A GH Week NOT To Miss!

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GH goes on location for a week that will blow you away!

If that amazing promo ABC is running is an indication of things to come, GENERAL HOSPITAL is in for one action-packed, emotionally charged, "that couldn't possibly be done on a Daytime drama budget" week! Tell your family, friends and neighbors who have checked out of "the hospital" that it's time to check back in!

There's more cookin' on GH than on the Food Channel! Last week left off with the entire town of Port Charles (minus Alexis, Tracy and little Josslyn) with 24 hours to live, thanks to Jerry's evil plot. As the poison in their system continued to raise temperatures, Todd, Sonny, Jax, Carly and Johnny pooled their considerable millions to pay off the miscreant in exchange for the antigen that would save the city. Gathered in a warehouse on the docks (shot on location in Long Beach, CA), Sonny and Carly expressed their undying bond, Todd considered telling Sam that her baby was alive so she could die in peace, and Jax overheard something about Johnny having lied to Carly for months. And then it got interesting. Jerry showed up, holding Alexis at gunpoint, saying he was taking her with him!

And there were even more cliffhangers to end the week!

Jason discovered proof that the baby that Sam buried as her own couldn't possibly have been the product of her and Franco, Patrick wondered why in the world Ewen's last word before dying was "Robin," and Heather had that crazy "I'm gonna whip up some tasty iced tea and steal this baby" look in her eye while snuggling Victor Jr. in Llanview!

Who will live, who will die, who will escape and whose life will change forever? Whatever you do, do not forget to set your DVRs for GH's new time slot in your area! 2:00 ET and 1:00 PT/CT.

And spread the word... GENERAL HOSPITAL is back and NOT to be missed!

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