emmy® Award in a true peer to peer competition."

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AMC Star Is B&B's New Ridge!


Well, the inevitable has happened: THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL has announced that they have recast the role of Ridge Forrester! Beginning on Friday, December 13, the legacy character will now be portrayed by soap star Thorsten Kaye.

B&B executive producer and headwriter Bradley Bell is confident the recast will wow viewers. "Thorsten's powerful screen presence and vast range as an actor has intrigued me for years," he says. "The timing was right so I took the opportunity to cast him in the role of Ridge Forrester. I'm confident Thorsten will make this role unique on every level."

Best known to daytime audiences for his role as ALL MY CHILDREN's Zach, Kaye takes over for Ronn Moss, who departed in September of 2012. With AMC currently on hiatus and a return to production still not scheduled, Kaye was able to join B&B, although if AMC does return, Zach's fate will have to be decided.

But Kaye will have his work cut out for him on B&B! It will be very interesting to see how Ridge reacts when he returns from a year in Paris to find the love of his life, Brooke, getting ready to marry Bill!

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AMC's Vasi Weds!


Congratulations to ALL MY CHILDREN's Denise Vasi (ex-Denise), who married fiance Anthony Mandler on Sunday, October 13. And it was a star-studded event, with Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson singing Vasi down the aisle! "I had chills walking down the aisle," the actress tweeted to Hudson afterwards. "You are a beautiful person inside and out."

AS THE WORLD TURNS' Alexandra Chando (Maddie) was also tweeting Instagram pics from the wedding alongside friend and fellow guest Stephanie Gatschet (ex-Madison, AMC; Tammy, GUIDING LIGHT), and it looks like a good time was had by all!

"So much gratitude for our family and friends who contributed to making this weekend every bit the fairy tale," Vasi tweeted. "Anthony and I love you dearly!"

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AMC Couple Producing ABC Comedy


It's been a while since ALL MY CHILDREN alums Kelly Ripa (ex-Hayley) and Mark Consuelos (ex-Mateo) worked together, but according to Deadline, the marrieds are now teaming up to produce a new comedy for ABC! Soap fans will also be familiar with the work of the show's writer, GENERAL HOSPITAL: NIGHT SHIFT scribe Sri Rao. Centering around a single mom raising two kids in Brooklyn, her life takes a turn when her son interns at her company intent on turning the family business into a major empire.

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Lucci Gets Hot Again!


Starring in DEVIOUS MAIDS keeps Susan Lucci (ex-Erica, ALL MY CHILDREN) pretty busy, but she's still found time to make another guest appearance on HOT IN CLEVELAND! According to The Wrap, the actress will be returning in the fifth season episode titled "The Undead" as herself to speak at the fake funeral of longtime rival Victoria (played by Wendie Malick). Naturally, hilarity ensues.

At this time, there's no airdate scheduled for the episode, but once we find out, we'll be sure to let you know when to tune in!

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AMC's Turner Turns Inventor!


You may know Aiden Turner (ex-Aidan, ALL MY CHILDREN) as one of daytime's most dashing and talented actors, but there's another side to the man that you may not be aware of: inventor and entrepreneur!

It started years ago when Turner was on vacation with friends. "People were losing things everywhere," the actor explains. "They were getting frustrated and walking around the house like headless chickens! It was kind of ridiculously funny, but at the same time, it was frustrating." That frustration led Turner and two friends to co-found a new company with the idea to finally a device that would ensure nothing is ever lost again. "I literally would lose my head if it wasn't screwed on," he laughs. "Now I finally have something myself that I'm not going to be leaving anything behind any more!"

Flash forward six years and two prototypes and we've got Ty, a rechargeable Bluetooth enabled disc that's smaller than a poker chip, can be attached to anything and ensures that nothing is ever lost again. The idea is simple. "9.9 times out of 10," says Turner, "if you're reminded within two minutes of leaving something behind, you wouldn't lose it because you can go back exactly where you were and it would be there."

"You put the app on the phone, it connects to the Ty like a Bluetooth headset and then when you walk away a certain distance from what it is you don't want to lose, the phone goes off," Turner explains. And for those who don't heed the warning? They've got that taken care of too, with a GPS signal that can be tracked by yourself, any good Samaritan in the Ty community or the company itself to pick up and send back to you.

But now Turner needs your help. In order to start manufacturing, the company needs an initial order of 10,000 Tys and the funding to complete it. To accomplish the goal, Turner and his partners have turned to crowdfunding site, Indiegogo, hoping to raise $200,000 by November 13 — in time to ensure that anyone who contributes will receive their own Tys just before Christmas!

Want to know more? Check out and share Ty's Facebook page, or head over to their Indiegogo page for an in depth explanation of Ty's features and contribute to the campaign!

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Eakes Turns The Page


Bobbie Eakes (ex-Krystal, ALL MY CHILDREN; ex-Macy, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL) is preparing to take to the stage in a special one-night-only performance called "Turn The Page."

"My good friend Jeff Trachta (ex-Thorne, B&B) has been championing for me to really pursue my own show for a long time," Eakes confides to Soaps In Depth. "HE's been doing this ever since he left B&B, and has been very successful. He said to me, this is what I was born to do."

The actress, who made a name for herself on stage and screen, is also an accomplished vocalist, with a couple albums under her belt and a tour with Kassie DePaiva (Blair, ONE LIFE TO LIVE) and Kathy Brier (ex-Marcy, OLTL) as The Divas Of Daytime.

"It'll be a big visual and audio retrospective of my musical tastes interwoven with a sort of history and background of me, who I am, where I came from," Eakes previews. "I'll talk about the pageants in Georgia, coming to LA... and I can't ignore the 21 years I spent in soap operas! It's going to be a lot of fun."

"Turn The Page" will be held on Friday, November 8, at 8:00 pm at The Anneberg Theater in Palm Springs, CA. You can click here for tickets, or call (760) 322-3554.

"The Anneberg Theater is your big theater in Palm Springs," Eakes reports. "It seats 400-plus and has a state of the art sound system. I've done a few benefits there. The theater is just the right size — every seat in the house is a great one! I'm working on getting a surprise guest. I'm not sure if we'll keep it a surprise until the end!"

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Don't Miss The DEVIOUS MAIDS Season Finale!


Lifetime's primetime sudser DEVIOUS MAIDS has been renewed for a second season, so you don't have to worry that this Sunday's season finale cliffhanger will never be resolved! "I'm so excited that we are going to season number two," says an enthusiastic Susan Lucci, who portrays Genevieve on the series. "I am thrilled to death because this has been just a joy on every level. I am so thrilled and proud to be a part of DEVIOUS MAIDS."

But what can we expect from the first season finale? "You can imagine I can't tell you much!" laughs the actress. "But I can tell you that the big finale show largely revolves around this very lavish black tie event. And of course, at that event lots of stuff happens. On the face of it, it looks very beautiful, but of course there's a lot of jealousy, lust and revenge bubbling right beneath the surface. All the mystery around Flora's death comes to the boiling point and these very smart women have hatched a plan to ensnare the murderer."

Will the murderer be caught before someone else kicks the bucket? Don't miss the season finale of DEVIOUS MAIDS this Sunday, September 22, airing at 10:00 pm on Lifetime!

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