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Daytime Creative Arts Emmy Winners!


The Daytime Creative Arts Emmy Awards were held last night, and THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL was the big winner, taking home eight trophies. GENERAL HOSPITAL and THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS nabbed three each, and DAYS OF OUR LIVES got two. And for the first-ever Guest Performer In A Daytime Drama, it was a three-way tie!

Read on for the full list of winners, then be sure to tune in to the Daytime Emmy Awards ceremony on Sunday, May 26, at 8:00 p.m. ET on Pop!

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GH Friday Recap: Ready... Aim... Oopsie Daisy!


They don't make hitmen the way they used to. GENERAL HOSPITAL had not one, but two botched assassination attempts.

Flub number one came in the form of Duke's dude, Bruce. Anna and Jordan were having another clandestine meetings in one of the busiest places in town when Anna saw a gunman through the corner of her eye. She pushed Jordan out of the way and bullets began to fly. Bruce, missed his target, Jordan, who walked away from the scene with a twisted ankle and a few hairs out of place.

Botch number two came in the form of Carlos, who positioned himself in Hayden and Jake's Metro Court room, where he had a clear shot at Duke in the hotel's terrace restaurant below. Why, oh, why these mobsters keep dining on that terrace is unexplainable. It's where Manny Ruiz aimed at Jason but hit Sam and Ava Jerome had her gun pointed at Sonny but got Olivia square in the chest instead.

Anyway, Carlos was just about ready to pull the trigger and take out Duke when Hayden returned and inadvertently thwarted the hit. Carlos said he was a friend of Jake's, which didn't explain the massive firearm in his possession. He claimed he was a "friend" of her husband's. Not surprisingly, she didn't buy it. Feisty Hayden all but grabbed him by the ear and tossed him into the hall.

Duke was shocked when Jordan strolled into the Metro Court unscathed. The whole point of ordering someone dead is to, you know, kill them! Bruce failed. After Jordan and Shawn left, Duke chewed out Bruce for his incompetency. Bruce explained that Jordan wasn't alone; Anna was with her. Duke was horrified. Anna could have been an unexpected casualty of Bruce's ineptitude.

After having a pushy and annoying phone chat with Sloane (or it could have been a telemarketer), Jake was in a bit of a frustrated rampage when Carly showed up at the garage. She was just about to reveal the Hayden/Pete scheme when Anna showed up looking for answers about the failed hit. Shortly thereafter, Hayden summoned Jake back to the hotel, where she had a few questions of her own!

Meanwhile, a different kind of war was erupting at ELQ. Michael had just told Sonny that someone switched his allergy meds for roofies, which is why he'd been acting crazy. Cue Morgan and Kiki, who stepped off the elevator and into the center of the hysteria. They pretended to have no clue what Michael was talking about... until Michael gave his little brother a shove and a zip-lochk bags of pills fell out of him like he was a piñata.

Michael realized Morgan and Kiki returned to replace the bad pills with the right ones. Morgan was forced to come clean and begged Sonny to understand. He didn't. In fact, Sonny joined in on the screaming match. Michael accused them of kidnapping A.J. (Avery), too, but they adamantly denied. But wait. It then got weird. Morgan and Kiki returned to Silas' apartment... and baby Avery was there!

Monday on GH, Carly has it out with Kiki and Morgan, Michael and Sabrina grow closer, and Nathan tells Nina she's a kidnapping suspect! Don't forget: 3:00 ET and 2:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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GH's Luke & Laura Reunited Again!


It's been nearly two years since Luke and Laura said farewell on GENERAL HOSPITAL, but the daytime supercouple's iconic portrayers, Anthony Geary and Genie Francis, will be together again on-screen at this weekend's Daytime Emmy Awards! NATAS has announced that soap legends will reunite as presenters during the live awards broadcast, airing Sunday, April 26, at 8 p.m. EST on Pop.

Tell us below, are you excited about this reunion?

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GH's Duell Fell For It!


Timing is everything, as they say. The fact that April Fools' Day followed the announcement of the Daytime Emmy Award nominations had poor Chad Duell (Michael, GENERAL HOSPITAL) falling hook, line and sinker for a well-planned and executed prank!

"My brother is a producer on a radio station in Los Angeles," Duell sets up. "The main DJ called me and acted like he was the head of the Television Academy. He said there was an accounting error and I wasn't really nominated."

Apparently Duell didn't check his calendar to see that the date was April 1 because he bought it! "I was shocked," he says. "I said, 'Come on. Really? Alright. Wow, this is really going to be embarrassing to take me off the ballot.' Then they told me it was a joke. They did it really, really well." Duell laughed it off, but another family member took the prank much more seriously. "My mom got pretty angry at my brother," Duell grins. "The plan is to get them back!"

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Live Tweet With The Wagners!


The second season of WHEN CALLS THE HEART, starring Jack Wagner (ex-Frisco, GENERAL HOSPITAL) and Lori Loughlin, premieres on Hallmark Channel Saturday, April 25, at 8:00 p.m. ET. And while Kristina Wagner (Felicia, GH) doesn't make her first appearance until early May, she'll be joining the cast in live tweeting the season premiere!

So use the hashtag #Hearties and follow @LoriLoughlin, @JackWagnerhpk, @ErinKrakow, @DLissing, @1KristinaWagner, @HallmarkChannel and @WCTH_TV to join in the fun!

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Vinessa's Advice For Single Moms

VinessaAntoineGal.jpg That annual holiday is upon us when we pay tribute to those wonderful women who brought us into this wacky world — our moms. In celebration of Mother's Day, the new ABC issue of Soaps In Depth shines the spotlight on some of GH's most famous moms, including Vinessa Antoine. She and her character, Jordan, have one very big thing in common — they're both single parents raising teenage boys. "We're in a very specific bubble that we feel like a lot of people don't understand," she explains. Pick up the ABC issue for more from her and your other favorite daytimers!

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Cast Your Vote #19


Once again, it's time to express your opinions for our Readers' Poll. In the comments section for this article, please respond to the question, and feel free to explain your answer, but remember that any comments here may be considered for publication in the magazine. Any extra comments you have that have nothing to do with this week's poll question should be directed to the Message Boards section of our Web site!

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Do you believe that Ava will actually wind up dying?

Please note that the cut-off date for your votes to be counted will be Thursday, April 30. And please, only one vote per person!

To vote on your favorite actor, actress and couple currently appearing on an ABC, CBS or NBC soap, please mail your choices to:

ABC Readers' Poll
c/o Soaps In Depth
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Multiple mail-in votes during the same voting period will not be counted, so don't waste our time, your time, or the postage!


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GH Fan Favorite Is Engaged!


Congratulations to Vanessa Marcil (ex-Brenda, GENERAL HOSPITAL), who has just announced her engagement! A few weeks after tweeting that she had some big personal news to share, the QUEENS OF DRAMA star has let the cat out of the bag!

"Ok!!! Here is my news. Finally!" she shared on Instagram. "I got a mani after exactly 1 year & we are planning our wedding." The actress wrote a follow-up on Twitter, revealing that her simple, yet elegant, gold band engagement ring once belonged to Audrey Hepburn, and that her fiancé (whom she's only called her "cowboy" on Twitter) got down on one knee to pop the question while dressed in his police uniform.

"Thank you for sharing in our excitement," gushed Marcil, adding that she and her beau plan to tie the knot next summer.

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UPDATE: More Emmy Announcements!


The National Academy Of Television Arts & Sciences has already announced many of the actors who are slated to present at the 42nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, and now they've revealed some more surprises!

Look for Eileen Davidson (Ashley, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS; Kristen, DAYS OF OUR LIVES) and Mario Lopez (ex-Christian, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL) will be joining the ranks of presenters, as will the cast of the new reality series QUEENS OF DRAMA (which premiers directly following the ceremony), Donna Mills (ex-Madeline, GENERAL HOSPITAL), Lindsay Hartley (Cara, ALL MY CHILDREN), Crystal Hunt (Lizzie, GUIDING LIGHT; Stacy, ONE LIFE TO LIVE) and Chrystee Pharris (Simone, PASSIONS).

As a special tribute to the fans of daytime drama, the ceremony will also feature some special fan awards, including Favorite Daytime Hottie, Most Romantic Duo and Favorite OMG! Moment. You can vote on those by clicking here.

Producers are also promising many surprises and star appearances, including teasing that the evening will reunite two soap star legends! So be sure not to miss this year's Daytime Emmy Awards ceremony live on Sunday, April 26, at 8:00 p.m. ET on Pop!

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All Hail These Queens!


Move over, housewives, there are some new ladies on the block... and they are here to show you how to bring the drama! In one of the smartest programming moves we've seen in ages, Pop (formerly the TV Guide Network) will air the pilot of their sudsy new reality show, QUEENS OF DRAMA, at 10 p.m. EST on Sunday, April 26th, directly after this year's live telecast of the Daytime Emmy Awards.

So is QUEENS worth sticking around for? Only if you want to see some of your favorite former daytimers butting heads as they attempt to create a whole new soap. Do parts feel wildly scripted? Without doubt. But where else are you going to see Vanessa Marcil (ex-Brenda, GENERAL HOSPITAL) give an epic eyeroll to Donna Mills (ex-Madeline, GH; Abby, KNOTS LANDING) before declaring she feels "completely insulted" and walking out of a meeting?

And that's before DYNASTY's Joan Collins (Alexis) has even made her first appearance.

In short, this is the reality show soap fans have been waiting for. Following Sunday's premiere, QUEENS — which also stars Crystal Hunt (Stacy, ONE LIFE TO LIVE; Lizzie, GUIDING LIGHT), Lindsay Hartley (Cara, ALL MY CHILDREN), Hunter Tylo (ex-Taylor, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL) and Chrystee Pharris (Simone, PASSIONS — will air Wednesday nights at 8:00 p.m. ET beginning on April 29th.

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Ellsworth's Killer Role


Kiko Ellsworth (Jamal) played a vampire on PORT CHARLES, and now he's taking a bite out of CRIMINAL MINDS via a plum guest role in the Wednesday, April 22, episode titled "Mr. Scratch."

"I'm playing a man named Daniel Karras who, through an unfortunate event, is accused of killing a female member of his family that he'd been very close to," Ellsworth relates. "Only he doesn't remember doing it, and he's deeply broken up over what has happened."

In the episode, Daniel will actually be one of three people (another is played by THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS' Thad Luckinbill [ex-J.T.]) implicated in the crime, and all of them claim to have been attacked by a clawed shadow monster! Can the Behavioral Analysis Unit figure out who — or what — might be controlling their minds?

For Ellsworth, the opportunity to be a part of this storyline was meaningful to him personally. For the last several years, he's been committed to the empowerment of women and bringing awareness to domestic violence via the charity Safe Passage, as well through teaching self-defense classes. "If I can prevent one man from hitting, raping, murdering, kidnapping or sex-trafficking a female," Ellsworth suggests, "Then hopefully the pain that my character goes through can prevent [what happens in the episode] from happening to one woman." Tune it at 9:00 p.m. EST on CBS to catch it!

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GH Friday Recap: Nik Just Cannot Resist Hayden!


That Hayden is a real go-getter. When it comes to men, she's as subtle as a flying brick. In need of a little human contact, as they say, she looked up Nikolas' phone number on the Internet (under "L" for "lonely dark prince") and gave him a call. "I'm ravenous. How about coming over here and buttering my muffin?" She was not talking about brunch! Nikolas not only rejected her, he discouraged any kind of further contact. But she still didn't get the hint. "Is this because we're blackmailing each other?" she asked. Now there's something you only hear said on soap operas! He hung up, but that didn't slow her down. She wanted him, and she him pronto!

Hayden hopped on a boat, made her way to Spoon Island and made it clear in no uncertain terms that she meant business... monkey business! "I'm open to any and all positions, by the way," she said nonchalantly. She threatened to leave, but he grabbed her and pulled her into a passionate kiss. They both fumbled to get undressed right there in the Wyndemere parlor, only to metaphorically be doused with cold water ala hurricane Alexis. While Hayden slipped out, Alexis scurried in in search of the truth about Helena.

After gobbling down a mouthful of blueberry muffins, Sam answered a knock on Patrick's front door. It was Jake, there to deliver Sam's car and a trunkful of her belongings. He apologized for that little, old "human shield" incident a few months back, but she was already over it. Patrick slipped in and looked rather displeased at their connection but was too much a gentleman to say so. After helping Sam unload her car, Jake tossed her the keys, missing her by a mile and landing on the floor. More specifically, they landed on floor, under the sofa next to Jason's wedding ring!

Ric's attempt to woo Liz with flowers was working like a charm... until Pete showed up at her door! While Liz was getting gussied up for dinner, a nervous Ric ushered Pete to Liz's front porch. There, Pete threatens to expose Ric's role in bringing Jake's so-called wife to town if he doesn't pay him an additional ten grand.

Meanwhile, Spinelli told a thrilled Carly that he found some dirt on Hayden. Apparently, right before showing up in Port Charles, she came into a very large sum of money. Itching for more info on Jake's supposed wife, Carly handed Spinelli a skeleton key and told him to sneak into Hayden room and see what else he could find. Just as Spinelli approached, Pete and Hayden stepped out of her room. Spinelli hid around the corner, but he was close enough to hear them conspiring.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Olivia was both grateful and upset that Ned gave up his ELQ stock in exchange for Franco's silence about her baby daddy. After and in-and-out visit from Alexis, Ned admitted that the reason he went to such an extent to protect her was because he had feelings for her. "It's you. It's always been you," he told her as she wept. Promising that Franco would never get away with blackmailing them.

Monday on GH, Nikolas is in panic mode, Carly has suspicions about Ric and Valerie is quickly wearing out her welcome at the Falconeri abode! Don't forget: 3:00 ET and 2:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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Daytime Emmy Awards Presenters Announced!


The National Academy Of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) has announced the first round of presenters for the 42nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards. Tyra Banks will host the ceremony, airing live on Pop on Sunday, April 26, at 8 p.m. EST.

Joining GENERAL HOSPITAL stars Kirsten Storms (Maxie) and Ryan Paevey (Nathan) on the stage as presenters will be THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS' Daniel Goddard (Cane), Justin Hartley (Adam) and Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea); from THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL, Jacob Young (Rick), Karla Mosley (Maya) and Linsey Godfrey (Caroline); and DAYS OF OUR LIVES trio Christopher Sean (Paul), Freddie Smith (Sonny) and Guy Wilson (Will). Additionally, Deidre Hall (Marlena, DAYS), Shemar Moore (ex-Malcolm, Y&R), Regis Philbin, Steve Harvey, Marie Osmond, Craig Ferguson, Nancy O'Dell and Alex Trebek will present on stage during the broadcast.

Additional presenters will be announced prior to the awards show, so check back for updates!

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The Ryans Head To Florida!


Pack your bags and head on South with GENERAL HOSPITAL hunks Ryan Carnes (Lucas) and Ryan Paevey (Nathan)! The guys are just some of the daytime stars scheduled to attend the Southwest Florida Soapfest Charity Weekend, taking place from Friday, May 22, through Monday, May 25, on beautiful Marco Island. The other celebrities appearing are THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS' Sean Carrigan (Stitch) and Christian Jules LeBlanc (Michael); DAYS OF OUR LIVES' Melissa Archer (Serena), Molly Burnett (Melanie) and Christopher Sean (Paul); and daytime alums Jeff Branson (ex-Ronan, Y&R; Shayne, GUIDING LIGHT; Jonathan, ALL MY CHILDREN) and John Driscoll (ex-Chance, Y&R; Coop, GL).

Some of the weekend events include a kick-off dinner, a karaoke sing-along at a local watering hole where the celebrities will be playing bartender, a cruise onboard the Marco Island Princess and much more! For a full list of events and ticket information, visit

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Lowry Stops The Ride


Michael Lowry is slipping back into the kind of doctor duds he wore as Jake on ALL MY CHILDREN for his brief role in The Longest Ride. "It was quite the déjà vu experience," he tells In Depth. Based on the best-selling novel from Nicholas Sparks, the romantic drama is about a former champion bull-rider (Scott Eastwood, Fury) whose attempt to re-ignite his career hits a serious snag in the form of some ominous news. "I worked with Eastwood and the female lead, Britt Robertson (UNDER THE DOME)," Lowry reveals. "I basically delivered the 'heed-my-words-or-else' good doctor advice." The movie, which also features Alan Alda, is now in theaters.

For more from the actor, including details about his intriguing role on the new Sony PlayStation drama, POWERS, check out his Soaps In Depth Old Friends feature in the issue that goes on sale Monday, May 18.

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GH's Chambers Finds A New Role


GENERAL HOSPITAL's Siobhan ruffled feathers with Elizabeth when she found her way into Lucky's heart. Now her portrayer, Erin Chambers, is the other woman again, this time on MTV's hit drama, FINDING CARTER. "I'm playing Hillary, a young lady who works at the college as the teaching assistant of David Wilson (played by Alexis Denisof), the [married] dad on the show," Chambers reveals of her recurring role this season. "There's lots of flirting and a definite attraction between the two of them. I don't want to give it away, but they like each other a lot."

Perhaps it's her spunky personality or maybe it's her flaming red hair, but Chambers appears to be a good fit to play a mischief-maker like this one. "I'm a good girl with an edge in real life, so these edgy characters are always kind of fun for me," she maintains. "I don't really get to play them all that often." The actress, who has been commuting from Los Angeles to the FINDING CARTER set in Atlanta for shooting, says that she'll appear in at least four episodes.

"I hope that people will watch the show and be interested in her," Chambers offers. "I'm curious to see what the reaction's gonna be like." Tune in to catch her beginning with the episode airing Tuesday, April 14, at 10:00 p.m. EST. For more from the actress, check out her Keeping Track feature in the ABC Soaps In Depth issue that goes on sale Monday, May 11.

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OLTL Alum's Super-Powered Crossover!


Brandon Routh (Seth, ONE LIFE TO LIVE) is bringing his Ray Palmer character from ARROW to THE FLASH tonight in an episode titled "All-Star Team Up," which will air Tuesday, April 14, at 8:00 p.m. ET on The CW .

In tonight's episode, Barry (aka The Flash, played by Grant Gustin) is surprised when Felicity arrives from Starling City along with Ray. The pair is visiting Central City (The Flash's home base) because Ray needs assistance with his super-powered suit he wears as The Atom. The heroes will need to leap into action after a villain unleashes scores of robotic bees on some unsuspecting folks!

This is, of course, Routh's second super-hero part having played the title role in 2006's Superman Returns. But how does Ray/The Atom differ from Superman/Clark Kent? "In their humanity, they're drastically different," Routh tells Soaps In Depth. "There are some similarities between Clark and Ray in that they're both 'geeked out' a little bit in their enthusiasm for life. They have similar moral standings, I think. Ray can live the life he wants to live but Superman can't — only vicariously through Clark."

The Atom suit is also far different from the tights worn by The Man Of Steel, which Routh says will help audiences accept him as another super-powered hero. "They told me [this costume] wasn't going to be like anything I've worn before."

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AMC Alum Is Beyoncé's Stepdad!


Daytime viewers might recall Richard Lawson from his stint on ALL MY CHILDREN as Lucas Barnes, the ex of Tonya Pinkins' Livia. But now the actor has a new role: Stepfather to Beyoncé and Solange Knowles! On Sunday, April 12, Lawson wed the music superstars' mother, Tina Knowles. Congratulations to the happy couple!

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Help Miller's Niece Achieve Her Dream!


Billy Miller (Jason/Jake, GENERAL HOSPITAL) has started a GoFundMe donation page for his niece, Savannah Strain, in the hopes of helping her and her archery team afford to go to Nationals. "What makes this a unique and inspiring feat on Savannah's part," he writes, "is that she competes at this high-level despite being born without her left hand due to a congenital abnormality."

After seeing The Hunger Games and Disney's Brave, Savannah became interested in archery, and through her own flair and ingenuity, overcame her limitations and exceeded expectations. Savannah and her teammates on The Benton Louisiana Tigers Archery Team made the National Archery School Program National Competition, but need $15,000 to enter. Miller launched a GoFundMe campaign in the hopes of helping Savannah and her friends make their dream come true, and is asking for your help. They're already very close to their goal, but aren't quite there yet. Visit this link for more of the story and to donate yourself!

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Cheatham Is Making 'Em Laugh!


Maree Cheatham (ex-Charlene, GENERAL HOSPITAL/PORT CHARLES' ex-Marie, DAYS OF OUR LIVES) was a hoot as Bettie Breeland, Zoe's snooty and oh-so-Southern grandmother on The CW's recently concluded drama, HART OF DIXIE. Now, she's landed a role on another primetime soap that not only took her to Atlanta for filming, but also promises to be every bit as much fun. "I've been cast in TYLER PERRY'S THE HAVES AND THE HAVE NOTS," she tells Soaps In Depth. "Mr. Perry is wonderful to work for, and my role is pretty funny — I'm the comic relief!"

When the highly rated drama returns for its third season on OWN this June, look for Cheatham to debut in the second episode and then return for at least five more. "I play Pearl, the nosy parker neighbor who gets into everyone's bidness!" the actress laughs. "She lives across the street from Candace (played by ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Tika Sumpter (Layla) and hates her modern house and all the gentlemen callers she has... Pearl's family is on the police force, so she uses it as her private army!"

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GH Friday Recap: Baby Drama!


If the rest of Avery's life goes anything like the first six months, she'll be airing her family's dirty laundry on a cable access talk show by the time she hits high school! On Friday's episode, it only got worse! Morgan and Kiki won the latest round in the fight to gain custody of their baby sister.

When they arrived at the Quartermaine mansion with the woman from Child Protective Services, Kiki rubbed it in Michael's face that she was getting Avery back, just as her mother would have wished. Yes, "cocky Kiki" was all smiles... until she learned that she couldn't take her home. First Avery had to be examined at GH to make sure was okay.

Meanwhile, Nina arrived at GH looking mighty suspicious. She told a nurse on duty that she was looking for Silas but it appeared that what she was really looking for was trouble! Although she was told that Silas was on leave, he happened to be at the hospital to retrieve the needed meds to help Ava "die with dignity" as he promised. Nina approached him and said that the report about Ava's baby hit her hard and she wanted to apologize.

The elevator doors opened, and it was Morgan, Kiki and the CPS lady with Avery. Nina attempted to give Kiki her condolences about Ava but Kiki went cuckoo crazy and flew off the handle. Nina leaned in and whispered to her, "I'm very sorry about your mother, but the truth is she was really a home-wrecking whore who had a baby that should have been mine." Kiki went into attack mode and jumped her!

When Lucas, who was supposed to exam Avery, was called away, Silas volunteered. He knelt beside her stroller and as he told her about her mother, she stared at him and listened attentively. Shortly thereafter, Avery was alone in the exam room when someone snuck in and... tune in Monday!

Maxie, Spinelli and baby Georgie (who was rocking a teeny tiny ponytail) were doing the whole "happy little family" thing, but it was clear that, as Spinelli put it, there was "an elephant in the room" that needed to be addressed. Plain and simple, he wanted to know if the fact that Maxie was spending time with him was because she was interested in reconciling or if it was simply because of Georgie. Maxie continued to evade. Then, after some deliberation, she agreed -- she wanted to get back together, too. Spinelli could not be happier, and they sealed it with a celebratory kiss. While Spinelli checked in on their daughter, Maxie answered a knock at the door. It was Nathan, who declares that he made a mistake... and he wanted her back!

Franco needed a stern talking to and Ned was the man to do it! "I'm a friend of Olivia Falconeri, which now makes you my enemy," Ned said making himself at home in Franco's suite. Ned demanded that Franco stop blackmailing Olivia, and Franco agreed. But for a price! Franco didn't want money; he wanted all of Ned's ELQ shares!

Monday on GH, Sabrina has a "light bulb" moment, Spinelli and Maxie are surprised by who comes calling, and what happened to Avery? Don't forget: 3:00 ET and 2:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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Cast Your Vote #17


Once again, it's time to express your opinions for our Readers' Poll. In the comments section for this article, please respond to the question, and feel free to explain your answer, but remember that any comments here may be considered for publication in the magazine. Any extra comments you have that have nothing to do with this week's poll question should be directed to the Message Boards section of our Web site!

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Would you like to see Anna and Sloane explore their chemistry?

Please note that the cut-off date for your votes to be counted will be Thursday, April 16. And please, only one vote per person!

To vote on your favorite actor, actress and couple currently appearing on an ABC, CBS or NBC soap, please mail your choices to:

ABC Readers' Poll
c/o Soaps In Depth
270 Sylvan Ave.
Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632

Multiple mail-in votes during the same voting period will not be counted, so don't waste our time, your time, or the postage!


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Maura Peeks Into Ava's Head!

MauraWestGal.jpg GH's Ava is an assumed dead, terminally ill fugitive from justice. Could things get any worse for her? In the current ABC issue of Soaps In Depth, Maura West shares insight into her character's mindset during these most traumatic of times and how she tackles not one, but two "issue" stories -- cancer and euthanasia. And, of course, there's that little thing about the father of her baby being a Mob kingpin, who once had an order out to kill her! "Who knows? Ava and Sonny could be in love in a month!" West jokes.

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Craig Changes His Emmy Strategy!


Bryan Craig (Morgan) was at a speed shop with his father waiting for an engine when he learned via Twitter that he'd been nominated for Outstanding Younger Actor in this year's Daytime Emmy Awards. And while he was also nominated in the same category last year, the actor went a different route with his submission this time around.

"I turned in the episode where I got to [Sonny] and confess to him that I've been working for Julian but I've quite for good and that Julian was forcing me to work for him," Craig explains. "I thought it was a different tone from last year's [submission]. Last year's was a big blowout. I thought this was a little more sincere and emotional and quieter.

"A lot of people wanted me to submit the crypt stuff," he adds. "That stuff was cool, but I felt like it was the same stuff that I submitted last year. A big blowout. I just wanted something different this year."

And while the stars always get dressed to the nines for the Emmy ceremony, Craig is one who wouldn't mind a more casual approach. "If I could wear a T-shirt and jeans to the Emmys, I would!" he declares. "I'm just a normal dude."

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Tyra Banks Hosts The Daytime Emmys


The Daytime Emmy Awards has a host! Today it was announced that model-turned-mogul Tyra Banks will be emceeing the ceremony when it airs live on Pop on Sunday, April 26, at 8:00 p.m. ET.

"As a network that celebrates talent and personalities who 'pop' in fan culture, we couldn't be more excited to have the multi-talented Tyra Banks as the host of the 42nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards," says Paul Adler, senior vice president, original programming and development, Pop. "We know she will bring her fun, charismatic energy to the Daytime Emmy Awards ceremony, which promises to be an entertaining show honoring the most notable achievements in daytime television."

Banks has two Daytime Emmys of her own for her talk show THE TYRA BANKS SHOW, and is returning to daytime in the fall of 2015 with a new lifestyle chat show THE FAB LIFE.

"Are you ready to get your Smize on?!!" Banks asks. "I'm honored to be hosting the Daytime Emmy Awards and can't wait to bring a fresh edge and lots of surprises to the show. It's a big year! I'm shaking things up, starting with a new look and a brand-new daytime talk show launching in the fall. I'm pumped to be partnering with a fun, new network like Pop to celebrate daytime TV and the diehard fans that watch every day. Let's do this!"

Visit to see where to find the cable network on your provider!

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Maurice's Music Vid!

You probably knew that Maurice Benard played ALL MY CHILDREN's Nico before becoming GENERAL HOSPITAL's Sonny, but did you know his first ever job was in a music video? Benard's wife, Paula, shared this lost treasure with the world, and now we're sharing it with you! Enjoy a baby-faced Benard as a member of a street gang in this mid-80s gem!

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Hughes Goes Supporting


Finola Hughes (Anna, GENERAL HOSPITAL) was actually on the East Coast, walking around Manhattan's Canal St. when the Daytime Emmy nominations were announced, and it was co-star Jason Thompson (Patrick) who was the one who let her know she was up for Outstanding Supporting Actress!

"I got this weird text from him about how he admires me and what he thinks of me as an actor," she recalls. "I thought, 'What's got into him?' Why is he talking to me like this?' I texted him back something like, 'Wait... What?' Then he said, 'You got nominated.' He was the first to tell me. It was a nice way to find out."

Although Hughes has previously been nominated four times in the Lead Actress category (taking home the trophy in 1991) for her work on both GH and ALL MY CHILDREN, this time she submitted for the supporting category. "I didn't really have the material to submit for leading," she confesses.

"I chose a scene that was Ian Buchanan's scene when Duke tells Anna that he wants her to stop rescuing him and that he wants to be the man," Hughes continues. "I really liked it. It was extremely well-written. It was nicely shot and edited. I felt that it stood on its own. It was very simple, to-the-point and connected. I felt good about it. I'm hopeless at choosing scenes, so I had to rely on the kindness of strangers to push me in the right direction!"

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Alderson Is Prepping For Emmy Night!


Kristen Alderson may have left GENERAL HOSPITAL, but her work as Kiki earned her another Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Younger Actress. She learned the news when boyfriend Chad Duell (Michael) checked Twitter and reported that they'd both earned Emmy nods! It's pretty crazy that we can share in that, too," Alderson marvels. "I think we'll look back at this time and be, 'Wow ,how cool is this?"

And while Alderson is still eligible for Younger Actress, Duell graduated out of the Younger category this year. "I'm so proud of Chad," she beams. "This is the big league, now. Supporting Actor is a whole other ballgame. It's really tough to get into. It's a really big deal."

To earn the nomination, Alderson submitted the dramatic dissolution of Michael and Kiki's relationship. "When Kiki walked in on Michael sleeping with Rosalie and then he, basically, breaks up with her," she explains. "I just found a dress today, too, which I'm really excited about.

"I found it, but I still want to call and see if they'll lend it to me," Alderson continues. "It's $1100, and that's a lot of money to spend for one night Usually designers are willing to lend it out to you. So I have to call and make sure. It's floral and looks very spring."

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Mills Stunned By Emmy Nod!


Donna Mills was quite surprised to learn that she'd received a Daytime Emmy nomination in the Outstanding Guest Star category for her stints as GENERAL HOSPITAL's Madeline... mostly because she hadn't submitted herself, the show did!

"My daughter texted me," Mills reveals. "She saw a tweet from THE TALK. She said, 'Mom, what is this?' I went, 'Oh my God, I think it's a nomination!' That's how I found out. I couldn't believe it!"

The show biz vet found herself inundated with congratulations from everyone at GH and ABC, particularly from Laura Wright (Carly), herself nominated in the Lead Actress category. "I'm so happy for her," Mills declares. "It's funny. She and I have only had one scene together in the time that I've been on, and it was kind of a simple scene. It wasn't highly dramatic or anything. She is one of the best actresses that I've ever worked with. There's just something about her. She's amazing."

And Mills is just as happy to turn around and congratulate everyone else at the soap on their own nominations. "They work so hard and turn out in record time such good product," she marvels. "They deserve every nomination that they've gotten."

As for the episode that earned her the Emmy nod? "I have no idea," she admits. "I suppose I should find out!"

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GH's Thompson Ties The Knot!


GENERAL HOSPITAL star Jason Thompson (Patrick) is a married man! On April 5, the actor and his fianceé, Valentine NYC lingerie founder and designer Paloma Jonas, exchanged vows on the beach in San Pancho, Mexico.

Several wedding guests have been tweeting and Instagramming photos of the beautiful couple (who got engaged last July), like this one. Congratulations to the newlyweds!

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GH Friday Recap: Fate Brings Jake And Sam Together!


Patrick was aglow with the notion that Sam agreed to move in with him. He sat little Emma down on his lap and explained "big people" relationships and how Sam and Danny were going to living with them. Emma, being the smart cookie that she is, asked where Sam was going to sleep. Patrick's revelation that Sam would share a bed with him had Emma making the cutest boo-boo face you've ever seen and saying, "But that's Mommy's bed."

Meanwhile, Julian was set to meet Jake at the garage for his first day at work but was instead confronted by Shawn. He and Julian went head-to-head about their business setback, which Shawn blamed on him. Julian pulled a gun, only for Shawn to call that and raise it with two of his thugs stepping in with their guns drawn. Jake arrived and without blinking, knocked out the guys and pointed a gun at Shawn. Mission accomplished -- Jake won that round and Julian was mighty impressed.

Once alone, Jake found a fine-looking motorcycle and flashed back to seeing him and Sam hopping on the bike and riding off. Wouldn't ya know, seconds later Sam arrived at the garage to report that her car broke down on the way to Patrick's. How's that for a coinkydink?

Hayden woke up in a cranky mood. Jake was not performing his husbandly duties, and she was not pleased. As she put it to Ric, "Not getting laid and not getting paid makes for a very unhappy me." Yes, she said that. Anyway, Ric enlisted her to seal the deal with Liz by giving her a little nudge in his direction. And that's exactly what Hayden did. She paid a visit to Liz at GH and lied through her teeth, saying that she and Jake were having sex and boy, oh, boy, was it spectacular! She then told Liz to stay away from Jake and suggested she get back together with Ric. After Hayden left, Ric swooped right in to affirm his commitment to Liz... and to seal it with a kiss!

Nikolas and Spencer returned from Boston and settled back in at Wyndemere. To hide and protect the healing burns on his face, Spencer wore a Phantom Of The Opera-esque. Thinking he looked like a monster, Spencer didn't want to be seen. Sonny later gave his nephew a boxer's robe to replace the one lost in the fire. But more valuable than that, Sonny also gave him some sage advice, telling the boy that Emma likes who he is in his heart. "Be myself," Spencer said. "That's exactly how I'm going to hang onto Emma." Spencer then remembered the ring his father put in his safe. That would surely signal his love for Emma!

Nikolas later showed up at the hospital to meet with Spencer's plastic surgeon. He ran into Liz, who said that things got complicated when he was in Boston. She said how she nearly got together with Jake... until his wife showed up!

Monday on GH, Nikolas wants details from Liz about Jake's claim, a proposition from left field gets tossed at Ric, and Emma breaks Spencer's heart! Don't forget: 3:00 ET and 2:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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Dee Wallace On Her GH Experience!


Nabbing film star Dee Wallace to play Luke's big sister, Patricia, on GENERAL HOSPITAL was casting gold. But just when we had warmed up to her as a loving member of the Spencer family, the soap opera gods snatched her away. Three days was just not enough!

"Gosh, I didn't think about staying longer because it wasn't an option, and now I'm dead, so..." Wallace laughs, realizing that daytime television can be flexible where mortality is concerned. "Somebody laughingly said to me that death doesn't mean anything in soaps." She got that right! "I would have definitely entertained going back and forth periodically but I'm juggling so many things."

Although her stay was only a few days, Wallace went all out to get the part down just right. When she got the script that noted that Patricia had Multiple Sclerosis, she did her homework to make sure she conveyed the condition with the utmost accuracy.

"I was researching on YouTube and the Internet, and I called some of my doctor friends," Wallace notes. "There were so many ways you could have gone with this particular disease. I finally called and they put me on with [GH executive producer] Frank Valentini. I said to him, 'Frank, I've read and have been told that one of the big detriments of this disease is that your words slur... and I can't say all of these lines if I don't speak clearly!'" Wallace laughs. "So we focused very much on the physical things."

And that work paid off in a very dramatic way. "At the end of the shoot," Wallace confides, "a beautiful young lady on the crew came up and talked to me about the fact that her mother had MS and the physicality I had chosen was very representative of it. We both kind of broke down and cried. I gave her a big hug.

"It's important to me because I think actors have a responsibility to those who are challenged with these things to represent them as accurately as possible," she adds. "People can become very bitter and negative or they can rise to the occasion and choose to look at it as a learning lesson and what they can still offer to the world. It was a really, really interesting exploration, and I left unbelievably empowered, as an actor and as a person."

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GH's Tovar Guests Her Way Into An Emmy Nod!


This is the first year that the National Academy Of Television Arts & Sciences introduced the new category of Outstanding Guest Star In A Drama Series to honor an actor who has appeared in a limited number of episodes during the eligibility period. And GENERAL HOSPITAL's Elena Tovar (Rosalie) fit the bill!

"The ladies over at GH reached out and asked if I did want to submit something, what would I want to put in?" she recalls. "I had just done a scene with Chad Duell (Michael) where we're sitting together in a bar and basically getting smashed and having a conversation about life. I had a lot of fun shooting it, and I think that comes through. So I submitted that scene."

But the actress had forgotten all about it until her Twitter feed exploded with congratulations while she was at the gym when the nominations were announced! "The fans have been so sweet," Tovar enthuses. "It is really nice how excited they are and how much they love that character."

And Tovar knows she's in some pretty elite company in her category with veteran actors like Donna Mills (ex-Madeline) and Meredith Baxter (ex-Maureen, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS). "It's crazy!" she says. "It's mind blowing!"

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A New Web Series For Michelle Stafford!


Last week, GENERAL HOSPITAL's Michelle Stafford (Nina) filmed a role in the independent movie Durant's Never Closes. This week, the Emmy winner taped a new Web series, SECRET MIND OF A SINGLE MOM, in which she'll co-star with her 5-year-old daughter, Natalia!

According to an interview Stafford gave to TV Insider's Michael Logan, Nickelodeon was so impressed with her last Web series venture, THE STAFFORD PROJECT, that they approached her to create content exclusively for their site. Read more about the awesome "secret" project she's been tweeting about here.

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Live From Port Charles, It's GENERAL HOSPITAL!

GHlogotitle.jpg broke the news this morning that the GENERAL HOSPITAL cast and crew are readying themselves to perform two live broadcasts next month, on Friday, May 15, and Monday, May 18! The special episodes will be a continuation of the soap's 52nd anniversary celebration.

"Taking such an iconic show as GH live for two days is both exhilarating and risky," shares executive producer Frank Valentini. "I am enormously proud of our cast, crew and staff for all their tireless dedication and hard work that will be leading up to this daytime television event. It's live television and absolutely anything can happen, but that is what's fun about this and we're absolutely up to the challenge."

Once upon a time, all soap operas were performed live in a studio, but by 1975, the serials were all filmed in advance. However, GH's venture marks the third time a daily drama has done a live telecast since those early days. SEARCH FOR TOMORROW performed live in August 1983 because the taped episode had reportedly been stolen, and ONE LIFE TO LIVE broadcast a full week of live shows during May Sweeps in 2002.

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Wright's Difficult Emmy Decision!


Carly had quite a year on GENERAL HOSPITAL, leaving portrayer Laura Wright with a difficult choice in picking the episode that led to her Lead Actress Daytime Emmy nomination! "I submitted the show after Michael finds out about Sonny and Carly where I lay into Franco," she reveals. "It was almost a whole entire show with Roger Howarth (Franco)."

She very nearly went with the previous episode with the strong scenes between her and Chad Duell (Michael), but went with the Franco episode after seeking the advice of her family and co-star Michelle Stafford (Nina). "I had a different opinion of everything," Wright says. "I had Michelle look at them. I knew it was between the two. I just wasn't sure which one to go with. My daughter, Lauren, and my husband were both, 'It's all you in the [Franco] show and the other show is all Chad.'"

Wright knows she's in good company with the other Lead Actress nominees, but feels there was one major omission: Stafford. "She's an incredible actress," she declares. "I know how hard she works. She goes to a place that a lot of people are afraid to go. Michelle goes in with both feet and kills it. She could've easily walked away with the statue."

But she's excited to support all the other GH nominees on Emmy night, and doesn't even have the pressure of having to find a gown for the evening! "I already have the dress because I bought it last year," Wright confides. "I bought two dresses last year. This year, I'm just going to wear the other one, because I love it. It's been sitting in my closet with tags on it for a year!"

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Watch The Final Scene Of Yesterday's GH!


If you live in the New York City metropolitan area and missed the last few minutes of yesterday's anniversary episode of GENERAL HOSPITAL due to the breaking news interruption, has posted that critical last scene! (Or if you want to just watch it over and over again, we wouldn't blame you one bit!) Check it out below.

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Geary Sings GH's Praises!


It's no surprise that the talented Anthony Geary (Luke, GENERAL HOSPITAL) was nominated again for Outstanding Lead Actor in the Daytime Emmys race, and it's no surprise that he's quick to give credit exactly where it's due.

Soaps In Depth caught up with the actor during his month-long vacation in Amsterdam. While the seven-time Emmy winner didn't expect his name to appear on the nominee list this year, he was happy that GH did rack up 26 nominations. "Congratulations to our entire production team," he declares, "and the hardest working cast and crew in show business!"

So while they might be pulling for Geary to bring home another Emmy, he's going to be rooting just as hard for all the other GH nominees!

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LoCicero Laughed Her Way To An Emmy Nod!


Actors traditionally earn themselves a Daytime Emmy nomination by submitting examples of their best dramatic work full of tears and high emotions, but Lisa LoCicero (Olivia, GENERAL HOSPITAL) reveals that she garnered her Supporting Actress nod for the episode where a very drunk Olivia was watching TV!

"I am particularly thrilled that it was this year's material that got noticed because it was so much fun to play that day," she says. "On my way into work [the day that we taped it], I could not have been more nervous. They sort of let me play with it. I'm really grateful that that day, [director] Larry [Carpenter] let me have some fun. It was very character-driven and relatable material, which writers love to write and actors love to play."

LoCicero was also happy with the way she was notified of the honor. "I got a phone call from [GH executive producer] Frank Valentini," she reveals. "He called to give me the nicest congratulations and say how exited he was and that it was well-deserved. It was really, really the most delightful way I could have found out."

The evening of the ceremony, though, LoCicero will be eight months along with her pregnancy, so gown shopping will be a little bit different this year. "It's certainly going to be whatever I can fit into!" she laughs. "When the pre-noms came out, all of us actresses were texting. I sent them all a picture of myself about six months pregnant in the dress I wore two years ago with the whole side cut out of it. I was like, 'What do you think?' It was really quite funny to everybody.

"But I think I'll probably go to my vintage dealer," she adds. "I've got a great vintage dealer where I got a Halston dress and an Oscar de la Renta. I'll just size it up a few sizes and see if I can tailor it or something!"

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Daytime Emmy Nominations Announced!


The nominations have been revealed for the 42nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, so it's time to start rooting for your favorites!

Be sure to tune in to the ceremony live on the cable channel Pop on Sunday, April 26, at 8:00 p.m. ET. (Click here to find out if your cable company carries Pop) And don't forget to stay tuned directly after the awards for the premiere of QUEENS OF DRAMA, a new reality series starring some of daytime's brightest stars!

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A. Martinez Goes Primetime!


Daytime favorite A. Martinez (ex-Roy, GH; Cruz, SANTA BARBARA) appears in primetime tonight with a guest appearance as Tomas Orlando in NCIS, airing at 8:00 p.m. ET on CBS. In the episode, titled "Patience," a petty officer's murder produces a lead in a 40-year-old airport bombing cold case.

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Kurth Leaves GH For DAYS!


For a while now, Wally Kurth has been recurring on both GENERAL HOSPITAL as Ned and DAYS OF OUR LIVES as Justin, but it looks like that time has come to an end. The actor confirmed on Twitter last night that he's leaving one to do the other full time.

"I did sign a contract with DAYS," he posted. "Which will require me to leave GH. It's bittersweet I can't do both."

While GH has had Kurth front and center pretending to have fathered Olivia's baby to keep Julian in the dark about his child, the other soap hasn't really used him as much. But now that DAYS has Adrienne getting closer to Lucas, it's the perfect time for Justin to return full time and make it a real triangle.

"There's great stuff coming up on GH for Ned and Olivia in the coming weeks," Kurth promises. "I start back airing on DAYS in May and continue on."

We'll let you know as soon as we have more details about when Kurth will actually be exiting GH. How do you feel about this switch? Which show would you rather see the actor on? GH? DAYS? Both? Sound off in the comments!

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